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    tightwaist reacted to ionel in Post Covid, What Changes?   
    You know ... back when folks thought it was ok to take their masks off when they went to bed at night ... kindve hard to remember ... but ... them old thinkings.  ;)
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    tightwaist reacted to dman115 in Kem is back   
    LOL...great response!  It seriously made me laugh!  
    And...I actually agree with you that Big Ben needs to hang it up.  Yes...yes...I am a hypocrite sometimes.  :)
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    tightwaist reacted to Fletcher in Kem is back   
    I don't blame him for wanting to see first-hand how much Starocci can separate himself from the field next season.
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    tightwaist got a reaction from dman115 in Kem is back   
    Absolutely.  I’ll give you my discounted rate as well.  However, I don’t make choices for folks.  I just tell them when they need to consider moving on.  But, not everyone listens.  
    Ex.  Big Ben, it’s time to hang them up.  
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    tightwaist reacted to TobusRex in Desanto - what happened   
    Ah....I was wondering what set the moral standards in the Hawkeye community. Apparently "The Honeymooners" is that standard! 
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    tightwaist reacted to Housebuye in Desanto - what happened   
    If that was your mother, daughter or wife you’d probably feel differently
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    tightwaist reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Q: How do you choke a Bull?   
    A: Give him the #1 seed
    Too soon? 
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    tightwaist reacted to boconnell in Video of Mr. Shiels on clock error at end of Heil v Lewallen   
    But it happens from a screw up.  It doesn't happen because insecure men are allowed to review their own calls and do whatever possible to declare they were right all along.  Major sports have normalized review to the point that their refs no longer try to deny deny deny any time it goes to review.  Wrestling official is a super hard job, so I'm inclined to cut slack, but when they refuse to use the tools available to fix what they screw up, that's on them and their egos.
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    tightwaist reacted to Mphillips in Video of Mr. Shiels on clock error at end of Heil v Lewallen   
    I agree only with your avatar.
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    tightwaist reacted to simple in Video of Mr. Shiels on clock error at end of Heil v Lewallen   
    Lol. One is a subjective call. The other is “there’s no way to tell how much time went off the clock” uhhhhh you mean besides a stopwatch, or the time stamps on the video, or just counting? How about just admitting you blew it. They’re all a bunch of frat bros who cover up for each other, and never face any consequences when they blow even the simplest decisions.
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    tightwaist reacted to cjc007 in Video of Mr. Shiels on clock error at end of Heil v Lewallen   
    The bias is obvious.

    Or is it incompetence?

    Or both?

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    tightwaist reacted to simple in Video of Mr. Shiels on clock error at end of Heil v Lewallen   
    100% agree. Over and over again wrestling officials/rule makers/admin all ignore common sense because of arrogance and ego.
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    tightwaist got a reaction from cjc007 in Video of Mr. Shiels on clock error at end of Heil v Lewallen   
    This match is why wrestling struggles to maintain relevancy.  You'd never see this occur at any other D1 level competition, especially one being broadcast nationally.  What a disgrace
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    tightwaist reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Video of Mr. Shiels on clock error at end of Heil v Lewallen   
    But the timestamp in the video review is an integrated timing device. 
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    tightwaist reacted to jp157 in No worlds...   
    I’m sorry you are scared of the hipsters playing at wannabe revolutionary. 
    My brief double check of the DHS focused on their saying right wing terrorists were a greater threat, especially this year. 
    People really need to get outside their bubbles and actually interact with different groups.. it would massively fix half of these issues. 
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    tightwaist reacted to IronChef in Dan Gable   
    Gable could have just accepted the award at the ceremony where it will be given. Instead, he went up on stage at a rally and told the crowd that the president deserves to be reelected.

    Announcing the award at an Iowa rally three weeks before the election was a political act. Gable going up on stage at a rally to endorse a candidate was a political act.

    Those are just facts. The opinions come in when I tell you that Gable endorsing this president should drastically lower your opinion of him as a man.
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    tightwaist reacted to Fletcher in Dan Gable   
    Damn it, Fletcher - looks like you took things too far once again; only this time you've lost Bronco.  Bronco's not the type of guy to use the word "nitwit" lightly and he used it twice! This is bad - really bad.
    I'll just have to keep my head down, mouth shut, and maybe someday Bronco will show some grace and give me a chance to earn my way off his IGNORE list. Prayers.
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    tightwaist reacted to NJDan in Dan Gable   
    Sadly, in some way Gable will be diminished by accepting this award while being a pawn for Trump at what is likely to be a superspreader event. 
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    tightwaist reacted to Fletcher in Dan Gable   
    Biden's first act in office should be to award the presidential medal of freedom to larry owings.
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    tightwaist reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in Dan Gable   
    Great for Gable to get the award - too bad he had to shill for that dishonest dolt in return (who claimed repeatedly that he thought he could take Gable.) Made a deal with the devil here.
    Feels too much like what was happening at Foxcatcher... sometimes things that appear good are better turned down.
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    tightwaist reacted to dmm53 in Dan Gable   
    I'm guessing (hoping) that you are pointing out correctly that the Orange Agent will use anything or anyone as a means to his pathological and narcissistic ends.   It would great if Gable accepts the award but refuses to meet with the liar, racist,  corrupt, and incompetent Fool and Con Man. 
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    tightwaist reacted to Sheerstress in Dan Gable   
    Dan Gable is one of the greatest wrestlers and coaches the United States ever produced.
    Donald Trump is the worst, most incompetent president of our generation.
    This event did nothing to change my opinion of either.
  24. Haha
    tightwaist reacted to Maximus Meridius in Tell me your wrestling stories   
    I went to high school in Virginia. My senior year, at the Grundy tri-meet, our heavy-weight was out sick and our coach asked if I would be willing to bump up 4 weight classes and wrestler heavy weight.  He asked that I just try to keep from being pinned. I agreed knowing the guy I was going to face had a bunch of 6, 7, 8 second pins. 
    As we shook hands, my opponent looked at the ref and mumbled something. All I could hear was something about a headlock. I was confused and the ref just chuckled.
    Whistle blows, and I’m still trying to figure out what was going on. My opponent lunged forward, whipped me down with a headlock, flatten his hips, and I was flat on my back.  All I remember is my opponent yelling “hit the mat!!!!”
    I was pinned in about 4 seconds  
    I often wonder what happened to my opponent.  I’m guessing he’s like the guy in Glory Days. 
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    tightwaist reacted to jchapman in Tell me your wrestling stories   
    Sounds like some tough competition in VA in the late 90s!
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