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  1. Husker_Du

    Julian Chlebove???

    he's signing to ASU officially today
  2. Husker_Du

    Is Carson Manville wrestling this year?

    he has a nasty infection. he sent me a pic but i just got a new phone. 'compartment syndrome' i believe it was called. on his wrist/forearm.
  3. Husker_Du

    184: The Cornell and Penn State Era

    awesome stuff, OBX
  4. Husker_Du

    Flo split screen?

    not sure what you're asking. are you asking for 2 mats from the same event, or to watch two different events simultaneously?
  5. Husker_Du

    Flo split screen?

    uhhh. no. i don't think so. you can't be logged in on two different devices. however, you could be logged in to one device and MIRROR to a tv, or HDMI to a tv. technically, yes lol.
  6. Husker_Du

    Flo split screen?

    House, i believe Silver is saying he wants to watch two separate events at the same time. in which case the distinguished gentleman from Kansas has helped greatly.
  7. Husker_Du

    New Flo Rankings

    lol @dmm53 the mat has mentally broken u. you've been going on for years about us not having a comments section on the site any longer. i can assure you that 1) it was in the plans to bring back, 2) it's no longer a top priority and 3) it's not because we want to insulate ourselves from criticism but because other projects are more pressing. lol. you're a hoot. The Flo guys are out here making themselves more available than anyone i can think of in any news/sports media field. put on a tin hat dude. and/or go back to getting shredded on the Yarygin thread lol
  8. Husker_Du

    GFeller is gonna win NCAAs

    fake news.
  9. Husker_Du

    FloNationals 2019 Details?

    this week
  10. Husker_Du

    285 Rankings

    it's a tough situation for sure. the results on the mat warranted his preseason ranking. but since then (halfway through the season) there are 1) still questions about what ability level he's at and 2) new data points. it doesn't sit well with me, and a lot of others, that guys are out here wrestling while he (and gross) maintain their ranking. Iowa duals Minnesota next weekend. If Stoll doesn't go against Gable, I'd pull him and then totally re-rank him when he comes back based upon his results this year. if he does go and loses to Gable, i hope he doesn't maintain #2 for essentially being 0-1.
  11. Husker_Du

    285 Rankings

    Most guys didn't get shot in the knee
  12. Husker_Du

    PSU looks horrible

    how many PSU guys lost a match to someone they weren't supposed to?
  13. Husker_Du

    Lack of Transparency

    this is message board posting in 2018/19 he was officially submitted as an entry by Penn State. why this is difficult for people to grasp, i'll never know
  14. Husker_Du

    Sammy Sasso

    yeah - i'm not sayin he IS a 41 or if that's the plan in any way. just saying (eyeball test) i think it's possible. also i don't care one iota what he certed at this year. he wasn't going in the lineup. so in saying he 'couldn't cert at 41 this year' you're making an assumption. in related news - i'm pretty sure Jacori is going 57 next year. seemed to be the way they all (jacori and staff) were leaning when i talked to them at midlands.
  15. Husker_Du

    Sammy Sasso

    he's not a 157. why would he need to start trying to descend for 41 now? certs don't go back to prior season.