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  1. Since Greco is only upper body, hard to include folks like Karelin. Was he quick, fluid, athletic...or just insanely strong? I mean Rulon was a fat lard and beat him, in possibly the most boring big match ever.
  2. Furman def had a wrestling team in the past.
  3. I watched David Taylor all through HS and never thought he would dominate like he did in college. He was so scrawny. Figured Andrew Alton would be a multi time AA, at a minimum. Harry Lester was just a machine in HS, but went the Greco route. Watched Jake Herbert get TF by Roger Kish @ Dapper Dan (up a weight) and never saw him becoming so dominant.
  4. Pittsburgh Post Gazette article https://www.post-gazette.com/news/obituaries/2020/07/22/carlton-haselrig-pittsburgh-steelers-pitt-johnstown-mountain-cats-ncaa-champion-pro-bowl-guard-pat-pecora/stories/202007220111
  5. My senior year, 85 in Pa (AAA)...we had 2 D1 NCAA Champs and 2 D1 NCAA Runner-Ups, a JUCO Natl Champ, several multi year NCAA qualifiers and 3 of us who played college football :) We also whipped the USA Team in the Dapper Dan.
  6. He should go to PittJohnstown, Gannon, Mercyhurst etc...and compete for a D2 title. He is probably not driven enough to succeed (based on expectations) at the D1 level, and he wouldn’t have to sit a year. He can be a champ or high AA and not have quite the grind that he would at any top notch D1 school.
  7. This seems about right. Could potentially swap Taylor and Zain. Taylor was a more complete wrestler in my view. Outside of Dake, I can’t remember a match that was ever in doubt.
  8. This seems about right. Could potentially swap Taylor and Zain. Taylor was a more complete wrestler in my view. Outside of Dake, I can’t remember a match that was ever in doubt.
  9. If you see where wrestling has thrived, historically, it is typically in more rural areas of the country. So, not too surprised with this...sadly.
  10. Unfortunately, Fox/Trump and their cult followers are on the wrong side of history. They just don’t know it yet.
  11. It only bothers folks because it bothered Trump. If Trump never said a word about it, nobody would have noticed or cared. Folks who think the NFL will “suffer” from the Drew Brees debacle are clueless. There is such a craving for sports, namely football, that ratings will be higher than ever. The kneeling will send Trump into a tizzy...which will be super fun to watch as well.
  12. A 2-1 match would be boring to 95% of those watching.
  13. Apparently, I am a “one and done”. Made the Rd of 12 last time, but failed to place this go around. Can we start a “best, one time AA” poster ranking?
  14. Magic 8 ball says, “Ask again later”
  15. Big was a character! We’ve lost so many great contributors over the years. I wish I could remember them all. But, a few were: Don Goodell, Allan Brown, Jay Hammond & Denny.
  16. Angle was a beast for sure. I don’t remember what happened his Jr. year. PA-Wrestling.com lists his record at 113-4, with no stats his Jr year, but this link below shows he won 4 WPIAL titles. He also won several JR Freestyle titles, so maybe that is what the poster was thinking of. Interesting to see all of the talent from his High School Canon Mac. NCAA Champs and many AA’s. https://www.google.com/amp/www.cmwrestlingalumni.com/blog/mat-madness-2018-and-your-winner-%3Fformat%3Damp
  17. Huh? Hunter was clearly the best of those 3 in HS. 4 x champ with 2 career losses. Angle won 1 title in HS. Teague won 2. I would argue Hunter was the best in college as well. Better overall record and 2x finalist.
  18. Yikes...I hope he is correct. I’ll be happy if we have 60 programs in a year from now.
  19. This is all great, but no way he could handle Metcalf’s relentless attack.
  20. I’ve always been intrigued by wrestlers that play by their own rules. These guys are usually the free-spirit types who have larger than life personalities, yet are also elite talents. We all know about Gable, Cael and many of the best evers. While we admire their work ethic, skill set and talent, they are probably pretty boring in general. Who would make your list? My top 5: - Rick Sanders - Ray Brinzer - Ben Askren -Johny Hendricks - Wade Schalles
  21. I didn’t watch the replay, but remember watching when it happened. Wrestling is 10x better to watch nowadays. The late 90’s, early 2000’s were boring to watch, save for Sanderson, Stephen Abas and a few others.
  22. Zain wins 7 of 10 from Metcalf. His top game is absolutely legendary. Do you remember what he did to Micah Jordan (4xAA) when they wrestled? It wasn’t pretty. 16-1 and 20-5.
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