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  1. Best wishes. Please feel welcome to drop by again any time.
  2. I think the original arrangement may have been that Seay was suspended in 1991, and Smith was the interim coach for the 1991-92 season. It may have been that Smith was not officially named head coach until 1992 (similar to Gable and Zalesky for the '97-'98 season). Regardless of the actual technicalities, Smith was the one who was running the program that season.
  3. https://www.si.com/vault/1992/06/15/126661/wrestling-never-too-old-to-go-for-gold-at-37-chris-campbell-has-earned-a-long-delayed-trip-to-the-olympics "...Last fall [1991] he was pressed into service as coach at his alma mater, Oklahoma State, after Cowboy coach Joe Seay left amid a recruiting scandal. "It's been the worst year I've ever had in wrestling," said Smith last Friday. "I will never, ever coach and wrestle at the same time again. I felt like I was cheating both the team and myself. My preparation suffered, and that hurt."
  4. Smith was the interim head coach during the '91-92 season. He later said that being head coach during an Olympic year was detrimental to his own training.
  5. Michigan (finalized) https://mgoblue.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling
  6. https://www.si.com/vault/1984/07/18/643812/the-ultimate-winner "....[Randy] Lewis was recently pondering what makes Gable so effective as a coach. "He knows how to make adjustments, when to work, when to ease off," Lewis said. "And he has the ability to keep things new. Workouts are different every day. You never know what's next. He'll tell you to start running laps, and you don't know if it will be one lap or 10. But when he sees you're really tired, I'll tell you what, that's when he pushes you some more."
  7. At the time, it seemed all Lockhart did the whole match was stand in front of Rowlands while the latter kept shooting. Then in the tiebreaker, when Rowlands goes for Lockhart's legs, they call stalling on HIM!
  8. Michigan (partial schedule): https://mgoblue.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling
  9. I didn't see the fight yet, but sounds like he went down swinging. I like Miocic, but am glad Cormier has been able to gain respectability.
  10. For Robles, it seemed that was the result of not having one leg. He had the upper body of a 149 pounder.
  11. Jason Nolf wasn't as muscular as some guys out there, but I didn't think he exactly looked weak or scrawny either.
  12. I always thought Logan Stieber looked very ordinary next to most of his opponents, but would then proceed to dominate just about all of them.
  13. Interesting. I think I've seen articles where Jordan Burroughs has mentioned his religious beliefs, and recall that Carl Perry had some issues with a church he was attending back when he was at Illinois, although I didn't know about the others. I will say that I've always thought that wrestling was a little more conservative in its outlook than other sports, although we've got plenty of people in wrestling on both sides of the spectrum.
  14. Specifically which people in wrestling these days are outwardly religious? Just asking. When I was wrestling, way back in the late 70s and early 80s, the only high profile wresters who were outwardly religious were the Peterson brothers. For me personally, the only other guy who was outwardly religious was our high school team's assistant coach, and while we would get into conversations with him a few times during the season, it wasn't like he was preaching something to us all the time.
  15. One of the few people he had an ongoing feud with was Gable. Always a thorn in his side: https://www.si.com/vault/1989/03/27/119600/at-last-a-title-for-the-cowboys-oklahoma-state-ended-18-years-of-drought-and-the-proud-hawkeyes-placed-sixth "...After Seay coached a U.S. team to a tie on points with the favored Soviets in the 1986 World Cup competition, he remembers Kathy Gable telling him, "You did a good job here, but you'll never beat Iowa and Dan." Seay wrote those words down. "I stuck it on the wall above the toilet," said Seay last Saturday. "My response to her was 'Never's a long time.' I guess 'never' is today." https://www.si.com/vault/1990/04/02/106781311/cowboys-of-crunch "...Though Arizona State entered this year's championships as the favorite, for Seay only one opponent truly mattered. "We have outrecruited Iowa for the last three or four years," Seay boasted before the hostilities commenced last week at Maryland's Cole Field House. "That's because there no longer is a single reason to go to Iowa instead of Oklahoma State. Wrestlers look at us and say, 'Somebody there must be doing something right.' " Until last year, Gable had the upper hand in this rivalry, which began in 1972. Back then, as an Iowa State 149½-pounder, he defeated Seay in the finals of the Olympic trials. As a coach, Seay has continued to resent playing second fiddle to Gable, in the recruiting wars and in the politics of the sport. Says Gable, who coached Iowa to nine consecutive NCAA titles, beginning in 1978, "He lives his life, I live mine." He publicly criticized the Brands brothers because of their brawling style of wrestling, and Gable simply responded that he wouldn't tell his athletes to be less aggressive, and that other coaches were simply jealous of their success. Despite all this, I recall seeing Seay at the Midlands in the late 90s after he was out of coaching. He was trying to enjoy watching the competition, but kept running into countless wrestlers and coaches that came up to say hello. Among them were both Brands brothers, and seeing them together was like seeing long lost friends! I'm sure he worked with them on many world level teams, and probably improved their relationship over time. He truly had a unique approach to coaching.
  16. I thought he summed it up nicely with the phrase: "With Joe as a freestyle coach, it was never about himself. It was all about helping athletes." Seay always struck me as a guy who made things happen at all levels because he was so good at connecting with athletes and convincing them that they could win under him, regardless of the circumstances. https://www.si.com/vault/1982/05/03/624314/gonzo-man-on-the-go "Seay, 42, a former national 149.5-pound champ from Wellington, Kans., started the school's wrestling program in 1972 with such limited funds that his team had to train in a science lab and his wife had to do all the wrestlers' laundry. Even now the school lacks a weight room and has a pitifully tiny wrestling room and so few wrestling scholarships that Seay, an exceptional coach, has to recruit athletes impoverished enough to qualify for general scholarships, which is what Gonzales had. "The school thinks they could throw us out onto the grass and we'd still win," says 158-pound senior Perry Shea, who's one of the four Division II champions on this year's team. "They're probably right." Cal State Bakersfield has won six of the last seven Division II team titles and finished in the top 10 of Division I for five years in a row." In his book Foxcatcher, Mark Schultz notes that after things didn't work out for him and Dave at Oklahoma State and UCLA, they considered wrestling for Seay at CSB: "...on the way [to Oklahoma], we stopped at California State Bakersfield, where a friend of ours, Joe Seay, was the coach. Joe tried to talk us into ending our trip and wrestling for him. Joe was building one of the best teams in the country and his offer was enticing, but the wrestling room was the smallest I had seen, with room for only one mat. I could not imagine how an entire team trained in there." It was unfortunate how things ended for him at Oklahoma State, for a man who loved the sport as much as anyone out there. I think that the rivalry between OSU and Iowa back in the 80s and 90s was as good as it was largely because of his efforts.
  17. Pretty impressive resume for his education and time in corporate America. It would probably take a lot to add a brand new wrestling program at a small, expensive Texas university with world class academics, but who knows, maybe he can do it.
  18. https://kfor.com/2019/07/11/former-osu-wrestling-coach-joe-seay-dies/
  19. Still can't find any external links to an obituary. Anybody know?
  20. Brutal KO. Tried to get the leg, and ended up getting the knee flush!
  21. I recall that Cornell used compression tops back in the 2003-04 season. I don't think I've seen much of them since them.
  22. Why did Snyder not recommend his course? Too much focus on wrestling alone and not enough time preparing for one's life/career after wrestling?
  23. At 1:17, the newscast mentions someone being the victim of a "sex crime with an object," which could mean a lot of different things.
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