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  1. "I don't knock him because he doesn't wrestle the freestyle circuit, I knock him because he didn't wrestle anything ever besides the high school season. There are plenty of opportunities to wrestle big time folk style tournaments while in high school of which some of Bo's teammates attend like Super 32, Grappler Fall Classic, Intermat classic, NHSCA Nationals, etc. His lack of wrestling anything outside of basically Ironman as far as elite tournaments go means the wrestling world still wasn't or isn't sure just how good this kid is because we haven't seen him wrestle enough elite guys and in enough elite tournaments to get a good gauge."




    This had effected his national ranking during the high school seasons. Rankers pretty much had little choice.


    Yet, consider who he has around him, in-season and off-season. Pretty knowledgeable guys. Perhaps allowing rankers (and average fans) to gauge how good he is was not a priority.



    pretty much nailed it steve. bo just didn't wrestle that many highly ranked kids. in fact, i don't remember a kid ranked that high that hit less ranked kids over the course of a hs career.


    where you it the nail on the head is that the jordan's just don't care. they have their system, and it works well (to put it mildly) for them.


    where i think you're off just a tad is when you say 'to gauge how good he is'


    like i said, i think everyone who watched him closely and often knew how good he was, but his limited schedule kept him from being ranked above chance by almost every ranker (and specifically the one's that use an objective process).


    where subjectivity does come in to play, in recruiting class rankings, Bo was ranked #1 in the class of '13 by both flo and intermat.


    similar type thing happened back in the day with Dake. i don't quite remember the specifics, but he wasn't #1 at his weight, but I had him as the #1 141lb prospect in the class. (back then i did it by weight).

  2. dutch...


    appreciate your passion. but pretty much every point you made in your blog is based on false pretenses. both your 'facts' and assumptions are way off base.



    It would be a lot more helpful if you told us what was false about his points.


    well, for one, we went through the missouri state athletic board to make sure Pixley was ok to compete. he's all set.


    as for the nature of any agreement between Flo and NWCA, that's not really for public consumption. But the assumptions made in that blog were off base.


    for instance, this gem: "I have heard nothing about the NWCA event being streamed by FloWrestling which just makes it clear they have turned their back on the event. "


    really? because a (self-admitted) novice wrestling fan hasn't heard anything about it, then we turned our back on the event?


    yeah. 'clearly'

  3. socko, i think the solution is that ref's call stalling on top the way the rule book indicates.


    if they did, there wouldn't be a problem.


    top guy is the 'offensive' position. he should be looking to turn.


    but refs allow guys on top to just ride because they know they are trying to get RT. hs kids are repeatedly hit for stalling on top. but college kids aren't. and they're doing the exact same thing. that RT exists in college should not be an excuse to not work.


    top guy should be working for a turn or get hit with stalling liberally.


    in the end, refs don't call it, and the result is incredibly boring mat wrestling.


    if i (and a lot of other passionate wrestling fans who know the nuances and skills of riding) don't find the action compelling, imagine what it looks like to casual fans.


    putting the wrestlers back on their feet after periods of inactivity is definitely one instance where FS > Folk

  4. i find riding for the sake of riding time incredibly boring.


    i appreciate top skills that are used for turning, but i'd rather watch paint dry than watch someone just for RT.


    personally i wish stalling was called ALOT more often in college. better yet, stand em back up.

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