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  1. Fantasy matchup: Spencer Lee vs Kyle Dake Who is most likely to not win?
  2. I think this means he'll be first U.S. student-athlete to formally complete a Doctoral in Wrestling. NOTHING happens that Carl can't turn to his advantage.
  3. Covid-19 just eliminated all the competition in one fell swoop. Seems Hodge-worthy to me.
  4. I"m positive Covid-19 just locked down the Hodge.
  5. There's something to be said for playing the long game...
  6. "Hillger's got a cradle. HOLY BUCKETS!"
  7. Two great wrestlers and definitely a gritty match. Still, I think Marinelli was overconfident and showed a lack of awareness in forcing an outside trip from that over-under position. That's been a successful lateral for me whenever anybody tried to trip me from the outside in that position - and an easy one at that. As a nation, we do not have very good upper-body skills.
  8. There was a point where control on the back for a five-count would have netted one more point. Used to need that extra back point to go into another gut wrench. The current rules are a big improvement over the best of three-period-ball-grab days, but they do lack some flexibility in terms of scoring.
  9. Is 3 even an option, or are you just looking back on the days of 1, 2, 3, and 4/5 point take downs?
  10. I haven't kept pace with the changing rules, so this may seem like an ignorant question: Is there any argument to be made for this being a 4-point move on reds part, or does blue having gone to their knees first negate that possibility?
  11. Maybe it's just me, but I'd expect a PD call when the defensive wrestler's arm is trapped like that.
  12. Not an official, but I've been around the sport for a few decades. To the best of my understanding, the rules require that when your locked hands encircle the head the elbow has to be trapped in there, too. As gimpeltf said, white has a legal hold until :16 when he locks his hands. At that point the elbow is not included in the lock, making it illegal. Looks like a pretty straightforward call that the head official missed; the assistant bailed him out.
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