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  1. I was there, 4 rows up center mat (had a great family connection for tix). It was evident that Cael was something special. Best match of the tourney was Abas vs. Teague Moore in the semi's. 20 years later, and I can say that current NCAA wrestling is in a much better place. Some of those 1999 finals matches were snooze fests.
  2. It would be easier to list the programs that are fully funded.
  3. Steve Mocco was a member of Mensa.
  4. Sounds like we were around the same era. That’s an impressive list of grapplers that you’ve competed against. I didn’t wrestle many NW Pa guys, except a kid from Redbank and another from Hickory. I see Sean O’Day every once in a while, down here in Va
  5. I was going to say Emotional Intelligence, but not sure the grappling world thinks in those terms.
  6. Plus, Downey didn't have the braided hair back then. That adds a new wrinkle that DT hasn't seen yet.
  7. You are delusional. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read on here in a while. Calvin Peete is a 1 in a million story, and played in an era when golf was not nearly as competitive as it is now.
  8. I don’t you think you appreciate how challenging golf is, and how much time pro’s & wanna be pro’s put into it. It’s hours and hours, everyday. The best golfer you know who is not a pro...perhaps a scratch golfer or 1 or 2 handicap, would get the equivalent of a tech fall by the worst guy on the Nike tour. It would be like taking a stud high school wrestler who was all-state and having him wrestle Jason Nolf.
  9. This ^. Historically, that may be the case about Russian style vs. American, but the times are a changin'. The Iowa influence has diminished in the development of our freestyle program, and we are now seeing a much more technical and strategic style.
  10. What were the first 2 calls for? I didn’t see anything wrong with what the Exeter kids was doing
  11. Just like the good old days, when you had to set the VCR to tape the finals. I remember watching Cael win his 4th live and then heading back to my buddy’s apartment in Albany to watch the re-play.
  12. So many people can accomplish it? There are millions who play the sport around the world (unlike football), and the totals that make it to the big leagues is in the hundreds. The number of guys in the majors who can even hit .300 is very, very small. Regarding the NFL, there is a certain size minimum that is required to even be considered...which negates 2/3 of the population. In baseball, you have all shapes & sizes. I'm not a huge fan of baseball, just acknowledging the immense difficulty of hitting a big league curveball.
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