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    UMD - Coach Announced - CLEMSEN

    If Alex wasn't (until today) the best assistant coach in the country, he was certainly up there. Remember, coaching isn't just about recruiting wrestlers, but also about development of those wrestlers, and other administrative matters. Alex is darned good at that, and he certainly learned from the best of them (and Alex was more accomplished as a wrestler than his boss was...Brian's best result was losing in the blood round as a senior, Alex finished fourth in his senior year).
  2. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Nope, sorry. Your crystal ball suggested that Alex Clemson would be the next head coach, it turned out to be Alex Clemsen. I assume the former is a reference to the mascot for an orange and purple team in upstate South Carolina that doesn't sponsor wrestling.
  3. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

  4. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    HA! Also, there's no such thing as Title XI (eleven) within Public Law 92-318. There are, however, three separate title IX's (nine) within that statute. One refers to Graduate Programs, one to Ethnic Heritage Programs, and the third, the one you're referring to, refers to the Prohibition of Sex Discrimination.
  5. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Ask these people if Fencing is an NCAA-sanctioned sport or not: https://www.ncaa.com/news/fencing/article/2019-03-21/ncaa-fencing-championships-columbia-leads-wire-wire-takes-home
  6. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    If being a wrestling coach was all about being recognizable to recruits, then Brian Smith (just to use a wrestling example, coincidentally Alex Clemsen's current boss) would've been a complete and total flop in Columbia. C'mon man, you can do better than that...
  7. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    And how much does Rutgers pay their fencing coach again?
  8. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Not me. IMO, Clemsen is LOOOOONG overdue for a head coaching job.
  9. SetonHallPirate

    Why I think Penn State is about to decline

    I think he worded things the way he did purposely. The Jeff Byers mentioned was put on leave from Middlebury College, which is a seven-plus-hour drive from Penn State. Hurricane, well played!
  10. SetonHallPirate

    Harry Lester placed on leave at St. V-M...

    Of note: non-wrestling people have probably heard of that school due to its most famous alumnus, a certain Mr. L. James.
  11. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Santoro leaving Lehigh for Maryland would just seem weird...
  12. SetonHallPirate

    LIU (formerly LIU Post) to EIWA

    Normally yes, but this is a special case, because LIU Post is merging into an active Division I athletic department (LIU Brooklyn). As a result, they do not have a probationary period in this case, and will be eligible for the EIWA and NCAA Championships immediately. That said, there is very little chance that LIU will have any qualifiers next year. They had one D-2 qualifier this past year, and he's graduating.
  13. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Pat Smith? Kyle Dake? Logan Stieber? (I assume that Cael would consider Penn State to Maryland a very much downward move)
  14. SetonHallPirate

    Toughest High School tournament

    Is Wisconsin's toughest tournament still the Cheesehead?
  15. SetonHallPirate

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Maryland's first year in the Big Ten, they got beat 24-9 by Duke (at Grapple in the Garden). Duke's 1-4 record that year in the ACC was good for solo last in the conference, and Duke's lone win was a one-point win over NC State. Not sure Maryland would've escaped the cellar of the ACC after Sheptock and Boley graduated in 2014, their last year in the ACC.
  16. SetonHallPirate

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    I seriously hope mods lock this thread before my considerable restraint expires and I get myself banned...
  17. SetonHallPirate

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    Good luck with Mason trying to get a promotion if he does do anything about it, and opposing coaches could make his current position untenable. (by, say, refusing to schedule duals with his current institution, for one example)
  18. SetonHallPirate

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    Welcome to life, man. Do us a favor and google Abar Rouse, and tell me if you think that problem is limited to wrestling.
  19. SetonHallPirate

    Colby Smith?

    If only the institution Smith originally committed to hadn't reneged on him (by dropping their program).
  20. SetonHallPirate

    Colby Smith?

  21. SetonHallPirate

    Doing the most with the least

    Well, they did have one top 100 recruit, but he's now at (ironically) Missouri. (Grant Leeth was originally at Duke)
  22. SetonHallPirate

    Y Slavikouski

    Gimp: Do NEPSAC (the New England region of National Preps) and National Preps have different rules then? Because when I was in HS (at a NEPSAC school), you could be 19 before the school year started, but not 20 before the school year started.
  23. SetonHallPirate

    Non-wrestlers needed

    Peter Malinsky.
  24. SetonHallPirate

    Non-wrestlers needed

    I never wrestled, and was never around wrestling growing up...my high school started wrestling the year after I graduated (and has since dropped it), my college dropped the sport a couple of years before I made it there, so I was never around it. Ran into it by accident channel-surfing one night and was instantly hooked. Ironically, my dad wrestled for Franklin & Marshall when he was in college, but he passed away while I was in HS, so I never got to share the sport with him. Funny story: the AD at Cornell (current NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships Committee member Andy Noel) was my dad's workout partner.