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  1. Who is a better folkstyle wrestler than him? I've watched all of them since Gable's Jr year. There have been a lot of great ones in that time period, but no one ever really warmed Cael up after his freshman year, and he was undefeated OW then.
  2. smittyfan


    I just watched his post title presser. When a few of you were predicting this guy could win it all, I thought he had no chance. After watching his interview, I am now officially a fan. Guy has special written all over him. Great mind set, and just tough as nails. Tip of the hat to Flo for letting us non-members watch promotional vids like this.
  3. I wish John Smith would make David Taylor the highest paid assistant coach in the US. David is the one that made the Nolf, Nickal, Cael style popular. When John decides to hang it up, I'm ok with a non OSU guy getting the helm.
  4. How can Cenzo not win OW? Zain is very deserving, but pinning a 2x Champ in the finals has never ever happened as far as I know.
  5. Gable Gallagher Sanderson Smith Griffith Roderick Nichols JRob I'm sure I'm leaving out a few great ones, but IMO, if Cael can last 20 more years, he will have a chance to pass them all. Of course, I thought Tiger Woods would be leading Jack by now, so...
  6. I can understand how you feel, but I humbly disagree. When the funk started becoming popular around 20-22 years ago, I thought it was going to ruin the sport. It was born around the time the mat officials stopped calling stalling. You could never have consistently used it in the 70's - early 90's because they would have stalled you out of the arena. I love the sport now. Now if stalling had been called fairly, and consistently, it would have never gone away, but that simply was not the case. The rules now, as well as the over time, and the video replay are the best they have ever been for my taste.
  7. Kind of a neat, "Where were you" moment. I was presenting medals to the 4A medalists on the mat next to Tom's last match. I heard the scoring discussion at the end and saw a Coach with more class than most of us...Tom was one of my heroes after that match. Clearly, Tom and his parents were winners at the bigger game. I flew to Bloomington to watch him win his Big 10 Title in a 4 overtime thriller at the Big Tens. Greatness comes in many forms in this beautiful sport. Xander, Congrats for your son winning the Sophomore Tournament this week. Pretty cool. You guys are going to be a tough out next Winter!!!
  8. A total of 21 spread out since the late 70's. It's always fun to recall the great teams and individuals, as well as the great programs.
  9. I'd like to see Brooks get another shot at Bo. I'd say it's a toss up if he gets to, but if he does, I'm betting it's not a quick pin.
  10. I take Dean. What a match it would have been. As soon as one of you guys invents a time machine, let's watch it...right after Ali/Tyson in their primes.
  11. In all the years I've followed wrestling, I have never seen this happen this late in the season.
  12. I thought Clark looked like he knew he had done it, and didn't seem surprised at all.
  13. Thanks gents! I look forward to watching it this year.
  14. I've never had a chance to watch it before. Are they doing it again this year? I'd love to see the pros analyze the brackets.
  15. I don't know if this happens in two weeks, but this is the best the Pokes have looked all season. They all seemed healthy for the first time in two months. Weigel, Schaefer, JoJo and Crutch all looked pretty good. When you lose two matches over 2 days, and could easily have won both of them, you know you're enjoying life. The big 12 is nothing like it was several years ago, but it was just what the Dr ordered for the Pokes to get a little confidence back.
  16. I think Schaefer is a close 3rd then.
  17. Maybe the Buckeyes are the team to beat. Including the group that won their title, they have had at least two other championship caliber teams in the last decade. Ryan is pretty good.
  18. Hmmm, what will the seeding be in two weeks?
  19. I wonder how we'll compare this one match series to the Dake/Taylor series...I mean other than the hypothetical side of things, that one was one sided. If either of these studs doesn't make it there, we'll all be surprised, but what a treat it will be to see two all timers like this hook it up.
  20. Hmmm, not so fast my friend. Maybe there is a team that can challenge the Mighty Lions... We've got our heavyweight back, the guys are coming on strong. I think we're the healthiest we've been all season. Why not?
  21. Wowzer! It's nice to have Schaefer back too. Sounds like the Pokes may win this thing. :-))
  22. OK, so I have an artificial hip that is near the end of it's usefulness. I couldn't wait in line to see the Big 12's. Any updates would be appreciated.
  23. Yeah, I agree, Frank you rock. I especially liked the part where you rooted against Iowa. :-)) Never thought I'd say this, but I'd take a Hawkeye victory at this point, haha. Seriously, I don't want the fans to run Tom off, because I know just how hard it is to keep this thing going, and when you go down that trail, it can be lost forever.
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