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  1. I only wrote the article because my original tweet was worded poorly. article was free btw (so business model) doesn't apply much. several of you know how i feel - the current olympic program is an abomination that we should all fight to improve. there's no 'motive' here other than that.
  2. thanks for the mostly kind words guys. (also thanks for following some of my work over the years). i'll give an explanation sometime in the next couple days. still love the guys at flo and appreciate all the invaluable opportunities they've given me over the years. but also looking forward to doing my own thing and the excitement and challenges that come with it.
  3. so wait...let me get this straight...y'all don't think Seth Gross is a Hodge contender? or you're upset that nomad listed him 1st instead of 2nd or 3rd?
  4. you should be ok getting them day of. but when you get semis tickets, get your finals tickets at the same time b/c finals are packed.
  5. facepalm. i get what you're throwing down now.... businesses/enterprises that lose on purpose to fund the athletes. i've always agreed. i don't wanna get political - but it's the same old story. some people live in lala land and envision a best-case, utopian world. the extrapolation doesn't dawn on them. it will be abused to the fullest.
  6. yeah - that's how i recall it as well. was gonna tell you - starting a video game might not be the most profitable haha
  7. weren't the college video games stop being made BECAUSE E/A Sports couldn't/didn't want to pay (what was, at the time, peanuts)?
  8. I love Bo (his personality and his family). have known them a long time and they are very good people. Bo's suggestion isn't a bad one. It would be a really cool piece or series/concept. However 2 things - i think he approached it wrong. we have a million archives we can run and paying wrestlers to talk about them before we re-run them, while a cool concept, shouldn't be 'assumed'. that's just not feasible. Second Thing - it was pretty odd b/c we reached out to Bo when he graduated and asked if, now that he could make some money, he'd be interested in doing some things. he said he would in the future but he was prepping for FS season. so it was odd to see that method when he had an open invitation and could have gave us a holler. it's all good though. cp and bader talked to him since and it seems like he's gonna do some stuff with Flo in the future.
  9. a tweet shows their wrestle offs as Nov. 1
  10. yeah, there seems to be a bad link or something but their roster (now at 19 wrestlers) can be found here https://gobluehose.com/sports/wrestling/roster
  11. because it's difficult to get in to. and even after that difficulty, it's then difficult to get a turn with. zain was just a freak. (btw - what with your recent trend of thread non-trolling topics?)
  12. and Tsirtsis as a first year JR (year after Cadet Gold) zain lost in jr trials finals 3 straight years.
  13. try vinay siwach https://twitter.com/siwachvinay good wrestling perspective. good info/intel on India wrestling and asia in general
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