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  1. im not fluent in tech jargon, but...


    we did upgrade to a better video player. and while there was initial tweaks to be made on our end and the upload process (because it's in HD or some such thing)


    but all has been square for a while now. and i've heard of no problems from the users end.


    vids play fine for everyone else i've talked to.

  2. that's sort of the question about Haines: the competition he's faced.


    while he hasn't hit a ton of big 'names', he's beaten everyone outside of Kyle Snyder.


    as a freshman, he won a state bracket filled with returning placers. in quarters he beat Matt Idelson (now at columbia) 13-3. Idelson was a Beast of the East Champ n 2009, and in the Beast finals in 2010 (three months before Haines beat him) Snyder beat Idelson 3-0.


    Haines also beat Oregon 4xer, Brandon Griffin (now at Lehigh) at NHSCA Duals. i think he had a couple other good wins there as well.


    so while he hasn't had a large volume of premier bouts, he has beaten some good ones.


    what's really not in question is his athleticism. imo, he has the highest of ceilings in the right college room, and penn state isn't too shabby.


    i'm really looking forward to 2016 when psu runs out 184-McIntosh 197-Snyder HWT-Haines ;)

  3. longshot, im sure you'll hear from them this week.


    there were a lot of people that didn't click on an option (yearly or monthly) and the default is set to yearly.


    in which case, those people who emailed will get the refund some time this week.


    ps - there is and never was a $120 yearly option.



    Willie has also posted falsehoods over on Flo, only to remove them days later without any sort of acknowledgement. Specific example: Ben Whitford was not firm in his Michigan commitment over the summer and looking around/talking to Central Michigan. So, I wouldn't go suggesting that Lowe is alone there.




    that's not what the story said. and it wasn't posted as news. that story was posted in the Rumor Mill column. big difference. and there is/was truth to the story. i didn't have to take it down, but someone requested that i did and i obliged.

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