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  1. It looks like the PA will merge 6 of their 14 state schools into 2 larger schools. Clarion, Edinboro, Bloomsburg and Lock Haven all will be impacted. Does anyone know how this impact athletics, assuming it does happen?
  2. Absolutely. I’ll give you my discounted rate as well. However, I don’t make choices for folks. I just tell them when they need to consider moving on. But, not everyone listens. Ex. Big Ben, it’s time to hang them up.
  3. He graduated 2 years before my daughter in HS and will graduate 1 year after her from college. I love ya Kemerer, but there is more to life than college wrestling. Get on with your life.
  4. I was glad to have DVR’d it. The most boring finals in the past 10-15 years, in my opinion. This season is the asterisk season.
  5. Yes, and clearly the NFL is struggling to maintain its relevance.
  6. This match is why wrestling struggles to maintain relevancy. You'd never see this occur at any other D1 level competition, especially one being broadcast nationally. What a disgrace
  7. I am not optimistic about the future. How does Arizona State and Oregon State stick around if all of the western schools are dropping? We were dropping programs before the pandemic hit. Yes, we have the occasional smaller school like Presbyterian and Little Rock adding, but those aren’t in areas that will be a natural draw for kids. The dust hasn’t settled yet on how much of a hit most of these schools will take from Covid. Also, this is a sport where the rich keep getting richer. Outside of 4 or 5 programs, no other has a realistic chance to compete for a team title, and we don’t have TV contracts to drive revenue. While I hope it doesn’t happen, I believe we will settle on somewhere between 40-50 programs over the next decade, mostly eastern and midwest.
  8. Wow, this is very shocking & sad. He always seemed to look super healthy to me. Those Lehigh teams of the early 2000’s could compete with anyone. 2020 truly is a horrific year.
  9. I was going to say Iverson. Put him at 157/165 and he would be a beast. Explosiveness and quickness that would be hard to stop. Bo Jackson would have been great at anything he tried. He is absolutely the greatest athlete of the 20th century. The guy high jumped 6’9”, ran a 10.4 100M, threw the shot over 50 feet, and yet he was primarily a baseball player in the spring. He qualified for the NCAA’s in the indoor 60 M, while built like a middle linebacker, and also playing football and baseball. I got to see him beat out a routine ground ball while playing for Kansas City. What a freak of a human being.
  10. There will certainly be more after we get through this first semester. Hypothetically, let’s say 25 programs get the axe. How does an NCAA tournament work? Multiple qualifiers per team, like track or swimming?
  11. Exactly. One of the premier schools in the country as well.
  12. Since Greco is only upper body, hard to include folks like Karelin. Was he quick, fluid, athletic...or just insanely strong? I mean Rulon was a fat lard and beat him, in possibly the most boring big match ever.
  13. Furman def had a wrestling team in the past.
  14. I watched David Taylor all through HS and never thought he would dominate like he did in college. He was so scrawny. Figured Andrew Alton would be a multi time AA, at a minimum. Harry Lester was just a machine in HS, but went the Greco route. Watched Jake Herbert get TF by Roger Kish @ Dapper Dan (up a weight) and never saw him becoming so dominant.
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