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  1. If that's the criteria then Taylor's in line behind a bunch of guys at 125kg who didn't even qualify for the Olympics.
  2. When have the Russians ever felt a need to defend themselves against American criticism of their wrestling style?
  3. Was that with the picture of Sad's birth certificate that recently surfaced?
  4. Maybe the money needs to go toward bringing over proven foreign competitors to drill with the team in par terre until ribs are bruised and deformed and some change occurs.
  5. This was a successful cycle for the NLWC and USA freestyle wrestling in general, but there's room to dial back the hyperbole in those last two assertions.
  6. Lots of talk about Amine. Any reactions to Bormet coaching for two nations other than the United States at this year's Olympic Games?
  7. It appeared that blue created their own back exposure by initiating the gut wrench. My understanding of the rules is that without actually being stopped and held there by red -- which did not appear to happen -- exposure points are not awarded, thus it's only a 1 point reversal for red.
  8. It looks like blue scored a take down then got sloppy transitioning into a gut wrench and red was able to stepover to score a one point reversal.
  9. Regarding Barry Sanders... When his retirement became a potential reality wasn't he traveling in Europe with Detroit's management trying unsuccessfully to reach him just a week or so before the draft to confirm his status? From what I can remember it wasn't a straight forward, "Hey, I'm hanging 'em up now," situation.
  10. https://www.usawks.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=129920
  11. Garrett Lowney vs Dennis Hall probably makes for an interesting discussion so far as Wisconsin is concerned.
  12. Wasn't Chuck strongly encouraged to leave after involvement in an incident that's often referred to as a campus race riot? Plus the buck incident didn't earn him much goodwill with ISU administration, I'm sure.
  13. Hanutke was the first to go undefeated for four years wrestling for Pittsville. He was the second four-time state champ in Wisconsin. The first four-timer in Wisconsin was Mike Nockels of LaCrosse Aquinas. Nockels won his titles when the private schools were organized separately from the public schools under WISAA. Black was the first to go undefeated for the large-school division (Division 1, formerly Class A). I thought Dennis Hall was going to pull that off, but he stumbled his sophomore year with a tie in the dual against Steve Hoffmann and later a loss in the state quarter finals against Hoffmann.
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