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  1. Scarlet Knight is correct
  2. any one that is interested in a start covering wrestling who first asks 'how much will i be paid' is not really interested
  3. Bravo to the mod here that banned him. he made the board worse.
  4. it was actually two weeks ago. just looked it up. https://rokfin.com/stream/19894/TFW-NEW-NCAA-BYLAWS 9:30
  5. 1) they can correct us all they want. people are gonna say 'Cal Baptist' 2) if you listened to my show 2 months ago, i told you Moore was the guy 3) if you listened to the show last week i told you Deakin was in, Cenzo out
  6. I read one of the leatherstocking books (in the Last of the Mohican series) and the author (name escapes me atm) referred to Pittsburgh Pa as 'the west'
  7. not if you include five
  8. not if you include five
  9. Imar is not the one referenced. i talked about this several times on my show. Cenzo is leaving stanford. going to ASU. almost a done deal but not quite. not sure what the hold up is. they've been working on it for nearly a month.
  10. sometimes the worst posters were the best/most entertaining. Exhibit 1: LIMarty also a lot of the best poster left after the NWT Massacre at Wounded Knee
  11. NJDan is the dumbest, least informed poster on this board. not only does he lack the knowledge of the landscape of DI wrestling, his value judgement and opinions are flat out the dumbest sh3t i've ever heard on here. idk if someone could be banned for being all time stupid, but he makes this place worse and less credible.
  12. ***don't say mean things don't say mean things don't say mean things don't say mean things***
  13. you have no idea what you're talking about. MSU158 is spot on.
  14. if you have problems converting time zones you have bigger problems than missing wrestling
  15. I'd be shocked if Glory didn't move up to 133 fwiw
  16. Allred competed well in the room w/ Schultz.
  17. On the coaching front, i can't imagine a world where they allow 10 coaches from one school at ncaa's. i'd imagine the wrestling committee agrees on some cap for coaches at actual competitions
  18. Great topic! I really like Lachlan McNeil. at Tech, with Andonian moving up, i'm told Henson at 149 out of the gate is in play. I wouldn't be surprised if one of Cardenas or Garvin goes right away for Stanford at 157. Ali Herrera at 165 at Oklahoma. Luka Wick - Cal Poly. But i'll tell ya who my most interesting guy is - Silas Allred at 197 for Nebraska. He's really tough. pinned Bastida this year. kinda caught him, and bastida gassed. but Allred is (to me) still really interesting
  19. you said 'downward spiral' in previous post. 3rd, when your standard is 1st, isnt a downward spiral to me. but to be clear, i'm not just talking about your comment. there is a oft repeated narrative that OKST has gone belly up, which i just don't see as the case.
  20. you said 'downward spiral' eyeroll
  21. the state of Oklahoma is loaded with talent the next couple years. also, the 'OKST is struggling' is way overboard imo. they were 3rd last year, in the same position this year but lost multiple aa's to injury.
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