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  1. iranians can be wrong, too. listen, i'll shut up about it. believe what you want. but Reza was "Yazdani The Greatest" before Charati, and that's a fact. i don't care who's Iranian or not lol. i don't care if it's Charati's dad. i mean we talked about it on FRL all the time.
  2. i'm well aware of the 'Leopard' nickname. but when you say 'to a degree' - that's not exactly accurate. i was in plenty of buildings where Reza was wrestling and the Iranians were calling chanting Yazdani the Greatest. idk if it's a cultural thing (to pass along nicknames) but it 100% started w/ Reza. (edit to say - i don't recall a nickname in America ever being passed along. instead, americans just overuse the term GOAT)
  3. i don't know how to post pics on here, but i had a Yazdani the Greatest tshirt made like 5 years ago, maybe more b/c they called Reza that. perhaps some of you seen it on FRL.
  4. i feel like it's a real rivalry despite 3-0. Yaz was up pretty big the first match and in the last match it took a very late TD.
  5. i would imagine one (dollamur) is for stand up and resilite for on the ground. those two guys listed are the ones i saw. the front facade also has a big ATT logo on it now.
  6. sure. perhaps they do call him that. (idk - has anyone actually heard iranian fans call him that?) but i promise you it started w/ Reza
  7. that's not true. Yazdani The Greatest was started for Reza back when Charati was like a Cadet. i have a tshirt of it.
  8. I was there last week when David Taylor came home. that pic is a little dated. the facility is fully built and there were people working out in there. big dudes. looked like international guys.
  9. It is not. i keep seeing and hearing this but 'Yazdani The Greatest' was started as a saying for Reza Yazdani, not Yazdani Charati.
  10. Amos was in OLY Trials finals this year
  11. what studs did they have? when did they ever have a good recruiting class?
  12. who the hell said that? it's JRS. what does OLY weight have to do with anything?
  13. i'm a huge Rocky Elam fan, but... are you nuts? they aren't even the same weight. why didn't you ask if Amos could go with Snyder?
  14. Husker_Du


    What a dip. To practice at an RTC you have to have a USAW card which comes with insurance. To have an RTC club you have to have a USAW card which comes with insurance. working in the private sector has turned your brain to mush.
  15. Husker_Du


    1. I didn't say i was closer to the program than you 2. Jaydin said it with his own mouth ya dummy.
  16. Husker_Du


    no. not full stop. that's false. Jaydin specifically mentioned the RTC (or lack thereof at MIZZ)
  17. yeah - his first two opponents combined to go 0-3 at Euros. that being said, he's getting worked here in quarters.
  18. not that bad. he only has to go thru one of them and that isn't until semis. basically an easy path to a medal bout. https://rokfin.com/article/5435/JR-World-Preview--Day-2
  19. it's not CP's fault. He's not the head of product. I know CP pretty dang well and i'm sure he's been advocating for a different layout. That being said - the proof is in the pudding. If the numbers are up then there isn't the problem with the layout some think there is. If the numbers are down i'd expect you'd get your wish at some point and they would make changes.
  20. his finishes were notably better/different. and i wouldn't vehemently disagree that uzb mailed it in. (thomas was just relentless and better) though you're right, it was just one event so maybe something to monitor going forward.
  21. his finishes we cleaner. and when stopped on shots, his finished better (more often). at least that's what i saw. thomas has never really had a problem getting in on legs, but being able to finish at higher percentage is a game changer for him. that's my .02 (and that's in no way shape or form a knock on T&T. )
  22. you can't point to Shakur as evidence and then discount Macintosh, who scored a ton more career pts.
  23. Score has a point - even when predicting guys to certain schools i often consider Cael's preference for a certain build. however, Score, you're wrong that they are the only kids that flourish. idk that you can put zain in that category. roman and starocci aren't exactly 'long'. nico was no mcdonogh. matt brown doesn't fit. morgan doesn't fit. nick lee isn't built any differently than anyone else at the weight and frankly doesn't wrestle the same ruth/taylor/nolf/cael style. cenzo and mark aren't built any differently. hell Mark and Nico are both pigeon toed. jury is out on Howard, Bartlett and Van Ness but none are long and lanky. when i think of the quintessential Cael preference i think of DT, Nolf, Quentin, Ed (perhaps Kerkvliet).
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