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  1. Gotta be one of the Ivies...do they count?
  2. Pretty sure Parriott has been off the Purdue roster for a while. He's definitely now off the Boilermaker roster, and I believe is back in Minnesota training with the Minnesota Storm.
  3. Well, Nico Megaludis was getting clobbered by just about everybody in Central Pennsylvania in the room, according to sources.
  4. Well, Seattle is in the middle of the main population area of the state, whereas Pullman is not.
  5. Would think University of Washington. Washington State is in the middle of nowhere (a little more than an hour outside Spokane), whereas Washington is in Seattle.
  6. I was never trained that way…I just do it naturally… Straight to my back for six!
  7. Pretty sure he’s utilized the “do not contact” option, per Flo, which tells me he’s already made up his mind.
  8. Thomas Boeh was the AD who dropped wrestling (the first time) at Fresno State, not Al Bohl.
  9. You won’t have to worry about that until 2027 at least! Edit to add: and won’t you be 103 by then?
  10. Wonder if it’s a home-and-home or a guarantee situation. (I’ve been pushing for more dates for single duals for years, as people know, so there can be a market for “guarantee” duals.
  11. The calculation has changed slightly, in that there’s two “single date” exemptions allowed, but they’re now for two duals or one tournament over a three day period. (Friday-Sunday duals or a two or three day tournament, although there are presently no three-day tournaments). Your point still stands, Gimp, but wanted to clarify.
  12. Given that I had to spell his name right when I FOIAed his contract back in October in the first place, pretty sure I had to nail it. Then again, Tumey and Turney do look pretty similar in text…do we need to start using Highway Gothic font on this board?
  13. I haven’t tried it, but judging by that phone number not being used anywhere else in the directory, it appears to be a legit direct line.
  14. Given that his name is Terry TUMEY, you probably won’t reach him at any of those. http://directory.csufresno.edu/detailsFacultyStaff.asp?ID=5633
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