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  1. What if Matt's talent is not in business, but in music? What if he starts a band, goes on tour, and rakes in mucho $$ that way? You could apply the same comparison to a lot of different crafts, but it really just comes down to the fact that certain areas of athletics still have this notion that participants must be "amateur" and should not profit financially from their activities in their respective sport. Sad, but the way it is.
  2. Steveson is and should be the favorite right now. Have these two ever actually met? Among the top Div. I heavies, I recall that Cassioppi and Parris met at high school nationals a few years ago, with Cassioppi winning pretty soundly, although both have since made great leaps in size and skill. Is there any point of comparison with Steveson?
  3. Well, looks like Silva is finally in the lineup. Hopefully everyone the rest of the weights will be settled soon as well.
  4. Also: Brad Smith. 142, Iowa 1976 Byron Tucker 174, Oklahoma 2000
  5. Storr, Lewan and Embree have at least an outside chance of placing. Although definitely a down year.
  6. http://www.nwcaonline.com/student-athlete-well/nwca-optimal-performance-calculator-weight-management/
  7. Both Taylor Massa and Jordan Thomas were the cream of their recruiting class. Massa was a world beater, and Thomas beat Gabe Dean in the MI state finals when they were both seniors. Both ended up fizzing out.
  8. Mark Massery and Jack Griffin both finished 5, 1.
  9. Perhaps a result of the recent successes of the Rutgers program? Has dual meet attendance significantly increased this season as well?
  10. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/22767 Insanity. If I'm reading this right, collegiate wrestlers can now report to a match with hair of ANY length!
  11. I don't know if this year's HWT field is that bad. In addition to Cassar, you've got Steveson coming back; Parris, who is having a great season; along with former AAs Hall, Hillger, and Stencil, as well as super frosh Cassioppi. I think this March will be a dogfight!
  12. Thanks for posting. It does help add some important perspective in a sport where outdoing someone else in so many ways can have its downsides. Adam Coon had a similar problem when got injured a few years back: https://athletesconnected.umich.edu/u-m-wrestler-all-american-adam-coon-featured-in-video-addressing-season-ending-injury-and-its-impact-on-mental-health/
  13. Where does Jim Scherr stack up? I believe he placed 5 -1
  14. He was enrolled, just "concentrating on academics" per coach.
  15. Can't we all just get along?
  16. Doug is the guy with LiMu Imu (the large bird) in the Liberty Mutual commercial. They run around trying to save people money on insurance.
  17. So far assuming this thread is about Wisconsin - Madison. John Peterson attended Wisconsin - Stout (NAIA school), and was an AA. His career didn't take off until after college. And Russ Hellickson is also best known for what he did after college, as he did wrestle for Wisconsin, but was never AA.
  18. Foley's seminal posting was probably this one back in 2018: https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20307 The guy who made the initial posting (Mustang98) was wrong, but Foley then used it as an opportunity to go on rant about gender rights, 'enforced celibacy,' and Jordan Peterson (what in the world does he have to do with wrestling?). The guy is entitled to his opinion, and I'm fine with that. But this is a WRESTLING column. If Foley keeps using it as a means to disseminate his politics, there's certainly no way I'm going to continue my Intermat subscription.
  19. Although not quite the top echelon of wrestling, Henry Milligan's career was pretty unique. A three-sport athlete at Princeton, 1981 Senior Scholar Athlete of the year, wrestling AA at 190, went on to be a US amateur boxing champion (lost in the 1984 Olympic trials to Mike Tyson). He might have been a little ahead of his time - had all the tools to be an MMA star. https://www.si.com/vault/1984/03/19/569022/the-ivys-irish-pug https://www.nytimes.com/1984/06/09/sports/ivy-leaguer-in-the-ring.html
  20. Great action between Brands and Colbray!
  21. I've always liked the guy as a wrestler and a coach. I once met him at the Ohio Open long before he got into politics; a very nice and personable guy. Politically, I myself tend toward the conservative, although he is so far to the right that I often find myself disagreeing with him on various issues. As for the whole Richard Strauss saga, I think it was an open secret among everyone that the guy was very strange, frisky, and voyeuristic, as were a lot of the people who showed up in Larkins Hall in the 1980s. Did Jordan know this much? I think so. Did he intentionally turn a blind eye to abuse? Ridiculous. His boss, head coach Russ Hellickson confronted Strauss about his shower room activities, and reported him to the Athletic department. Nothing was ever done. The people today who are going after him are just trying to use the whole situation against him politically.
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