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  1. Boompa, that is interesting - can you site the source? 50% vs. 35%
  2. for the briefest of moments i cry inside when someone calls rankings 'ratings'.
  3. iirc it was a dual meet when on busy weekend and scant (if any) video.
  4. to be clear, i wasn't saying you were wrong. just that it wasn't compelling. thanks for the insight and convo, billy.
  5. you're answer to #1 is totally devoid of certainties. response to #2: why did CNN write several pieces poo-pooing it and then recently (like two days ago) say it's working. (this isn't rhetorical. i literally haven't looked into anything the last few days). i also saw a report that China has basically said it's creating Remdesivir even though it's breaking patent laws. fwiw. idk if it's true but it would corraborate what you're saying (that it works).
  6. wrote two today. two more coming in the AM. lawsuit sucks b/c i can't do vid. if so i would have toured america this whole pandemic.
  7. i won't pretend to know all that goes in to it. and i won't pretend to be up on the latest. my two issues (atm) are 1) there's so much (dis)information about how covid deaths are tallied that i don't trust it either way 2) what is truly the situation with hydroxycholorquine? (sp)
  8. it's painful. there's basically no news.
  9. I thought Robb might be a candidate to move up, too. but sounds like he'll be at 57 for quite a while. certainly this season. nebraska has a bunch of guys at 41/49/57 and no one quite big enough to get in to 65. Lovett/Kevon/Hardy/Condomitti/Robb
  10. touche, regarding the growth. wasn't aware of those figures. however, even MLB is aware of changes in appetite so much so that they are changing rules (NL DH, 3batter minimum for RPs, etc)
  11. Fake news. There's a giant problem with Greco as a consumer product. Same with MLB. 2-1 forced par terre scores (what we literally got in Rio) is as consumable to the masses as 9-inning 4hr ball games. I love them. But most people don't. and the IOC is going the way of the X Games. do the math. Greco is getting bounced.
  12. Mad, is this a thing? I suggested this on FRL many moons ago (i think after the Rio debacle). But I never knew there was a name or movement for it. I'd love to see it.
  13. know what ad hominem means now or still 'nah'? lol. what a dork.
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