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  1. hey guys,


    i started doing a new show on FLO. the concept was to be like sports radio. no idea how it what people will think of it, lol.


    anyway, one segment i thought i'd regularly have is a 'what the message boards are talking about' type thing.


    which got me thinking...


    what were the most heated debates you've ever seen on here?


    Metcalf - Schlatter


    Welch - Winston


    Iowa's 'Double Class'


    what else was a big hitter?

  2. COngrats to the Happy Valley Faithful, but I don't know that this is super startling. Didn't Cael go get Morgan McIntosh from California? He clearly has inroads built out there. That said, seems like a really talented pick up for Penn State in an area of need. Jimmy Lawson is probably a little caught off guard, though!


    Go on....


    I doubt that is surprises Lawson at all. He only had 3 years of wrestling eligibility when he entered PSU, and would have used up 2 of them by the time Nevills arrives at PSU. Plus, PSU had already gotten a verbal from Haines for the same recruiting class, and he was slated to wrestle 285 in college, so Lawson knew competition was on its way. It was anticipated by PSU fans that Haines would redshirt, and then take over for Lawson as a redshirt freshmen.


    I haven't spoken to Willie about the "wow," but my guess on it would be a combination of getting such a highly ranked wrestler, getting one at a weight class where it was thought PSU had already addressed its future needs, and getting a recruit that seemed ticketed to a B1G competitor.


    exactly Tom

  3. yes. Haines verballed long ago.


    it's funny how the penn state boards are posting over my use of the term 'wow' in my tweet when i first found out. some of them say it warrants a wow. others say it doesn't.


    i certainly think it's a 'wow'.


    he's a top 5ish talent, the most decorated hwt in CALI prep history, and i don't think any one saw him heading to Happy Valley.


    he text me that he committed and i was sure that the next two words from him were going to be 'Ohio State'.


    idk. it was a wow moment for me lol

  4. NJWC...it's understandable if you don't think DT will ever be 'the guy'. i just think justifying that point by listing college credentials isn't a good parallel. jamil wasn't ever an aa.


    Dake - he looked HUGE. that includes his legs which looked soo freakin powerful. is it conceivable that he moves up to 84? what would he have to get to? 200lbs? 195?

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