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  1. were you watching the same match i was?
  2. and Tsirtsis as a first year JR (year after Cadet Gold) zain lost in jr trials finals 3 straight years.
  3. try vinay siwach https://twitter.com/siwachvinay good wrestling perspective. good info/intel on India wrestling and asia in general
  4. you should continue posting this on every thread where flo is mentioned, imo. some people may have not seen you say this before. keep going.
  5. i'm speaking from just a singular voice though there may be a crowd that will follow, but 'who hurt you'?
  6. it's ok to voice dissenting opinions. it's just bizarre to reiterate them in every single thread where flo is mentioned. really bizarre.
  7. 1) i never said you started threads in this thread. read better. i said you turn them into this. 2) you made a non-exclusive comment into this. read better. i'm not the one being slippery. keep talking about flo, please.
  8. the man just said his wrestlers of this era follow the sport more largely b/c of flo. now you're saying you'd believe that would be true if interest in Greco increased? keep going.
  9. keep posting the same thing every time Flo comes up. i'm sure it will make all the difference. more fans follow wrestling more often and Flo is a major (perhaps most important) part of that. not the ONLY reason. but a big one. you want to railroad every thread that gives flo a thumbs up. you're obsessed. and it's funny.
  10. lol at your obsession. his post wasn't even mutually exclusive. you're trying so hard, and it's clear you're irrational about this. keep going though; it's entertaining.
  11. maybe our social media just isn't for you. people love it. we're quit successful with it, and there's much more to it than your above examples. for sure there is the occasional post that i don't like, but for the most part, it's engaging and interesting and the results speak for themselves. don't expect a change in our social media methods any time soon.
  12. All joking aside, we are aware that we have areas of improvement. Of course we can improve in some areas. not everything is always as buttoned up as we would like. sometimes it's frustrating for us, too. (i wasn't thrilled with the production for Yianni-Zain, for instance). As far as critiquing 'non-elites' - i'm not sure i follow. can you provide examples? Generally speaking, i think there's a fine line between being respectful and giving our genuine opinions, which the sport deserves. If we don't call it as we see it and assessing things as they are to protect feelings (which has been a problem in wrestling media (and wrestling gov't) for a long time, than what's the point. that being said, i don't recall an instance where we've been over-the-top critical of athletes.
  13. correcting you is becoming a chore. i said, on the call, 'people are coming up to me asking if he's too old; how the heck am i supposed to know?' you're making things up again.
  14. Bad takes are different than bad sites or bad 'journalism'. Flo destroys everyone on earth in wrestling coverage. There's no rebuttal to this. it was one show.
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