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  1. 11 hours ago, flyingcement said:

    Penn State 1 Seeds:

    125: 0%

    133: 99%

    141: 45%

    149: 1%

    157: 0%

    165: 0%

    174: 65%

    184: 90%

    197: 33%

    285: 0%


    That totals at 3.3 total

    why would Nick Lee be sub 50%?

    why would he be less than Starocci? 

    I'll go with 3 #1 seeds though 4 looks clearly feasible. 

    Dean would have to win three bouts against guys that seem about even with him

  2. Dual meet rankings are nearly impossible (to get anything close to a consensus on). 

    first weekend of the year was a clear example of that where OR State, Campbell, and Lehigh all split.

    look up last weekend's tri w/ Clarion, Mason, and SIUE. how the hell is anyone supposed to make sense of that? 


  3. someone can correct me if i'm off here but I'm not even sure Yarygin is technically a UWW tournament. to be one, you have to meet certain conditions and (i think) pay some sort of fee.

    part of the reason i think this is 1) you know how russians are and 2) yarygin isn't listed and covered on uww's site the way most UWW sanctioned/affiliated tournaments are. 

  4. Ryan was actually significantly more successful in HS (than Kevin). Kevin was very good (a contender to place in most events. Ryan was a title candidate at those same events.)

  5. 1 hour ago, Mr. Poopy butthole said:

    To clarify, I don't think the Kem pick is bad. It's surprising to me to see so many others picking him (at least in this thread) since the vibe pre-and-early season was that Star would never lose to Kem again because he was younger and had a higher ceiling. At the time I argued against that stance because it's not like Star was some raw talent, he's been wrestling at a really high level since he was a true freshman. 

    Anyways, I think Star is a slight favorite, mostly on account of Kem's injury but I'm voting with my heart and picking Kem to win 

    yeah, i get what you're saying now. maybe b/c of the close wins (foca/massa) ? 

  6. 10 minutes ago, MizzouGrad said:

    We were off all month until this past Thursday at Oklahoma. The team got home early Friday morning. 

    Smith clearly was trying to rest some starters because the lineup that wrestled Thursday was competing on a short turnaround. We tried to wrestle 5 backups today. That’s not a fluke. Clearly something is off with the conditioning of the team. 

    it's hard after a lay off.

    nebraska looked bad vs. purdue and iowa flat against Minn. it happens. 

  7. 1 hour ago, portajohn said:

    I'm sure in the near future @Husker_Du will shed some light on this.  Unfortunately only thing I've seen at this point is from Mineo claiming the team has 8 wrestlers w/covid, they tried to rescheduled and were told no.  But we have to consider the source. 

    there are two sides to the story. i'm not getting into it on twitter. i'll talk about it next week on the show.

  8. 4 hours ago, VakAttack said:

    The only things that make sense are Desanto being injured OR Brands sincerely believes that NCAAs might be canceled.

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    neither matters. niether makes one bit of sense.

  9. 1 hour ago, flyingcement said:

    Oddly enough, if Washington doesn't score that first Takedown, i bet the final score would have been closer.  Brooks flipped a switch in his brain and activated killer mode after that.

    interesting. go watch the starocci match vs asu. he did the same kinda thing starting late 2nd/early 3rd.

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