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  1. SetonHallPirate

    Seeding all 33

    The top four seeds have the same chance as they used to of a pigtail match, namely zero percent. However, whomever wins the pigtail will wrestle a top-four seed.
  2. SetonHallPirate

    New DI program - Long Island University

    FYI, I reached out for comment...the only response I got that wasn't so boilerplate as to be worth mentioning is that they have no idea what their conference affiliation will be for wrestling.
  3. SetonHallPirate


    Not Conel's first match of the year. He'll have quite a few under his belt before that dual. A bunch of non-D1 schools the first weekend, and then duals against CSU Bakersfield, Iowa, and Wisconsin the Friday before the Sunday trip to University Park, and that doesn't even include the Clarion Open.
  4. SetonHallPirate


    Would love to see it. Too bad Comcast no longer carries BTN in Florida.
  5. SetonHallPirate

    South Beach Wrestling Experience Division I Duals matchups

    You bet...I live roughly an hour from there!
  6. https://wrestlingbypirate.wordpress.com/2018/08/27/2018-south-beach-wrestling-experience-division-i-duals-matchups/
  7. SetonHallPirate

    Buckeye issues

    Enough credibility that he was voted to the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships Committee, and, until earlier this month, was President of the National Wrestling Coaches' Association. Nearly everybody in the wrestling world would like to have half as much credibility as Tom Ryan, myself included.
  8. SetonHallPirate

    2018 Head Coach Changes

    Oh, for what it's worth, and germane to the topic, Kyle Ruschell has taken the head coaching job at UTC, completing the circle (so far) for this offseason.
  9. SetonHallPirate

    States using different weight classes than NFHS

    Interesting, and I just saw this. Also, congratulations to Lathrop, North Pole, and West Valley for automatically qualifying all of their wrestlers for the ASAA Division I State Championships!
  10. SetonHallPirate

    NWCA Convention

    Agreed...this was my tenth straight year attending, and I'd say this, for me, was the most informative of the bunch.
  11. SetonHallPirate

    Ohio State scandal

    Pretty sure the fact that you're even swinging by in the third scenario would be illegal.
  12. SetonHallPirate

    Alleged Ohio State Disabato video

    I take how people write in texts as no indication as to how people write in real life. In fact, I consider people who type in complete sentences on their phones to be pretty weird. Wait, I just called myself weird, didn't I!
  13. SetonHallPirate

    Alleged Ohio State Disabato video

    Am I the only person who noticed that the person who put Mr. Hellickson in his phone misspelled "Hellickson"?
  14. SetonHallPirate

    States using different weight classes than NFHS

    I actually asked because I happened to see Montana's weights, and totally had been unaware of it. As to the second part, like you said, it would certainly make out-of-state competition difficult...just ask anybody who coaches in Michigan (although the MHSAA makes things difficult for their teams to go out of states in a multitude of other ways as well).
  15. SetonHallPirate

    NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee recommendations!

    What makes you say that?