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  1. So even giving the extra point to Smith, the match ends tied and Lewis wins on criteria? Can't really see how this is a screw job. Now Lindland-Sieracki is another story...
  2. Rhackler

    Wrestling and IQ

    Gardner says that there are seven distinct intelligences: Visual-Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic, and Logical-Mathematical. He says that these different intelligences affect how people see the world, process information, and learn.
  3. Rhackler

    Wrestling and IQ

    I think you're bumping up against Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.
  4. Yes. Wrestled 112 for SPASH, graduated in 1989.
  5. Joe Ramsey in high school. He won a couple of state titles in Wisconsin and was a USA Freestyle National team member in the mid-90s.
  6. Rhackler

    Imagine... Dake vs. Chamizo at 74kg

    Huh. I always thought that Dake just loses fantasy matches straight up. This probably should be codified somewhere. How do we account for Chamizo?
  7. Rhackler

    Imagine... Dake vs. Chamizo at 74kg

    Lots of people picking Dake in a fantasy matchup. Is that just an extension of April 1st?
  8. Rhackler

    NCAA Champs vs UFC Champs

    Cejudo lost to Nick Simmons in the semi-finals then forfeited out. Looked like freestyle rust and lack of familiarity with Simmons were the biggest reasons for the loss.
  9. Rhackler

    Non-wrestlers needed

    <Double post>
  10. Rhackler

    Non-wrestlers needed

    When and where did you attend HS in Madison? I used to coach at Madison West in 90s.
  11. As far as guitarists go, check out Adrian Legg. Not going to try and declare him GOAT or anything, but he's pretty darn good.
  12. Rhackler

    NCAA Session 3 Thread

    157 consis: Humphreys from Lehigh is unloading a nasty ride on Van Brill from Rutgers.
  13. Rhackler

    5 count for ankle/leg grab

    I suppose one could argue whether or not the difference between 125 and 141 is MASSIVE. That being said, I think you may have brought your chess board to the wrong game of checkers. ;)
  14. Rhackler

    Illegal Headlock?

    I don't think the hands were locked at the elbow, but I'd have to rewatch to be certain -- it transitioned pretty quickly. Thanks for the citation, gromit!
  15. Rhackler

    Illegal Headlock?

    That's always been my understanding -- outside of some very specific positions where the force applied to the neck is felt to be not dangerous.