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  1. In the above clip, the guy talking in the video is completely misinformed about what happened. He even ADMITS he doesn't know why it happened! Too many people today don't care about the facts, they just want someone to blame.
  2. That's something that is recommended, and something that should be done, but something that's not actually required. The official(s) do it as a courtesy to the wrestlers and their teams to make sure everything is legal and proper, primarily to avoid situations like this one.
  3. Determining what would be an "honest medical forfeit" would be complicated to say the least. A very slippery slope you would be going down here.
  4. Question: in a situation like this, where a wrestler has hair extending below the neck, it IS within today's rules to use a hair covering (e.g. water polo cap) underneath the headgear, correct?
  5. Despite all that, I don't recall that anyone ever tried to give him a new name :)
  6. From 1983: https://www.si.com/vault/1983/03/21/625801/the-hawks-soar-as-before “…last week that the Hawks carved their superiority in stone. And, further, why the Hawks are planning to improve in the future. It's all terribly depressing for the rest of college wrestling. …” “…Said Wyoming Coach Joe Dowler, surveying the wreckage, "All the rest of us are scrambling hard to close the gap, but what seems to be happening is that Iowa's widening it….” “…’This is no national championship,’ groused Yale Coach Bert Waterman. ‘It was sewn up before it started and that's harmful to the sport…." “…Michigan Coach Dale Bahr, who in the past had blasted Gable for pouring it on, snorted, "I don't even want to talk about Iowa…." “….Bill Nelson, coach at Arizona until the school dropped the sport two years ago, added, "I think this is the worst thing that could happen to wrestling. Iowa's so dominant that people lose interest. Something has to be done." Dynasties don't earn a lot of affection….”
  7. Absolutely. As he racked up national title after national title, people were always complaining about how Gable was bad for the sport.
  8. It seems that for a long time, being an assistant coach at a Div. I program was the usual thing most international competitors did. Kept in the sport with plenty of workout partners and access to good training facilities and services. Some assistant jobs actually required that you still be in active competition. Even with the emergence of RTCs, people still have to earn a living. Are the RTC packages so good these days that guys can simply do nothing but train all the time?
  9. Hopefully he, Foley and Hughes can be the start to bringing MSU back into respectability this coming March.
  10. He's had a good start, but has yet to face most of the high level opponents. Wait until January, when he faces Martin, Parker and Gravina.
  11. I think that's the case with Bobby Knight. He was an excellent coach who demanded a lot from his players on the court and off the court. He demanded that they attend class and graduate. Given that only about 1% of collegiate basketball players go on to a professional career, I've always thought that displayed an unusual concern for the long-term welfare of his players. Despite what may have been a big heart for people, it was all too often overshadowed by his tendency to act like a bully or a 2-year old when he didn't get his way or didn't get the attention he wanted. Many examples above testify to this behavior that has come to characterize him. A little insight: a friend of mine was the team physician for the 1984 Olympic basketball team that Knight coached to the gold medal. It had many future NBA stars, and they all managed to work under Knight for a common goal. Yet my friend noted that all of the players with whom he spoke said that they were always counting the number of days left with which they had to work with the guy because he was so difficult to be around and such a hotheaded jerk. In sum, people can be demanding and strict, but there's a fine line between using that to build someone up rather than tear someone down. Too often, Knight fit the latter.
  12. From A Season on the Brink: Cutting class and cutting a tutor were inexcusable offenses at Indiana. Giomi had been dismissed because of a pattern of cut classes. If Kurpius sent Knight a notice about a missed class, the player was asked to explain his absence. Short of a hurricane or a flood, no excuse was accepted. The same was true of a missed tutor. The guilty player might have to run the steps after practice or, in the case of a tutoring session, might not be allowed to practice until he had seen the tutor. Knight's toughness in this area was consistent with his approach throughout his coaching career. When he recruited a player he told him that he would have to go to class to play, and that he would be expected to graduate. Certainly, parents hearing this were bound to feel kindly toward Indiana, but Knight had the record to back up what he said: In fourteen years at Indiana only two players who had stayed four years had failed to graduate. One of them. Bob Wilkerson, had all the necessary credits but needed to fulfill a student teaching requirement. The three seniors on the '86 team— Morgan, Robinson, and Witte— were all on schedule for graduation in the spring.
  13. Still not recovered enough for this tough of a tournament.
  14. Micic and Pantaleo out. Still not recovered enough for this tournament.
  15. Was fine for Michigan-Lehigh
  16. Pretty good effort by both teams, especially considering Lehigh had so many starters out.
  17. Still not officially a redshirt, but possibly not for long - Mason Parris just won the MSU Open 285 division, pinning CMU's Stencel in the finals.
  18. I think you've got a pretty good overview of things now. A lot of questions will be answered in the intrasquad dual on the 29th. A few thoughts: 125: Mattin had a very good true freshman season while Assad allowed himself to heal. The latter was doing reasonably well in summer freestyle competition, so it remains to be seen. If Mattin continues where he left off, I think he's a serious AA candidate. 141: Storr definitely the better competitor between him and Profaci, both already having been tested in competition. We'll see if Silva or Freeman are in a position to contend. 149: Definitely the most contested weight. I'd kinda like to see Malik come back and finally emerge in his last year. 165: I REALLY hope we won't see like brother like brother. 174: I thought Amine gave Valencia all he could handle this past March in the semis. A stud. 197: Another contested weight with Striggow already battle tested. HWT: While it's always possible, I don't think we'll see Parris starting as a true frosh. Coon was truly extraordinary in going to the #1 ranking at HWT during his freshman season, and was a lot bigger than Parris. Nemec and Ready probably aren't AA caliber at this point, but one of them should at least be competent.
  19. Looking forward to seeing what happens: https://www.cliffkeenwrestlingclub.com/sergei-beloglazov-named-cliff-keen-wc-head-coach/
  20. Michigan State: https://msuspartans.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling
  21. Michigan: https://mgoblue.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling
  22. "Well over 6 feet tall, he weighed 127 pounds and was so frail that he was reluctant to appear on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut. His doctor told him he had less than a year to live." Was he actually ill with something such that his doctor told him of his life expectancy? Quite a turnaround!
  23. I don't think J Robinson ever placed for Oklahoma State.
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