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  1. Hobbits typically can not grow facial hair.
  2. Looking at Gable as a coach and going, "Dur, Iowa style!" is really, really, REALLY dumb. There was a little bit more behind his coaching than simply having athletes who were in really good shape who pushed people around the mat.
  3. My understanding is that officials had explicitly told all coaches before wrestling began that a warning would be issued before they went to a caution and 1. That protocol was not followed in this particular instance.
  4. Interesting how control calls have changed over time. If that match were officiated today, Brands would have had an easy 2 at 7:31 when he was behind Cross's arms with his left leg laced.
  5. The controversial action starts at approximately 8:22 of the video.
  6. On my high school team it was the cranky weight cutter. One day he was bundled in so many layers that he could barely move. I was trying to open him up with a cross face from the top position when he snapped and bit me in the arm.
  7. So even giving the extra point to Smith, the match ends tied and Lewis wins on criteria? Can't really see how this is a screw job. Now Lindland-Sieracki is another story...
  8. Gardner says that there are seven distinct intelligences: Visual-Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic, and Logical-Mathematical. He says that these different intelligences affect how people see the world, process information, and learn.
  9. I think you're bumping up against Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.
  10. Yes. Wrestled 112 for SPASH, graduated in 1989.
  11. Joe Ramsey in high school. He won a couple of state titles in Wisconsin and was a USA Freestyle National team member in the mid-90s.
  12. Huh. I always thought that Dake just loses fantasy matches straight up. This probably should be codified somewhere. How do we account for Chamizo?
  13. Lots of people picking Dake in a fantasy matchup. Is that just an extension of April 1st?
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