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  1. my final Big Board order 1 Paddy Gallagher St. Edward OH 2 Alex Facundo Davison MI 3 Richie Figueroa Selma CA 4 Drake Ayala Fort Dodge IA 5 Shayne Van Ness Blair NJ 6 Dean Hamiti Joliet Cath. IL 7 Lenny Pinto Stroudsburg PA 8 Chance Lamer Crescent Valley OR 9 Alejandro Herrera Seneca Valley PA 10 Dean Peterson Vianney NJ 11 Carter Young Stillwater OK
  2. that's fine. (although i don't necessarily agree) i'm just saying that the Marsh match had some circumstances to it.
  3. you miss this post? " i was 5 feet from the mat when he got that concussion a couple weeks ago. it was a bad collision. " that was the week before the Marsh match.
  4. i was 5 feet from the mat when he got that concussion a couple weeks ago. it was a bad collision. julian is a great kid and i hope he gets back to form. i've projected hamiti high all year (and higher than julian) but i dont think it would be a huge surprise if Julian won this matchup
  5. the injury didn't look/sound good. they are certainly worried about it.
  6. Suriano regressed based on what?
  7. why would Nick Lee be sub 50%? why would he be less than Starocci? I'll go with 3 #1 seeds though 4 looks clearly feasible. Dean would have to win three bouts against guys that seem about even with him
  8. did the broadcast start for y'all yet?
  9. Dual meet rankings are nearly impossible (to get anything close to a consensus on). first weekend of the year was a clear example of that where OR State, Campbell, and Lehigh all split. look up last weekend's tri w/ Clarion, Mason, and SIUE. how the hell is anyone supposed to make sense of that?
  10. precisely, Lurker. hammerlock is an idiot as always. if you don't know the dangers of this technique, or you haven't seen it, stfu.
  11. Seriously. what are you guys watching? Vito was completely off the ground. That's going to be called every single time. find a different way to mat return.
  12. someone can correct me if i'm off here but I'm not even sure Yarygin is technically a UWW tournament. to be one, you have to meet certain conditions and (i think) pay some sort of fee. part of the reason i think this is 1) you know how russians are and 2) yarygin isn't listed and covered on uww's site the way most UWW sanctioned/affiliated tournaments are.
  13. Ryan was actually significantly more successful in HS (than Kevin). Kevin was very good (a contender to place in most events. Ryan was a title candidate at those same events.)
  14. when i read the title of this thread i thought you were going to say that there are actually classes available to learn how to act like an iowa wrestling fan.
  15. i know of no significant injuries. if there are, that's a different story. i even said that in a previous post. but yet you've moved on to my motives, morals, and business. got it.
  16. what does your cousin have to do with anything? according to reports, no one was injured. if there were it would be a different conversation.
  17. talked about it on the show today. the cliff notes is basically this: there was a preseason agreement among the ACC schools/coaches that if covid was a problem there would be no rescheduling; you're wrestle with what ya had.
  18. agree MSU. stupid? bold? careless? yeah. none of us did stupid **** when we were young? our children haven't/don't? and coming from Bronco - the brain dead fan who wanted a full scale congressional hearing on Stanford not putting out enough preseason press releases. whack jobs.
  19. what is missing from your lives that you want a person to suffer criminally / scholastically / athletically for making a bad decision? whether or not AJ faces any repercussions has zero affect on me or anyone else. and yet i think rational, self aware people would hope he learned from this and makes better decisions next time. not some of you though. some of you literally request the worst possible outcome for a person that, by all reports, caused nothing more than damage to material things.
  20. yeah, i get what you're saying now. maybe b/c of the close wins (foca/massa) ?
  21. they are 1-1 against each other. i don't think it's surprising some are picking Kem.
  22. i like the sound of that! (though i would never buy flo. there isn't anything really to buy.)
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