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  1. Husker_Du

    DF or Russians?

    there are not more people on now and it's not more contentious. we lost a ton of posters (and contentious-ness) here when the NWT was deleted. what's left is less 'contentious-ness' and more trollish behavior. people that are biased and have their minds made up as opposed to more civil discourse and dialectic.
  2. Husker_Du

    Yasar Dogu

    by 'technically' you mean opposite of that.
  3. Husker_Du

    RIP Joe Seay...

    been looking too. nothing...
  4. Husker_Du

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    1. Jeffus is weird. I have no intel on it. You'd think a single-class state champ would have plenty of wrestling options and announced by now, regardless of his sport decision. 2. Vasquez has not committed. He put out a tweet once that said he was considering. it was vague, but why people took that as official i'll have no idea. intermat too.
  5. Husker_Du

    Mudflap Update

    "a cut of Mudflap magic' lmao
  6. Husker_Du

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    Brester should be in the mix for NEB too imo.
  7. there is only 1 Olympic Qualifier next year. it's May 1st. we need our 1's to go to that if we aren't qualified at a wt. imo any criticism that USAW didn't do enough to take ncaa guys into account is misguided. with the PAN AM OG Qualifier in Mid March, the most ideal situation would have been to have our #1's set in January some time.
  8. Husker_Du

    Teasdale at Iowa?

    you should also be careful b/c that is dumb as hell.
  9. Husker_Du

    Seth Nevills

    Luke Luffman. and he's very good. we're spoiled with talent at HWT right now.
  10. Husker_Du

    USA cooking brackets...

    yes. and at NHSCA's for years. and according to Nomad, there were a few top seeds at Women's Nationals this year in which they were placed in the bracket somewhere other than the top line.
  11. Husker_Du

    USA cooking brackets...

    I agree that the system 'should have caught it' without anyone being told. why it didn't, i don't know. all i can assure you is that you began this thread with an allegation that this was done on purpose (and with encouragement from/involvement with Flo). and that was 100% not the case. i was there and there wasn't a single conversation about the 51kg bracket or any other cadet bracket for that matter. as for the state separation criteria, i did catch a few instances of kids from the same state hitting in the first or second rounds.
  12. Husker_Du

    USA cooking brackets...

    correction - there were 11 before sokol moved up to 65
  13. Husker_Du

    USA cooking brackets...

    LJB is actually correct that there were only 3 Level 2's. i didn't realize that Rowan no-showed. which probably explains it. they (the pairers who built the brackets) probably didn't notice it either and forgot to bump everyone up. but to suggest it was manipulated on purpose is crazy talk. USAW is notoriously and consistently indifferent regarding seeding and separation. in fact, there's not even a seeding/separation meeting or discussion for Akron Cadets nor for any style/division in Fargo. There is for the SR Open, JR Open, both Trials, and Akron U23's. like others have said - please provide other examples if you want to support some claim that some sort of bracket manipulation goes on. i'd love to see them. if they were concerned about match-ups, why did they have van ness and rathjen in R1? heck, i was in akron one year where mark hall and myles martin were supposed to wrestle first round despite them both being returning fargo champs. (the info was wrong on their cards and the bracket was redrawn). also, 51kg was not the most hyped bracket. not even close. 60 was by far discussed more with 11 fargo/flo/akron finalists.
  14. Husker_Du

    USA cooking brackets...

    that is the case. congrats.
  15. Husker_Du

    USA cooking brackets...

    lol. you still don't understand despite me spelling it out clearly. stop posting.