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  1. Whichever ones that don't stifle public comments.
  2. Taylor's most intriguing comments were about how Penn State should have had the target on it's back, but instead, it seemed Ohio State was the one wearing a target. Was Taylor delicately implying that "narratives" put forth by Ohio State had a negative impact on team psychology/performance?
  3. When you factor in the team title being on the line (and yes, that should be part of the equation), Bo gets it. Myles Martin was my favorite Buckeye to watch this year. It was going to take an outstanding effort to beat him. Unforgettably awesome show for wrestling fans.
  4. We Irishmen will get the last word.
  5. I enjoyed following him through high school and college, culminating in beating his high school rival in an NCAA final. Seemed to lose some incentive for whatever reason.Success in his future is predictable.
  6. If both teams wrestle the quarterfinals to seed (TOSU 7-2, PSU 6-1), you can replay this entire conversation for the semifinals (by seed--TOSU 4-3, PSU 5-1). All "linings" are bronze at the moment.
  7. Maybe. But, to me, he looks like he himself has taken a "step back".
  8. I got majorly crucified for defending dreamyvelvet. Much ado about nothing, I thought. Then the NWT board up and disappears! Aghast and adrift.
  9. Hopefully your prediction comes true.
  10. Martin looks better on his feet than last year. Still fast and strong, but crisper, with more precision. Awesome to watch, so far.
  11. Flo was fine. There was a commercial interruption at the beginning of the (I think) McKenna match. I figured that Flo didn't have control of that. I hastened a switch to dual screen and the match was showing on the second screen (with more than a several second time delay) while the commercial ran on screen one. The commercial ended (or was interrupted to go back to live viewing) and I switched back to one screen.
  12. Wasn't the "banana split" taken out of Bo's arsenal after potentially dangerous rulings? Or not?
  13. None of these celebrations were disrespectful to the opponent and shouldn't bother anyone. They are part of the show. The only disrespect I saw was mild and happened during the Suriano-Mead match, though I may have misinterpreted it.
  14. That was a valuable resource. Had to increase viewership (if only marginally in some cases).
  15. Just before rideouts, I grimaced. Heil looked "done".
  16. Rank #1 or remove from rankings for not competing. No in between.
  17. Bobby was a nut job, but he had a point. In my playing days, I played for a club team, The Hungarians, that engaged in cheating to ensure that another "hated" team, The German-Americans, wouldn't make it to the final four of the league championships.The Russians did such things on a grander scale, maneuvering to allow, or prevent, as the case may be, certain matchups. We have heard tell of such things in wrestling here in the USA. A wrestler "throws" his first district match because the vagaries of his specific bracket shows that he has a better chance of making state through wrestlebacks. That's the kind of cheating that Bobby was correct about (not mind ray machines---though now with what has happened in Cuba one wonders). Russians took promising youngsters and put them in chess "camps", much like the USA does for football and basketball. A boon for those families of those chess prodigies--they probably got better food.
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