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  1. Guys- this isn't life-altering, it is life-threatening. Holding a good thought for the Perry family
  2. Does Tom Ryan's vocal and public support of Urban Meyer cost him credibility? Or is he doing the right thing?
  3. This is the worst thing I have read on the internet in a very long time and I follow Trump on Twitter Willie- HMU I've got a scoop for ya and I will let you break it
  4. Nomad is the only thing keeping the show semi relevant. Willie wishes he had my wrestling connections, but he isn't bad. Pyles is unwatchable. He is the Skip Bayless of the wrestling world.
  5. I broke this news like I broke a bunch of y'alls will.
  6. Bad source. I owned it. I don’t use him anymore
  7. Are we friends now? One loser to another?
  8. You guys are gonna think the world of me when this gets announced
  9. Big pickup for Cael in Happy Valley. Hard to fathom
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