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  1. i think people are sleeping on how good Conaway was coming out. he wasn't a 4xer and a household name like gulibon, but he was very very good. won his Dapper Dan match against Evan Silver.


    sure the PSU room helped him get to the level he is. but he's always been tough.

  2. It's a deal. Are we talking the Scuffle or the Dual?


    idk if alton will be back for scuffle. i don't know if he'll be up to speed. and it's not defined that they'll hit.


    lets do the dual match up.


    but before we shake, i want to know what the sig is.


    for you, i'll go


    "i'm from lincoln and i love the huskers"



    Not much of a sig as I am from Lincoln and do love Husker wrestling. So I'll have to tame down my original sig for you which you never would have accepted anyway and just go with "I will no longer allow my east coast upbringing to influence my wrestling judgement."



    so you're asking me to lie ;)

  3. Last night was typical early season Ness. If you watched him at Nationals you would have noticed he did very few risky things and finished with another AA honor. He's both frustrating and fun to watch. And when the money's on the line I'd, bet on him.


    he did? he went for the mixer on multiple occasions.


    he was in real trouble against paul young and used some junk and funk to get out of a lot of hairy situations.


    i haven't seen the match, but i've heard that he was in danger of losing last night against tommy churchard.

  4. From the Rules Page:




    1. You pick Grajales and Tsirtsis as your 1&2. Another player picks Tsirtsis and Grajales, in that order. You are both in the game.

    2. Grajales continues to win, but Tsirtsis loses in December. Another picker has Grajales and Andrew Alton and both are still alive. You are finished.

    3. Grajales loses in December and Tsirtsis continues to win. You are done if there are any 1st choices still alive."



    if your #1 lost, you're out. the second choice is for tie-breaker only.


    if that's not the case, i'm lost. which is sad, because i've been in this for contest for years :?

  5. piggy, the point was that "Ed Ruth Suspended Indefinitely" was a 'sensational' headline.


    it most certainly was not.


    Cael said that ruth would be out of the line-up this weekend and 'after that we don't know. we'll figure things out going forward.'


    that's the definition of 'indefinitely'


    what would you have preferred the headline to read?


    "Ed Ruth Suspended for a Little While" ?

  6. IMO, the major issue is the #1 ranked wrestler does not have to go through the gauntlet of a qualification tournament like some of the other wrestlers. Let's have a true national tournament where anyone in the USA may weigh-in and wrestle but it's fair for everyone. Seed the top 8 or 12 wrestlers based on past accomplishments and wrestle the tournament over two day's. We now have the number 1 ranked guy waiting to see who he will wrestle when he should have to wrestle just the same as everyone else. Iron sharpens iron every time!!!!


    i don't agree with this. the wrestlers that sit in the finals do so because they won a prior event (the US Open).


    you want the advantage of sitting in the finals of the WTT's? win the open.

  7. i realize there's marketing and posturing going on on both sides but...


    instead of saying Askren is one-dimensional to suggest why they didn't want to re-sign him, when their real motive is that they want to see the Bellator Champ do well in the UFC,


    why didn't they just say, "We want to see the Bellator Champ do well in the UFC, so we'll let him go there."


    i mean, wouldn't the Belltor brand be better for it if their long-time champ was an impact player in the UFC?


    maybe i'm missing something.

  8. Turning 20 before in your first semester of your FR year is not normal.


    however, Bo is as good as he is not because he's a year older, but because he's that good.


    how can one make the leap that his success is because of his age when he's beating upper classmen now?


    i mean, hell, why, instead of wrestling the match, don't they just raise the hand of the older wrestler?


    i can't believe this topic still comes up as often as it does.

  9. Dake definitely wrestled beyond the regular season, come on. That is not an accurate comparison at all. He was a NHSCA national champ and on the Junior World team.


    i should clarify...


    Dake certainly wrestled a much more robust schedule.


    the point i was trying to make is the difference between objective rankings (wt class rankings) and subjective rankings (recruiting rankings)

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