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  1. cejudo lost multiple times in HS. his HS career wasn't close to suggesting what he would become.
  2. of course i'm not asking you to pay to read the answer if you're already not a member. to each his own.
  3. they put a rule in place a couple years ago to prevent a high school coach from taking an assistant job with a university if their high school prospect also went to that university. but idk if this would apply to the Dean situation and as previously stated, there's always the RTC work around.
  4. word currently circulating is that Ethan Smith will be 174 and Romero 84 57 - Paddy 65 - Kharchla 74 - Ethan Smith 84 - Romero not carved in stone but that's the plan as of now.
  5. correct, gimp. there was a time when your clock started when you enrolled. somewhere around a decade ago they changed it so that it started 1 year after your possible first college semester (not counting religious responsibilities).
  6. I should have clarified - it's "Best HS Wrestlers Who Didn't Have a College Career"
  7. I did a show on this topic recently. https://rokfin.com/stream/4085/Greatest-High-School-Wrestlers-Of-All-Time
  8. Writing up this week's mailbag. I draw from a lot of topics from here, obviously. Tomorrow's intro will be the 'age thing' in college wrestling. any other questions you guys interested in?
  9. thanks for watching the show on MatScouts. i don't watch a ton of FRL but i did watch their Trials recap and actually thought it was pretty good. CP i thought was on point on almost every topic (except maybe the Gable to WWE thing). Ben's defense of J'den i chalked up to the Mizzou connection.
  10. i didn't comment on your thread for a reason, Mr. Outhouse. go ef yourself.
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