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  1. Great point. Which is why I will sit home and watch. I never understood folks who went to the final four only to sit in the nosebleeds, just to say you were there. Wrestling is all about proximity, in my perspective. Who wants to sit 60 yds away and have to watch the big screen to see what is happening? I guess some do. NCAA finals are plenty successful in 20K arenas.
  2. I would argue that this is the most botched match, ever. You will be frustrated just watching this.
  3. That was bad. Dillon would have won this with a different ref, or if it was wrestled in our current rules environment. Probably my biggest frustration with wrestling is the subjective nature of various calls. Stalling depends on where the match is being wrestled, who the coaches are and how loud the crowd is. Some stalling calls make zero sense. Double boots and the bottom man is flat, yet gets hit time and time again.
  4. Yes. Must of us non Iowa homers agree, DeSanto is a piece of trash Can we now end this thread?
  5. It would be hysterical if DeSanto gets DQ’d or causes some negative team points at NCAA’s, causing the Hawks to miss a team title. Brands might literally choke him out. If I’m wrestling him, I’m poking the bear...trying to get a reaction.
  6. C’mon man. The 2nd time that RBY locked up the cradle, his “pain” reaction was based on “holy sh1t, I’m gettin decked”. These are tough, scrappy kids who battle through all kinds of nagging injuries. ADS is a mental case. It will be interesting to see if he can keep it together over the next month.
  7. I’m a huge Spencer fan, but this would not be completely shocking. Mueller is really tough, especially if he gets a TD( beast on top), and will have a 8-10 lb advantage by Sat night finals...assuming he makes it.
  8. Collegiate wrestling is in the best spot it’s been in the 30 plus years that I’ve been watching. The talent is better than ever. The action is better than ever. Access is better than ever. Teams are setting attendance records. We should remember where we’ve come from.
  9. Bruised ego is typically a 2-3 week recovery.
  10. Dude, you’re a mess. I assume you are new here. I support Pa wrestlers, regardless of who they wrestle for. Spencer was riding parallel with a deep waist and bar. He was looking for tilts, not a fall. You can come out of your safe space now. It’s ok to comment on wrestlers, regardless of team.
  11. Nope. I was watching him wrestle before you knew who he was, and he is my favorite wrestler to watch. Just stating a fact that he didn’t really try to pin Meredith in the biggest event of the year, against a kid who was clearly outclassed. I assume that Brands spoke to him about it.
  12. I love Spencer Lee. Love his style and have followed him since 8th grade. However, there is no doubt that he is focused more on TF’s than pins. The fact that he rides parallel with the reinforced bar indicates he wants back points, not pins. He was wrestling a kid who had 8 losses this year and isn’t even in the same stratosphere from a talent perspective. This dual easily could have come down to a single point, and Spencer certainly could’ve put more effort to look for a half, cradle, bundle etc...
  13. I'll take Joseph in the rematch (es). Marinelli cannot get to Cenzo's legs because of his incredible hips. As a result, he is trying to force upper body stuff. Unfortunately for him, Cenzo is one of the best ever in those positions. Penn State also knows how to get their wrestlers to peak at the right time. Marinelli has a history of peaking prior to the NCAAs.
  14. Based on the character of Austin DeSanto, over the years of watching him, it is probably a safe bet to assume the biggest injury was to his psyche. He may have tweaked his knee on the first cradle, but tapping out of 2 pinning combinations is a revelation of someone's character. Battle out of the cradle, or get pinned and deal with the injury later. Unfortunately for him, a national audience was once again able to see his character on display. Social Media is overwhelmingly of the opinion that he tapped to avoid getting decked. Take your medicine and come back stronger. Spencer Lee did it. David Taylor did it. Austin DeSanto decided to quit.
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