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  1. 2 reasons. 1) every set of preseason/early season rankings stink because they play dumb with the individual rankings. 2) team rankings in wrestling are very difficult with dual and tourney having significant disparities.
  2. they wrestled off again and Red won (prior to MINN dual)
  3. that has changed. they are trying to get him in to school now.
  4. Big Ten Wrestling schedule isn't set yet. many coaches thought they would have them last week. i'm sure it won't be long now. (it really can't haha). but from everything i hear from the coaches, their first two dates have been scratched. they'll start jan 15th ish.
  5. love Kerk. but kinda hated he went SR at the Open. was JR eligible if memory serves me right. plus i think he was coming off an injury.
  6. another stupid thing... they are allowed to have "Russia" on their uni's/singlets as long as the term 'neutral athlete' is also present. (eyeroll)
  7. not really sure what you are saying, spladle. i think the numbers are rather staggering. 46% of those who wrestled for a SR World medal during the last quad also wrestled for medal at the CD/JR level. that's an incredible indicator. compare that to the success rates of, say, NFL 1st Round Draft Picks who go on to make All Pro. full article here if interested. (h/t to the board for prompting it) https://rokfin.com/article/2522/World-JuniortoSenior-Correlation
  8. JB and Taylor made JR Teams. Dake made a JR Team in GR. Numbers get a little down with no Cadet Worlds from 2000 to 2011 though. 63% of Medalists from 2016-2019 Worlds had made a CD/JR World Team. 43% of Medalists from 2016-2019 Worlds had wrestled for a medal (Top 5) at CD or JR Worlds (also to include YOG).
  9. I'm going over the last quad and putting together an article. the research is almost done, but i wanna put some additional color to it. but my initial reaction to this thread is that y'all's threshold for relevance seems pretty high. it's looking to me like somewhere around 55-65% of SR medalists medaled at JR's. I think that's incredibly high (and relevant). what would you consider high?
  10. i'm almost positive that the 'certain % to have a championship' is already on the books.
  11. lol. i definitely butchered the intro. just spaced it for a moment. there was a lot going on in terms of the run of show. and to make matters worse the in house mic (that worked very well during rehearsal) took a poop literally to open the event. anyway - criticism warranted. i could have been better.
  12. I talked to Scott Moore and he said the LHU could opt back in if things look better in January. i think the likelihood of that is slim, personally. Brock Zacherl told me Clarion is all systems go unless the MAC would cancel and that the AD is very supportive of the program competing this season. fwiw.
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