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  1. flo has almost everything you'd want to watch on the international styles side of things and enough folk to make it well worth it. i don't consume hardly anything on flo that isn't a live event but there are other sites with good editorial things that you basically have to have to fulfill your appetite for all live things.
  2. neither matters. niether makes one bit of sense.
  3. i think you're up to no good here, uncle!
  4. Kaleb Romero is still in play also btw
  5. No one did a LMS contest this year, did they? for shame!
  6. Matthews lost last week to CJ Composto.
  7. interesting. go watch the starocci match vs asu. he did the same kinda thing starting late 2nd/early 3rd.
  8. I believe (but am not sure) that you can go as low as your certed weight (not weight class). as in, Wrestler A could have a lowest allowable weight of 140.2 and so would be legal/allowable to make 141
  9. I keep forgetting to tweet that one lol.
  10. They don't make 'em better than Pat Santoro. great human being. Lehigh has had a rough stretch and some misfortune the past few years but they know how to coach em.
  11. tbh i didn't watch the whole thing. i guess my point is - some people can be very sharp (which both martin and joe are) and still produce some takes that you think are crazy/stupid. that's all i meant. martin's success certainly cannot be chalked up simply to 'luck' as someone suggested above.
  12. lol. yes, it is dramatic. but so is making the leap from a covid disagreement to: 'he's an idiot who keeps getting lucky'. especially when you never met the guy. btw - the other guy in the vid is Joe Velliquette. 3xer in Missouri (iirc he beat Ke-Shawn in the finals for one of those). UPenn engineering grad. model american.
  13. Humphreys is from West Virginia. Ed Scott is from PA and #11 on WS
  14. Know what you guys should do - find people that you disagree with and then rip their whole life apart. very fun exercise.
  15. no. no it's not. it's coaches' fragility in the world's toughest sport.
  16. nhs - no objection from me other than to say there would be much less need for speculation (and mineos often 'wrongness') if coaches were forthright. Lurker - they cannot. A staff member of mine tweeted info from an official SID press release yesterday and a DI coach took issue with it b/c it came out before he could tell his team.
  17. tbh i find some truth in it. a decent amount, actually. the fact of the matter is that college coaches and organizations in power in this sport hold it back - including but not limited to - the coverage of it.
  18. yes. for longer than i wanted to, honestly. the gist is - he flipped out for not checking in on him often enough when we burnt our eyes. said i'm a bad friend. on twitter he has pivoted to being upset that it took too long for me to reimburse his expenses. it's hogwash. and i'm not getting into it with him on twitter. just thankful it's over.
  19. Mckee has beaten him twice now this year. and that doesn't guarantee anything .
  20. good thinking to look that up. what a road. i love it. and it's gonna make him prepared for March. imagine that....wrestling to help you get better prepared.
  21. I admit - it was a bad look. i should have just stfu and not responded on twitter.
  22. you look dumb. every time you post.
  23. oh dear, NJ Dan. oh dear.
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