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  1. Motive and intent? he's f'ing spot on in what he said. y'all are snowflakin it up. save it for where he's full fledged homerific. this aint it.
  2. Except, ya know, TBar is accurate. iowa could approach the record. I know TBar is a giant PSU fan; but how do you take offense to facts?
  3. good call, nom. I think Iowa has a shot to break record. what is it, 170? i'm gonna say it doesn't happen...which is crazy b/c 1) 12% of colleges aren't participating 2) the allocation system made the field worse 3) cause iowa is crazy good. they got a shot though. i'm not crazy enough to go back and rescore a tourney - but i wonder if one of this decade's highest PSU teams would have done so without the ivies in play. (idk if you could even extrapolate that). but they had five champs. i think Iowa maxes out at 4 champs (and just those 4 as finalists). but iowa will have more AA's than that PSU 5 Champ team.
  4. Also remember that Kerk made the 2018 JR WT by beating Zach Elam but got hurt at Cadet Worlds. Elam went on to win JR Silver.
  5. you don't know the rules. (not many do)
  6. he'll have to get through christian brucki first, mr. john
  7. stop smoking crack cocaine
  8. wait. you had a suite, sold all the tickets on here and then bought another suite and are selling all the tickets on here?
  9. I think the fairest thing to do is plug in the 2020 seniors' seed. not perfect, i know, but closest thing we have. so Cenzo, imo, is among the greats 1-1-2-2
  10. Here's something that no one pointed out yet (i don't think)... and it's completely germane to the conversation and not all the peripheral crap that this has turned into: no one saw Mehki loss coming. now go ahead, you Tech homers, you Jersey homers...go ahead and say you called it. but if you say that you picked Mehki over Marinelli pre tourney you're on acid. So i think that's pertinent to TBar's OP... Is Marinelli susceptible to anyone else. (keep in mind, The Bull is among my favorite people in college wrestling. there's no one at the weight i'd be happier to see on the top of the podium. that being said, i think it's a fair question, and i think it's something TBar was tacitly getting at.)
  11. Angel Garcia had a pretty good year considering the circumstances - TR Frosh / limited preseason b/c covid protocols. (consider he's starting ahead of Worthy and Rietsma). and they have a good (Top 5) incoming HWT in David Szuba.
  12. Rider is SCRAPPY! what did y'all think about the Tropea-Hildebrandt call at the end? i thought it was 2 tropea (no reaction time). fwiw - i wrote up the scenarios for the MAC qualifiers / At Larges here https://rokfin.com/article/3773/Whos-In-NCAA-Qualifiers also - mattox is fighting last time i checked on him.
  13. totally get that. but that version of Joe Smith is still a million times more tricky than your average #32/#33 seed. by definition alone, how many #1's opened with a former AA. (not to mention Joe held a lead in that match iirc.)
  14. Almost everyone here knows the DI landscape really well. I'm not questioning your opinions. and i understand what you're suggesting (that some PSU fans are overplaying how good this iowa team is so that in the event Iowa wins they 'should have' and in the event PSU wins it's an all time over achievement) however.......... i am firmly in the camp that this is Iowa's team title to lose, and i just don't see it happening (barring some type of monumental injuries/illnesses). i mean, for god's sake most of their lineup is projected Top 4.
  15. that's a good response. i'm sure there are some that surpass/come close to Marinelli's draw. but it IS, imo, a thing. there aren't many #1's that open up with a former AA. and by definition there has to be a short list of draws of the course of ncaa history where some #1's had tougher paths than other #1's.
  16. i think that's a fair point. however 1) there are some deep seeds that make a run sometimes 2) if the objective is to get the best 33 kids there.... 3) for those 10% i would say it's more about the opportunity 4) it doesn't absolve the very obvious errors in formula/process. why they didn't subtract the ivies (when it would have been easy to do) is dubious.
  17. This thread is a beaut. how can some of you not differentiate between a bad draw and the numbers next to people's names? In the entire history of the NCAA tournament, there HAS to be a "Worst Draw For A #1 Seed". Marinelli's is in that conversation. It's simply not debatable. (and before you rant...no one is saying that Marinelli (or any #1) shouldn't win or be favored in every match when they are a #1. what we are saying is that their string of matches offers a higher level of competition in comparison to most #1 seeds). i can't for the life of me understand why this is a difficult concept.
  18. if you say 'bbs' one more time i'm getting you banned. grow up
  19. its a very difficult concept to grasp, TBar. lmao
  20. lol. except for the fact that none of the wiscy - iowa bouts will count as forfeits
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