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  1. I can assure you that if the coach is competent, he has no chance of being selected. The administration at Michigan State would never include in their search committee anyone who ever wrestled -- or who knows anything about wrestling. That would be way tooo rational. Mark Johnson would have done anything to get the job -- who did they choose? Phil Parker. So after Johnson goes with Illinois and takes them to the top, who does the AD choose? You guessed it -- MInkel -- For the MSU AD, it's like opening the phone book and pointing at a name -- or pulling a name out of a hat. Best -- DA
  2. The only coach I know about who fits here perfectly and for sure is Tom Minkel. He has destroyed what was once a proud program. This topic comes up every year -- and every year I vote for Minkel, but what good does it do? I send an e-mail about every week to Minkel asking him to quit. But he never will. Maybe someone whose e-mail hasn't been blocked (by Minkel) could send this thread to him (Minkle), the MSU President and the AD -- and ask -- "When is he going to be asked / told to retire?" IMO, MSU wrestling is DEAD -- and it's because of Minkel -- very sad. So, anyway when someone starts this thread up again next year, just copy and paste the above for me -- and do that every year until Minkel is gone. DA
  3. I hate to interject here especially when I never saw the fight(s) -- nor have I read most of the previous posts -- but I could swear that when I watched a couple of MSU matches last year at Iowa, this same sort of thing happened -- pushing and shoving off the mat, etc. (It was particularly embarrassing for me when it appeared that the Spartan wrestler was afraid to shoot the move on the mat -- but was willing to shoot and follow through 10 feet off the mat [i think] because he knew there it didn't count.) Frankly, when I watched matches -- or participated in matches -- back in the "old" days (60's) I do not remember ever seeing -- in any match -- this (wrestling / fighting off the mat) happening -- Not one. I'm just curious, I guess, because I seldom watch wrestling any more -- Is this restricted to Iowa and MSU -- or does it happen all over now? If it does, IMO, it's another sad commentary about wrestling. I wonder what coaches say to their wrestler(s) when they wrestle or fight off the mat. As far as I'm concerned, it's bush league and should be condemned immediately -- by all. This is not to say I've seen it much myself. In fact I have watched some great matches recently -- guys executing great moves in the MIDDLE of the mat -- so I don't want to paint with too broad a brush -- just asking. And if the answer is yes -- there is more wrestling -- and fighting -- off the mat -- does anybody want to offer an opinion as to why? Best - DA
  4. I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but I am skeptical for three reasons: 1. His cap doesn't look anything like the Spartan cap I get out of my closet when my old alma mater does well in basketball (remember Magic? 1979) or (football -- remember Rose Bowl about 2 decades ago -- Lorenzo White?). Haven't worn it for wrestling since 1972 -- now over 40 years ago. And frankly, Burrough's cap doesn't even look green to me. Certainly not Spartan green. Anyway -- point made for now. 2.Burroughs is wearing and holding a bunch of strike force stuff -- S for Strike Force -- ?! 3. Any "competent" (even incompetent) coach would be out of his mind to take that job -- for a ton of obvious reasons. Although if the the MSU administration decided to support the program in the way it should be supported, it would be a plum job for a great coach. Best - DA
  5. I think there is no more beautiful / artful move than the duck under done right. I remember seeing Clery taking Uetake down with it -- did anybody else see that by any chance? And there was a guy from SCI - Northern Iowa -- I think Jim Sanford -- who poetry with the move. (Unfortunately, I never could figure the move out -- or maybe I just was never was that "slick" :? ) Best - DA
  6. Silver Medal -- Unfortunately, I have to defer to just about everybody on this issue -- but I will say that I looked at the WIN power rankings (for what they're worth) -- and the Spartans are ranked in the 40's! Has Michigan State beaten any good -- or even mediocre -- team this year? Given their ranking and the fact that they haven't beaten any decent teams, I just can't conceive of how MSU could be competive in any conference -- let alone your statement that they would competitive "in any other conference." Who could they beat or even come close to in the big 12 or big 8 -- or whatever they call it now -- the one Okie State is in?-- I frankly don't see MSU competitive in any conference --except maybe in a Division 2 or 3 Conference. And let's face a fact -- MSU is a Big 10 conference team. The only team I can see that they can compete with in the Big Ten is Indiana (and even Indiana is ranked in front of MSU). It seems like every year I try to bet Minkel that he will end up in the cellar again -- and he always declines, for good reason. I guess my question arises from my old team's getting slaughtered / shut out by Penn State. I simply can't comprehend how that happened -- MSU cannot come close to winning one match against PSU?. And now, since Michigan State wrestles Iowa this week, I have to assume that Iowa is odds on to shut them out too. So I guess the way I should look at the upcoming meet -- in answer to my question -- and gathered from your post -- is to tune in at the HWT match cause that's the only one the Spartans have a chance to win.? I think, since I'm from Iowa, I'm going to try to switch my loyalties to a program that at least tries to win. Go Hawkeyes!? DA
  7. You do realize that both Duane Goldman and Tom Minkel have been at Indiana and Michigan State, respectively, since I was in elementary school, right? (Goldman is in his 21st season as head coach at Indiana, Minkel is in his 22nd as head coach at Michigan State) Fred Glass and Mark Hollis, the athletic directors at the respective schools, have shown no interest whatsoever in replacing their wrestling coaches. This topic kind of interests me -- as bad as Michigan State is -- and has been for some time -- I don't think they've ever been shut out twice in a row. (It boggles my mind to try to figure out what Minkel's excuse will be for that. Every year Minkel says his team is "young" -- so I'm pretty sure that will be it.)Since everybody on this board knows the teams better than I, here is my question -- is there a chance of the Spartans being blanked by Iowa , too? :oops: DA
  8. Does anyone know if the tapes of the 1968 NCAA Championships are available for purchase any where? Does anybody know if my match with Gable (at the midlands) was video taped by anyone? (Sorry -- didn't mean to hijack the thread.) Best - DA
  9. I didn't know Pete -- but was a contemporary at MSU. Many great matches between U of M and MSU during that period. I will never forget in 66 -- Bradley beat Cornell in the Big Ten finals -- it was a real nail biter as if Bradley would have lost, we never would have won that first Big Ten Championship. I didn't know Pete was from the Lansing area, as I came from Iowa. But both he and Porter went to U of M -- I guess because at the time U of M was much more successful than MSU. I think, though, I would have really thought twice about turning down Doug Blubaugh. Does anybody know if Pete felt the same? Anyway, great memories of the rivalry where Pete was a big part. Best- DA I
  10. Keith Young was a great wrestler, a great coach, a great man and a great friend -- yes friend RIP. Best DA
  11. This is a great cause. No matter how little your contribution, it will be appreciated. I contributed -- a little -- and felt better for it. So will you. Best and happy 4th. DA
  12. Love the topic as I always wondered why I just couldn't make my body do cerain simple basic moves that others found easy. And other moves came so naturally (including the Granby!). Probably the one that frustrated me the most was a double leg. I don't think I ever got one, even in practice. DA
  13. Love the topic as I always wondered why I just couldn't make my body do cerain simple basic moves that others found easy. And other moves came so naturally (including the Granby!). Probably the one that frustrated me the most was a double leg. I don't think I ever got one, even in practice. DA
  14. Interesting Stovepipe -- thanks. I am curious how he got the #1 seed over Uetake -- as both were Sophomores -- and both were undefeated. Even in Iowa Johnson was becoming somewhat of a legend. Also, speaking of duck unders -- that might have been Uetake's weakness. I am 99% sure I saw Clery (sp) from OU take Uetake down with a duck under. I've never seen a prettier one. For some reason, I've always thought that duck under is so artistic as there is no having to fight through it like a single or double. Anyway, I would have loved to have seen that match in the finals -- DA
  15. Thanks Andy -- kind words. I thought it was interesting for me personally to see that the video is dated 1964. We drove out from Iowa to see those matches at Cornell -- a fantastic experience! Loved every minute. Peckham got pinned -- twice! Couldn't believe it! And that (1964) was Uetake's first NCAA championship. As a bit of trivia -- Uetake was seeded second that year. Can anybody say who was seeded first -- without looking? PS -- Just as a wild hope -- I do not have any of my matches except the championship match in 67. Does anyone have any of my matches on video by any chance? Or maybe know who does? I have tried the NCAA and Wide World of Sports -- but no no avail. Thanks. PPS -- Andy, it would have been a fantastic match between Culp and Porter in 67 -- I heard Porter pinned Culp a week or two later (after the NCAA's). Best - DA
  16. Keith -- Thanks -- esp about your comment about your match with Uetake. It might surprise others -- but not me. I was sad that neither you or Don won a championship -- you were both better than me. I think I heard you took Gable down too. Uetake was of course much better than Dan on his feet -- just not as intense. I think Gable (and I) got that from the West High wrestling room. Best - DA
  17. Ok -- I'm back -- one more story for now. I frankly, didn't know Sanders at all. I never wrestled after my last match my senior year as I was sort of burned out IMO. Anyway, my junior year I wrestled very hard in the finals to beat Sanders' teammate -- Yatabe. Right after the match, while I'm still on the side of the mat, Sanders comes up and starts calling me names I've never heard before -- and in between explaining to me all the reasons I'm not fit to carry Yatabe's jock. Frankly, I've rarely encountered less class, even from wrestlers. I tried to ignore him, as I recall, but he followed me all the way to the commentator (I think Frank Gifford?) harrassing me all the way. I was close to going after him -- and it wouldn't have been a wrestling match -- he really ticked me off. So that was my only experience with Sanders. The next year when I beat Yatabe in the finals, Sanders got beat (by Keller), so he was probably out drinking by the time my match rolled around -- lucky me. So -- Sanders is not my favorite person. DA
  18. First, I want to say hello to an old friend, Keith Lowrance -- haven't seen him in a long long time -- but I used to work out with him about every day in the MSU wrestling room -- and I will say this about him -- he could take me down virtually at will. I have worked out with the best of them -- even Uetake. Nobody was slicker than Keith in my opinion. NObody! More some time later about this as Sanders was NOT my favorite person. DA
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