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  1. i fully understand why you guys are discussing what you're discussing. but in the grand scheme of things, does it matter how close one is to making the oly/world team right now? i mean let's forget about the individual. let's just say that Wrestler X's goal is to make world teams and compete internationally in the future, and that he really preferred free to folk, does it matter how good Wrestler X is? the kid is doing what he wants to do. not saying my answer is the right one. just posing the question. the way you guys are debating, it's like one group will look back in 4-8 years and say 'i told you so'. either Destin has success or he doesn't. but isn't the real issue whether one should pursue their goals? i applaud Destin for making the decision he has. it's not the popular decision, and he knew that. and he didn't look at the OLY ladder and say he can't beat those guys. whether he does or not in the future is academic to me. just my pov.
  2. he just made the JR World Team and is like 18/19 years old. know what you're talking about before being so critical and judgmental. now...back to trackwrestling practice!
  3. i disagree bob. of course im a diehard PSU football fan. but PSU very well could have had far more than the 3 titles they do. they had something like 3 or 4 undefeated (and untied) teams that didn't even get a share of a title. and though there are a milion scenarios like the recent years psu was on the verge of entering bowl season undefeated like...the year penn state (with LaVar Arrington) lost in the last minute to someone (MSU, maybe), the year the refs completely hosed an undefeated PSU team in the big house, the undefeated team that lost a goofy game with their backup qb at Kinnick, etc, etc. and all these were in the last decade or so. point is, they may not have been world beaters, but there were several times when they were on the verge of a title game. anyway, i know i just went of topic, but, well, ya know, i like penn state
  4. when i read the title of the thread, i knew where you were going with this JT. and the first thing that popped in my head was 1) AppSt. is seriously on the up-and-up. they had a fantastic recruiting class. they nabbed some great kids that other colleges either overlooked, undervalued, or identified late. with the performances and peaking of blevins and trotman, you gotta think that they have the coaching. now they have taletn, too. 2) Clarion. that was the answer to what i assumed you were getting at. i was happy to see Stovie elucidate.
  5. VT is David Hoffman. which leaves a position open at Bucknell. Henson to Mizzou is probably the worst kept secret. i assume Borshoff is the replacement for Beasley, unless you meant another Asst. ive heard chatter on the Davidson and Campbell positions, but nothing definitive. also heard Tyler Nauman to Drexel. not sure how solid that is though.
  6. i posted that PSU would be a player in the Bo sweepstakes long ago. but it was generally dismissed. i have no idea how close they were to getting him, but it sounds like they were in fact in the mix.
  7. i think this is just gamesmanship between good buddies. (the other day they were going at it on twitter with Step Brother quotes) i could be totally wrong, but i'll believe it when i see it.
  8. J. CARL Guymon he announced the Live feed from the OKST - tO$U final and did a fine job of it edit* whoopsie. didn't see you post J. good work on the live feed.
  9. isn't ethan going on a two-year mission after this season?
  10. i wouldn't say it's a 'loose ship' at all. certainly not as loose as the fritz era, and undoubtedly tighter than the sunderland reign. you and i have no idea what any of the team rules are or how or what cael says to his athletes. if kids do stupid things and get in trouble its a 'loose ship'. if they don't, everything is a-ok. look at it this way: how many parents do you know that do everything in their power to make a good environment for their children only to see them make mistakes? it's on the individuals.
  11. geez. what a bunch of old ladies! this story has nothing to do with JoePa. and how anyone connects the dots to Cael is beyond me. i mean, seriously?
  12. Health. there was a reason he defaulted in all of his last matches (EIWA's/NCAA's)
  13. i didn't see too much of lopouchanski this year, except at ncaa's, but i like what i saw. definitely a good pick up for purdue.
  14. really not a big deal, i just think that saying caldwell leaving 'surprising' isn't really an accurate picture of what people thought. there were a good number of wrestling folk who guessed caldwell would look around if Sammie wasn't retained. then it was official that he was, indeed looking around and had gotten a release to contact other schools. then there was actually a thread about it like 2 weeks ago on this very board. so i don't think it was surprising at all. my second point of contention is that i highly doubt the big 12 going to 4 teams had anything to do with caldwell's decision. and lastly, it's definitely not a given that caldwell stays at 65. less likely than probable. as is DSJ going to 165. of course it could all happen that those four are there. i just don't think that's the prevailing thought anywhere right now. if you said Ethan Lofthouse to 65, i would have said you're on to something. instead of 'false assumptions' maybe i should have said 'not up to speed'
  15. there are a number of inaccuracies and false assumptions in that blog post
  16. are you serious? so varsity sports should just be about jr's and sr's? one of the great things about wrestling is that it gives everyone a chance on a level playing field. can you rationalize why, in eighth grade, the tenth weight is 117, but in 9th grade it's essentially the 3rd? elimination of 7 weights in 1 year? up top, just ten or so years ago it was: 89 and hwt. now it's proposed to be 82, 95, 220, hwt.....from 2 wts to 4 in 10 years! good luck with filling out those weights. better luck with filling them out with half-decent athletes. and even better luck with people sticking around to ever watch them. you're eliminating better wrestlers to comply with some standard of the average population, not the 'wrestling population'. this is what happens when non-wrestling people are allowed to make wrestling decision. i doubt anyone will care, but i'll sincerely quit what im doing if this goes through. im not going to stick around and watch a sport where 36% of the matches are 170lbs and above and filled with football players half as talented as the lighter guys that could be out their wrestling and developing. wrestling is its own worst enemy.
  17. if you recall, greenmt., PA didn't adopt the Federation wts about 15 years ago when they went 100, 106, 114, etc, and added 215. that was eventually swapped for just the current system with the same wts +215. i agree, if it aint broke don't try and fix it. if you can't field a 3lber, and a 215, and a HWT, then you forfeit. big deal. don't take away opportunities for the kids around the country that DO weigh that, to compete. i bet the biggest advocates for the change are sour-grapes coaches who think they could have won sectional title in 6A idaho if they didn't have to forfeit 103. now he wants every small kid across the country to be a greater disadvantage. monumentally stupid!
  18. yes Marty, there's about 4 good ones in the whole country. it doesn't exactly serve as a requisite for an entire weight class that teams across the country end up FF'd or filling with football players the coaches begged to be part of the team for their last two years of high school. :roll:
  19. couldn't agree with you more Roadkill. you can't equate Wrestling population with the general population. it just doesn't correlate. there are also more XBox players in the U.S. than there are wrestlers. what should we do? eliminate wrestling and allow kids to earn a varsity letter in "Call of Duty"? to go further, how can you quantify the percentage of 'skilled' wrestlers? the talent level of the average light and middle weights is much greater than that of 160+. you want another reason to turn fans away from this sport, give them addition dancing bear snoozefest matches between guys with limited talent and experience that can't wrestle their way out of a paper bag. (note that im not saying that the GOOD upperweights aren't good. just that across the board, the quantity of good guys is thinner. half the time upperweights are guys pulled off the football team to fill spots; these are guys that have been wrestling for 3 years. not the most ambitious lifelong wrestlers) personally i'd rather watch a line-up with, say, 3lb increments through the light/middle weights. get more of the good kids on the mat, with more action and skill. if you want to ignore my personal opinion, let's look at some evidence: at Fargo Cadets, (the best place to reference participation numbers for serious young wrestlers) there were exactly the same number (95) participants in the first three weight classes (84, 91, 98) as there were in the last three (89-hwt). the largest brackets, by far, were from 112-119-125. there are 17 weights there. so using the ninth weight (135) as middle ground, there were nearly 100 more leightweights than upperweights. so where's the overwhelming evidence that the WRESTLING popupulation is 'bigger'?
  20. lol IC. whether it's him or not, i find it amusing that there ever was such a person! i can't believe people are still bring up the 'two-teams/hokeyes' argument. here's the long and short of it: 1) they still had to be at 9.9 2) they have 3 titles anything else is just whining. can we please stop talking about it already? it's been beaten to death.
  21. Kjelgaard also won the first ironman, iirc. the first ironman was one of the toughest tournaments ive ever seen
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