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  1. Nomad never came close to this level of expertise. ever. at any level of wrestling. this is great, great work.
  2. Thanks, Wiki "Bernard originally lost to Stephany Lee at the 2012 Olympic trials. Lee later tested positive for marijuana and Bernard was awarded the spot. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she lost to Jenny Fransson in the first round.[3]"
  3. our WFS hwt popped one year (i think for pot). i don't recall if it was Ali Bernard or if Ali Bernard ended up taking the spot.
  4. guys, i'm not trying to be vague. lol. i assumed it was abundantly clear (or easily ascertainable) that i'm saying that anyone who holds a lifelong grudge against someone who made a bad decision is less than magnanimous. i'd expect more in this otherwise ever-forgiving culture we now live in. i also pray for you two who couldn't figure this out.
  5. No one (from the USA) is skipping worlds other than Gable. so 1 person. so what's the point of this thread?
  6. umm. none. that's the point of me asking 'who's throwing a tantrum'.
  7. who's throwing a tantrum? who's saying cheating isn't bad?
  8. oh. you're super judgemental p*ssi*s sorry i thought that wouldn't be difficult to deduce
  9. lol. you know flo sued me right? i didn't sue them. i 'had a trial' b/c i had to go. it wasn't my choice. nice try equating that to every athlete that says 'so much adversity' though.
  10. he aint wrong though. everything is 'i went through so much adversity' and 'my journey'. ffs it's called life. if everyone is struggling, is anyone struggling? i'm not talking about j'den, i'm talking about every stupid 2 minute segment before a sporting event detailing the tragic events of a hang nail.
  11. it was 3-0, 3-2, but don't let that get in the way of your salinity levels
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