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  1. my thoughts exactly, jchap
  2. Totally not what happened w/ Cary.
  3. Perhaps you've heard of Kyle Snyder, Helen Maroulis, Pat Downey, Aaron Brooks, Nathan Kraisser..........
  4. thanks Jaroslav - very helpful
  5. if i recall correctly, Big Ten schedules came out super late last year. can only imagine how long it will take with the covid sitch.
  6. lol. ya. sure. idk what you guys are looking for. an essay on how it all works? which will lead to more questions and more explanations. nah, considering you're being a bunch of douchers, i'll pass and just read your posts making suppositions with great surety about what you admit you don't understand. The Board: "I don't understand how it works. Willie's a dick for not explaining it." Willie: "It's not that complicated" The Board: "I'm totally confident this is a scam"
  7. haha. i'll just say this - it's a whole heckuva lot less complicated than some want to make it out to be.
  8. a simple google search of Haiti + Clintons will tell you where this is coming from (idk of the veracity but the Haitians certainly think the Clintons robbed them). likewise - idk if Novo knew where the money was exactly going but he's the head of the board so he should have. i actually had/have an article all written up on it but i wanted to talk to Novo about it first. haven't gotten around to the call but we exchanged texts and he called Tucker's segment 'shoddy journalism'.
  9. the crypto thing is both incredibly overplayed by this board already and also what makes the platform so attractive. in short, you don't know what you're talking about.
  10. was Massa's chest wrap in which he nearly-pinned-himself-but-got-the-call-to-win-the-match good FS technique. LJB needs banned simply for being stupid. post less.
  11. The NLWC wasn't a one-off event though. anyway - hammer - i know what you mean re: consumer. I just meant that - from what I understand - the event owner sets the price that Track charges. what % goes to the event owner (HWC) and to Track, i'm not sure. Another thing to think about, from the event owner's revenue standpoint - is if they get royalties or residuals - i.e. - do they continue to make money off the archives?
  12. I believe that when you stream your event on track you (the owner of the event) set the price point.
  13. This is themat.com/tOSU version of HawkeyeReports' Brody Grothus thread
  14. lol. this is so dumb, it's brilliant.
  15. thanks MC. i find myself a bit outdated these days haha.
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