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  1. On 7/17/2020 at 10:43 AM, Pinnum said:

    I saw this...  And I am not sure it will level the field.  It does help private schools compared to public schools that were able to count additional government aid.  But it will really only help schools with large financial aid packages.  So, yes, it will help Lehigh and Bucknell but it won't really help Gardner-Webb or Campbell.   It also will set back state schools that don't offer much non-athletic merit aid like the CSU-Bakersfield or Edinboro.

    This might help to get more wrestlers to go D1 at the expense of D2 or NAIA programs, though.

    I remember a former lower-level Division I coach once telling me that he could only offer the equivalent of about two scholarships because so much was eaten up by non-athletic aid, but it counted as the full 9.9.

  2. 1 hour ago, Pinnum said:

    I believe this is part of the issue.  Arenas keep those dates open for the playoffs so it would rule out venues with NHL or NBA teams from bidding to host. 

    Or AHL, or G-League, etc.

    We'd be permanently in either second-rate arenas, on-campuses, or in domed football stadiums.

  3. 3 hours ago, RichB said:

    I might have thought Stanford Rpwing was a bigger surprise, but they are non NCAA. I wonder if they consider themselves not competitive with Cal-Berkley, Like Lafayette not being able to compete in wrestling with Lehigh, despite being at the locus of HS wresting.


    Women's rowing is an NCAA sport.

  4. Just now, gimpeltf said:

    If he's eligible 2nd semester, then he's eligible 2nd semester. The only problem for him would be if wrestling went to a 1st semester sport.

    Good thing this is TheMat.com and not TheDiamond.com, because there is a rule specific to college baseball that players have to be eligible in the fall in order to be eligible in the spring. That said, the only thing I could think of is if he's having trouble getting credits transferred from Missouri to Iowa, which is often an issue for people transferring late in their college undergrad careers.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Pinnum said:



    Thats an old guide on Fresno State institutional guidelines for recruitment.  

    It’s pretty standard for all schools to have a policy that explicitly mentions adult entertainment as being not permitted. 

    edit: here is an example from Michigan State’s which has to be signed. https://msu.edu/~msuncaa/Final Recruitment Policy 8.05.pdf

    Thanks Pinnum...tried to look for it on the Fresno State athletics website, got nowhere...obviously because it was on the institutional website.

  6. 6 minutes ago, gimpeltf said:

    Shp, I'm not going to look up specifically (you might come up with it) but I would suggest it would be considered a benefit not available to the student population in general. Also, I believe this mentioned recruits (?) so I think there are restrictions of where you can entertain them relative to campus.

    Just skimmed the article. They list a series of scenarios that are illegal according to the school handbook. Adult entertainment listed. Age of recruits irrelevant.

    The only thing I could think of is that it was a violation of institutional policy. Other than that, I'm stumped...a search of the three-letter word that's a synonym for gender came up with one completely unrelated match in the entire handbook.

    Edit to add: The restrictions relative to campus involves a 30-mile radius from campus where they can go. 30 miles from Fresno is Visalia, Lemoore, and not very much else.

  7. 13 minutes ago, TexRef said:

    There is another D1 team and that is Lock Haven. I hope they start to take it seriously though. Last season they had 1 girl and only 1 event, an exhibition match. 

    I hope that more girls will want to wrestle in college. As of now it appears that the market is flooded,  because there are not enough girls to go around to all of these programs.  

    Lock Haven would compete in Division II for women's wrestling if it grew to that point.

  8. 58 minutes ago, bnwtwg said:

    Thus why I said April 15th-ish. NBA and NHL typically start the third weekend of April, so beginning one week before is ideal from an arena standpoint and a viewership perspective

    You said 19 days after the NCAA basketball championship game, which would've put the Championships as April 23-25th this year. The NBA and NHL Playoffs would've been very much in full swing by that point (the NHL playoffs would have started on roughly April 7th, meaning any NHL arena is out even for the weekend after the orangeball Championships, and the NBA playoffs on roughly April 18th).


    6 hours ago, jdalu75 said:

    Just need it for four days; that ought to be manageable.  Could also just keep booking indoor football stadiums.

    Ringling Bros. used to stop at Madison Square Garden for a couple of weeks every spring -- it didn't interfere with the Rangers and Knicks.  Their schedules were juggled a little to push more games on the road.  It was kind of neat to watch hockey with the trapeze stuff hanging from the rafters.

    During the leagues' regular seasons, that's totally manageable, they can definitely schedule around it. During the NBA/NHL/AHL playoffs, it's totally not manageable at all. Nobody (not even the Knicks and Rangers) are going to plan on not making the playoffs two, three, four, five years in advance so the NCAA can host the wrestling championships there.

  10. 4 hours ago, RichB said:

    The D! individual finals should be 19 days after the D1 Mens BB final give or take a couple of hours. It means the conferences will compete with the Frozen Four. It would seem to me that not big a deal.

    However it might be just better to have a short season, No duals before christmas, just some 1 day low pressure opens



    Good luck getting arenas several years in advance when you have to fight with NBA and NHL playoffs...

  11. On 5/15/2020 at 6:37 PM, AKHUNTER said:

    with all due respect............... all of your little states down there suck........in my humble opinion....... tho some suck less than others.

    As an avid fisherman and hunter I am in Nirvana.

    Hey...if anybody from Texas starts talking trash about you, you can always threaten to subdivide, and then Texas will fall down a spot on the list of largest states!

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