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  1. Can't we technically include the 1988 NCAA Champion Arizona State Sun Devils in this discussion? They did have their program dropped for ten days...
  2. Doubt it...particularly when they are presumably getting a fairly healthy guarantee to fly out to wrestle Arizona State next month.
  3. Augustana has not officially started the process of moving to Division I, in any way, shape, or form.
  4. Uhhhh...what? Rosetta Stone appears to be out of their "Word Salad" version...somebody help me translate this to English?
  5. Funny you mention that, because I (and I've been saying this for a while) don't believe Cael's made his last move...I suspect he's going to start looking for challenges, if Oklahoma State ever slips too far, and uses T. Boone's inheritance to give him a nice salary increase and use of Air Cowboy One when he wants it. I wouldn't be willing to bet the farm on that, but I do believe we'll see him move onto other (maybe greener) pastures before he's finished coaching.
  6. Little Rock: https://lrtrojans.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling&
  7. Mizzou's last truly elite recruit didn't turn out so badly...might have won a couple world championships, a few NCAA championships, and an Olympic medal...
  8. Just a note: NBCUniversal (parent company of TrackWrestling, by the way) is charging $200 for the Rugby World Cup, which is definitely not a yearly subscription. Flo is hardly the only company that charges a lot of money for content. Oh, and BTW, Flo's $150 gets you access to ALL of Flo's material, for all sports. Not just wrestling.
  9. Wonder how many requests to use these rankings Flo actually gets from teams, and how many of them simply run the rankings without permission...
  10. Strange...I just checked, it's very much there.
  11. How about Little Rock and Presbyterian? On another note, for anybody else who's on Twitter, I kindly ask you guys and gals give @LIUWrestling a follow. Let's get their follower count up in advance of their inaugural season of Division I...
  12. Would the travel be better, given that most teams fly into the World's Busiest Airport and drive from there (about a two-hour drive, and before you ask, I've actually flown from home to Atlanta, gotten a rental car, driven to Chattanooga, covered a dual meet there, drove back to Atlanta, and then flown home, all in one day, before)?
  13. Keep in mind that the minimum for the RPI was reduced back to 15 (from 17) for this coming season.
  14. Just for comparison, an organization with the same parent company as TrackWrestling is charging $200 for the Rugby World Cup...yes, that's more than an annual subscription to Flo.
  15. Moore over Lang, although obviously Moore was (is) a darned good wrestler...
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