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  1. yes. for longer than i wanted to, honestly. the gist is - he flipped out for not checking in on him often enough when we burnt our eyes. said i'm a bad friend. on twitter he has pivoted to being upset that it took too long for me to reimburse his expenses. it's hogwash. and i'm not getting into it with him on twitter. just thankful it's over.
  2. Mckee has beaten him twice now this year. and that doesn't guarantee anything .
  3. good thinking to look that up. what a road. i love it. and it's gonna make him prepared for March. imagine that....wrestling to help you get better prepared.
  4. I admit - it was a bad look. i should have just stfu and not responded on twitter.
  5. you look dumb. every time you post.
  6. oh dear, NJ Dan. oh dear.
  7. that's not close to being the case. Spencer went as a TR FR. no RS. ever. that reminds me....wanna see something crazy....
  8. i know. that was douchey, huh?
  9. I'm just trying to tell you it's 100% true. that's all.
  10. i spoke with Spencer. you good now?
  11. Press release tomorrow. i'm sure they apologize for not being on NJDan of themat.com's time
  12. Husker_Du


    this subject has been beaten to death. if, by now, you don't know the plan, the camps of coaches and their agendas, and the horrible ramifications the plan would have had if it went through, i'm not gonna change your mind now. you either don't know the whole story or can't extrapolate what that format would have done and what it would have looked like. thank god it died. as for the 'many coaches' who disagreed with me, i could care less. if we could trust them to make the best decisions we wouldn't have the half-ass system we have now. and why in the world - if national duals did exist - would the first semester look any different than it does now? you think psu wrestles facundo vs. sacred heart? you think iowa would have wrestled spencer vs isu? you think cohlton schultz wrestles kerkvliet with the match already locked? the only possible change to the first semester it would have caused is teams scheduling less competitive duals early on.
  13. Husker_Du


    'the plan' was a total disaster. nonsensical. fans might have been happy, but it was a joke of a system (quite literally a shell game designed for no other reason than (the hope) for more money) it would have been terrible for coaches and athletes.
  14. Husker_Du


    no one agrees with that plan. the whole 'cael killed national duals' is such a bastardized version of the story.
  15. covid19 being the culprit would be a decent excuse if the ducking and dodging and resting in DI wrestling didn't start years before covid19 existed
  16. idk if this is what the poster was talking about and idk if it's 100% Schultz misses this dual, but i was told he was going on a trip to Europe for GR stuff after the florida duals.
  17. who's your OW? Myles or Hamiti?
  18. Thurs Morn 10PM - BR + SF and all consi's to placing matches 5PM - all placing bouts on 4 mats. Apologies on things being a little wonky and information not being the most readily available. that's on me.
  19. Regularly beat lehigh? any evidence to that? i find that very hard to believe.
  20. beast in hs. tough bugger in college. his brother was on Team USA in soccer for a while.
  21. Ed started at 174. Morgan wrestled Fargo at 215 (beat Adam Coon iirc). i always thought he was way undersized, but to say Morgan didn't wrestle 184 b/c he couldn't beat Ed is....not accurate.
  22. Can't give him 8 seed. He don't lose in the regular season, haha. Shane was 8 b/c loss to A Valencia Mekhi had losses to isaiah white and Connor freakin Flynn
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