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  1. Yes, i did. what was proposed in this thread is replacing the current ncaa tournament. which is 1) stupid and 2) will never happen
  2. any one of you geniuses want to tell me what a nationals of duals to end the season looks like? how many teams get in?
  3. It's not just familiar and convenient; it's more sensical, more attractive (regardless what anyone, on any message board says), and more insulated from fluke stuff.
  4. Didn't see Vak whine last year when Iowa clinched before Day 2 ended lol
  5. i should just write an article on why: 1) duals as an arbiter is a farce 2) why the national duals format (the previous incarnation) was stupid and untenable and 3) Cael didn't kill the national duals and have the mods pin the link. that way you crybabies and revisionists wouldn't have to whine and post lies every year.
  6. This is the worst and most factually incorrect statement repeated in wrestling
  7. i tried for years to get CP to believe that aliens exist. he'll come around at some point.
  8. except that Schultz was the 3 seed. except that Beard also beat Caffey. except that Kizhan was 0-2 at at ACC's and the 15 seed and made finals. you can't take 1 match from the season and say 'Beard definitely wouldn't have AA'd'
  9. shot one today w/ Justin Basch. will be up shortly
  10. Also Matt Brown wasn't exactly all world in hs
  11. no one mentioned Shak, so....Shak
  12. really good comp imo. both talent and grit, among other things.
  13. no rumblings here in the arena.
  14. if ya feel like it, could you run Nebraska's? 141: 19 149: 10 157: 10 165: 27 174: 9 184: 10 197: 3 285: 12
  15. thanks. Rudis has an awesome doc about the two of them. there's something in there about flipping weights. maybe it was monday and someone else or maybe it was when they hit senior level. only watched it once. but man...it might be the best wrestling doc i ever saw.
  16. didn't Sheets and Monday flip flop weights?
  17. there's absolutely zero reason to worry about lewan getting an allocation
  18. omg the math in this thread. i'm effin dead.
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