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  1. Rhackler

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    Iowa? I think Tom Brands deserves some consideration. He was relentless and composed (in the sense that he kept wrestling through everything). He wrestled his style -- and had faith in that style -- from start to finish. Brands vs. Joey Gilbert epitomizes this. Fall behind early and just keep wrestling hard. Go from being down 5-0 and fighting off a pin to winning 23-14. I think Tom's ability not to get rattled is what separates him from Terry and made him a more successful wrestler.
  2. Rhackler

    Crazy for You - Things I learned today

    I thought it was a hip toss, not a lateral drop.
  3. Rhackler

    Midlands finals

    Mall Cop.
  4. Rhackler

    Kyle Dake video

    I can see looking to Smith over Gable in terms of career longevity, but it's not like Gable lost much on the international stage, either.
  5. Rhackler

    Never gave up near fall points in College

    I'm pretty certain that was in the dual.
  6. Rhackler

    Bobby Knight

  7. At about 1:00 in the first video: is that DuPont in the sweat pants and singlet sitting down against the wall to watch the match?
  8. Rhackler

    Gable v. Gable

    One thing is obvious in a fantasy matchup like this one. Dake will lose.
  9. Rhackler

    Duck of the month club

    And that's what it comes down to, the relationship between individual athletes and their coaches. You may not claim to be a coach, but you are implying that you are some sort of authority by publishing criteria and issuing indictments based on your criteria. Maybe it's best to just let things play out instead of throwing shade from your keyboard?
  10. Rhackler

    Duck of the month club

    Just as soon as you present your coaching credentials. Life is bigger than sport, and coaches and athletes will sometimes come together to recognize that fact. This appears to be one of those moments.
  11. Rhackler

    Duck of the month club

    Right. Attend the wedding and reception. Go make weight and compete the next day. Reconsider your criteria.
  12. Rhackler


    I'm fairly certain Gable had wrestlers (and possibly their parents) sign a waiver if the wrestler wanted a pre-match slap from him.
  13. Rhackler

    Edge of mat stalling question

    Or just ding the wrestler asking for a call.
  14. Rhackler

    Yianni Cojones

    All this talk about an ACL tear; partial or complete? Makes a difference, afterall.
  15. Rhackler

    Scott Moore - Does he get a look

    If I remember correctly, the issue with Pritzlaff was that he interviewed at Michigan while he was an assistant at Wisconsin without notifying the athletic department. Speculation as to why he didn't notify the athletic department is that he felt jilted that Davis had decided to remain on as head coach instead of retiring. There was some talk going around that an understanding existed that Davis was going to retire in 2011, and Pritzlaff would take over as head coach. Davis did not retire. Barry Alvarez, the Wisconsin AD, took a very dim view of Pritzlaff interviewing at Michigan without notifying the athletic department. Pritzlaff resigned, but it's believed that he was strongly encouraged to do so due to a "lack of loyalty". Anyway, that's what I remember. Anyone have a clearer account?