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  1. Iowa will get their second in 2022. you can't count both 2020 and 2022 b/c if 2020 happened the guys (lee/ads/eierman/bull/kem) wouldn't have gotten an extra year. in short - it's all gonna even itself out.
  2. read post wrong. i don't know of any World/OLY medalist not winning NCAA title afterward.
  3. you're just the messenger. not blaming you. i'm sure that's true in some cases and i don't get it.
  4. This is a horrible mentality. You can be the best in the world one weekend. and not another a few months later. what's with the fragility?
  5. that's Crash's schtick. he's been hating on Zain since he lost at olympic qualifier. it's both cute and pathetic.
  6. you can mess around w/ terminology (best/dominant/etc) but these are PSU's Team Placement 2021 - 2 2019 - 1 2018 - 1 2017 - 1 2017 - 1 2016 - 6 2015 - 1 2014 - 1 2013 - 1 2012 - 1
  7. It's difficult to pull off under the circumstances. i haven't watched b/c i'm zoned in to the live broadcast. but at least it's something for those who like it. another option.
  8. i hope that everyone that medaled goes, but also understand if they need a break. plus they might be incentivized A) by their recent performance B) that the field might be devoid of some other olympians and C) more money for winning a World medal.
  9. lol - idk if you're sincere or poking me but... i've heard from people on the ground that there was some shady stuff going on with Armenia and RUS reps prior to the Aleksanyan vs Evloev final. but idk. the match unraveled after the leg foul + aleksanyan was visibly hurt in semi's + he had some quotes saying, essentially, that the russians influenced the refs. of course that could all be part of the play. who knows.
  10. it wasn't thrown. you could see the meltdown coming. and if the ref awards the lace/gut (i forget which it was) (and he very well could have) the match is over. i'm all in on there being shenanigans, but this wasn't it.
  11. lmfao. MizzouGrad you should have to just delete your account you moron
  12. not sure but of note, Geno was World JR Champ and World SR Bronze in same year (couple months apart)
  13. who? who was plagued w/ injuries? Boo? who else?
  14. what former cowboys don't respect John? what athletes needed multiple surgeries?
  15. And Rulon is hoarding all the food. ;)
  16. haha. we're 30 minutes away from semi's! im now in the routine where i wake up a 9pm ish and watch the day's wrestling. and yes - good lebanese food in the valley.
  17. The emergence of the Belarussian muddies the waters a bit in an attempt to measure these brackets. i agree. that being said, you can't say that he is THIS DUDE while also saying Charati 'wasn't what he is now'. Charati was a World Silver already and won that bracket.
  18. i'd have to dig in to best olympic bracket ever, but for this year i wouldn't say it's 74. it quite literally has one OLY medal in it (Chamizo, Bronze, at lower weight) 74 in Rio was better than 74 in Tokyo with JB and Charati and then Hasanov and Demirtas. that being said - i think it's fair to say that 65/74 are always so much deeper that it's more difficult to medal consistently. i would say 65 is the deepest this year. 97 is most credentialed.
  19. 84 is not a weight class if you're saying 86 is 'watered down', you're on crack
  20. everyone would. but that has nothing to do with it.
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