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  1. Great topic!

    I really like Lachlan McNeil. 

    at Tech, with Andonian moving up, i'm told Henson at 149 out of the gate is in play. 

    I wouldn't be surprised if one of Cardenas or Garvin goes right away for Stanford at 157.

    Ali Herrera at 165 at Oklahoma.

    Luka Wick - Cal Poly.

    But i'll tell ya who my most interesting guy is - Silas Allred at 197 for Nebraska. He's really tough. pinned Bastida this year. kinda caught him, and bastida gassed. but Allred is (to me) still really interesting

  2. 1 hour ago, Plasmodium said:

    Downward spiral to what?  To trophy team. They may well be the third best team.  They are well short of champion, which is their standard.

    you said 'downward spiral' in previous post.

    3rd, when your standard is 1st, isnt a downward spiral to me.

    but to be clear, i'm not just talking about your comment. there is a oft repeated narrative that OKST has gone belly up, which i just don't see as the case. 

  3. 30 minutes ago, steamboat_charlie v2 said:

    Of course.  Berge as well.  It would have been a little strange if Cael just showed up in Hungary on his own and volunteered his services.  

    It's still the only time I've seen Cael travel internationally for an age-level event, and the timing was.... interesting.  To say the least.  

    sorry to mess up a great conspiracy, but Cael has been on several non-senior trips. 

  4. 26 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    Again, why do you keep wanting to compare it to the current tournament?  Most of us are suggesting to have it in addition to the current tournament, changing nothing about the current tournament except for removing the team score.  That would barely reduce the “fanfare” if at all.

    And National Duals never decided the official team champion.  

    i asked this earlier in the thread but...

    so you think a national duals format w/ a ncaa title slapped to it would make it wildly popular?

    second point (and maybe this is why i appear to be a prick and dismiss some things)

    A duals tournament for the NCAA title and an individual tournament a week or two later

    is never ever ever gonna happen.

    nor should it.

    don't suggest it. don't use it as an assumption or a starting point.

    it 100% is not going to happen.

    i'm not saying that because i don't want it to. i'm saying b/c it's not feasible (for a myriad of reasons).

    so i think anyone here proposing to have both needs to start with the 'when' question.

    i assume that you know my stance - i'm all for national duals at the right time. 

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