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  1. Should be noted that the Cleveland State AD ended up changing his mind after coming on. Edit to add: This was directed at the masses, not Jason himself.
  2. Have you requested an interview with either Mr. Tumey or Castro for Short Time?
  3. Actually, it was about a University President that sucked, to the point of whacking wrestling to add a baseball program as his "pet project", a pet project that played exactly 14 games before itself being unceremoniously canned...
  4. The Big 12 did not have a required schedule at the time they joined the conference.
  5. What worries me about Tulsa is this: it's the smallest airport city to host since Des Moines (which was only slightly smaller), and the last significantly smaller airport city to host was Albany. Airfares into Tulsa are going to be EX-PEN-SIVE! (anybody who can afford to take the Monday after nationals off can make quite a bit of bank off volunteering to take a later flight, however)
  6. Unfortunately, such is the problem with being in a small airport market like Fresno, flying to other small airport markets like Sioux Falls, Fargo, and Cedar Rapids (or worse, Waterloo), and those are just conference duals.
  7. Fresno Bee just confirmed it...men's tennis and women's lacrosse are also receiving the axe. They are competing in 2020-21 though...maybe we can get them to pull a CSU Bakersfield? (or something?)
  8. Josh Wine that you're thinking of wrestled for VMI...although he was a pretty darned good wrestler for them. As far as Sacred Heart, they've had a program this whole time, but they've added a women's team. Sacred Heart's last qualifier was Payam Zarrinpour in 2007, who is also their only All-American. (I believe he was their first Division I All-American in any sport, ever, but Jason Bryant will probably correct me on this one)
  9. Technically true, but not quite what you guys are hoping for. https://www.sacredheartpioneers.com/general/2020-21/releases/20200908dk1wue
  10. They said that's also just the year one operating budget though...which isn't going to be the cost at full buildout. Sounds like they're shooting for a 2021-22 start date for a partial schedule, which would probably mean a skeleton roster redshirting and only wrestling entirely unattached.
  11. http://www.collegiateconsulting.com/news/collegiate-consulting-completes-sports-sponsorship-study-for-western-carolina
  12. Also, in a wrestling-specific case, she couldn't pronounce "Kyle" Sanderson's name correctly...here's a hint: It's Cael...one syllable...just the way it looks. That's like somebody mispronouncing Michael Jordan's name in a hearing about pumpkin-pushing, or mispronouncing Donald Trump's name in a hearing about politics.
  13. Uhhh...Willie's lawyer was a guy. Mrs. Dickie (the only competent lawyer of the ones actually representing named parties, IMO) was Rokfin's lawyer.
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