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  1. i totally get what you're saying, but it's easy to not lose when you don't wrestle. if i'm a ranker (i'm not a college ranker) i put marinelli behind everyone but wittlake (who he beat and who also lost to weber). just my .02
  2. you don't have any data to say he would lose, but you can't just give him those wins again. that's a gauntlet. you also didn't have any data that said he'd lose to Griffith or Mekhi. and both happened. in fact, the data said he'd win those bouts.
  3. you're pretty sharp, Vak. i think you DO know why. and i didn't really make it a secret. the coaches (almost every single one of them) will only wrestle who they want. and they didn't want to wrestle anyone they already had scheduled for a dual. it kinda made the pools and format pretty straight forward
  4. 234.4 that's what he weighed in at vs. Army.
  5. It's this Pool A Pool C Iowa Penn State Lehigh Cornell C. Mich N. Iowa Pool B Pool D Missouri ASU NC State Tech Oregon St. Hofstra Winner of A wrestles winner of B Winner of C wrestles winner of D Marinelli and O'Toole can hit. Neither can wrestle Valencia or Ramirez. We could see Hayden Hidlay vs Kemerer, should NC State win, but neither can see Brooks. But Brooks-Keckeisen seems like a sure bet.
  6. At some point the PPV add on is coming to Rokfin. I'm not sure if it's for Journeymen but i think they'll have that at least by collegiate duals. frankly, if you're aware of the ins and outs of the model, it makes a whole lotta sense. bottom line is, if you think it's not worth it, you won't subscribe. if you think it's worth it, you will. ya know, like everything in life.
  7. here's a version of it w/ links to available streams. (long time - no see, pipe. hope things are well) https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/25153
  8. Yes, i did. but to be clear that's just reading tea leaves and nothing concrete. i do think that Suriano wrestles this year (for whom is TBD) less sure about Hildebrandt who i have in.
  9. and you (JB) have reminded me to donate.
  10. lol. the service is in-freakin-dispensible. if you're using it for rankings you're a dummy.
  11. they are ratings. not rankings, per se. and yes, i guess we have to have this thread annually.
  12. we realized not everyone would be happy with the order. was more of a roll out to the lead up of the season. for the most part, i think earl did a great job. a couple things to nit pick (i think glory is too high) but overall a fun exercise imo.
  13. tbh i don't know if Earl (he did the rankings) included SR level performance. but yianni is not an olympian nor a world medalist. fix is. gable is. amine is. that's it among current college wrestlers.
  14. yeah, career rankings are definitely not as cut and dry as 'right now' rankings. put simply - look at the 'career' case for say Myles Amine vs. Ferrari and/or Carter Starocci vs. Kemerer (which are the same weights). then try to juxtapose those of, say, Daton Fix (2-2) and, idk, someone else at another weight with a title.
  15. Why? b/c of one head to head? Sebass 6-3-4 Tariq 3-dnp-3 and sebass has wins over several NCAA champs (Spencer, RBY, Gross) edit to say - i'm with you on proximity, but i feel Sebass should definitely be ahead.
  16. Rolling the rest out starting tonight
  17. he's totally in play. just not ready to make decision quite yet.
  18. was a sorta fluky 4 off sad's offense. imo hushtyn looked outclassed the entire bout.
  19. Cadet World Team Trials - May Fargo - July Super 32 - October
  20. it's $12.50 a month. it's the price of lunch. it's not exorbitant. if you don't see the value in it, don't buy it.
  21. this is funny. well done, board. i see this come up from time to time. 1) i don't know what is offensive about a dude with no shirt on. i really don't. 2) they take the wrestlers to the media zone immediately (for good reason, b/c if not they wouldn't ever do the interviews). which is why they are always shirtless. the ESPN ones (which are live for goodness sake) are even worse and more immediate. guys can't even speak b/c they are huffin' and puffin'.
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