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  1. disagree. otherwise it's just math without context.
  2. well, yes. he's always been small for 149. however he wasn't a ball of energy on full feed. the theory goes that he knew he was too small and that made him incredibly hesitant to shoot. that could be true. what i'm saying is that if it's not the reason he didn't take many attacks, and it was simply because that's who he is, i don't think cutting weight (however small the amount is), will produce an offensive explosion. in the end - i've always been bullish on beau. perhaps to a fault. i'll take him in this match and to AA in March. but the bottom line is, he needs to be much more offensive.
  3. fwiw i'd take Bartlett over Real. that being said, Beau has been terrible offensively and cutting weight probably won't help that.
  4. IRCC, both Mack Lewnes and Mike Poeta were #1's and were pretty much consensus picks to win the title also, bryan snyder his SR year. and JO the year he lost to Stieber in finals. He was returning champ had beaten stieber w/ relative ease during the season.
  5. yeah, sorry. still kinda learning it myself. sorry my pointers were vague
  6. I talked about here: Hancock's non/response and the reason for Thielke and Provisor being out. https://rokfin.com/post/99039/The-First-Word-GR-Turnover--WNO-Reax
  7. in the top right corner there is a widget thingy icon. click that to navigate to brackets. (have to go back to it and click again to go to a different weight)
  8. i have. it takes some learning to navigate but it looks sharp imo.
  9. this has devolved into moron talk who after 5 years still doesn't know how wrestlestat works or how to take it. very excited for the exact same arguments on this board in 3, 6, and 12 months
  10. UWW: https://uww.org/event/world-championships-60?section=results&tab=match/184/u20-fs-125-masoumivalaa-iri-feldmann-usa/ee776a84-199d-11ed-8ca8-06b1e9be04dc Flo: https://www.flowrestling.org/events/7215593-2022-u20-world-championships/videos?playing=7948952&limit=60
  11. Mizzou was asked. Pools just got finalized and will be announced soon.
  12. Mohebbi is much better than you give him credit for and certainly better than pretty much every U20 heavyweight in america. draws are out. 3 IRI-USA in R1
  13. Yeah, Dake (1-1-1-1), Taylor (2-1-2-1) and Ruth (3-1-1-1) are all timers. that being said, when you start considering SR level medals there could be some classes in the late 70's/early 80's that are probably worth looking into.
  14. teams will be split from teams they have on their schedules
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