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  1. Would expect conferences to be more likely to go to divisions, rather than less, as a cost-saving measure.
  2. In many team sports, they did. They didn't touch anything with respect to wrestling.
  3. FWIW, New York is floating a pilot proposal to go to 13 weights (from 15), but a different 13 than Pennsylvania, namely 102-110-118-126-132-138-145-152-160-172-189-215-285...but New York also has seventh-grade eligibility.
  4. But were either of them members of this message board?
  5. I know I'm linking to a Wikipedia article here, which is dangerous, but allow me to go through the numbers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic 71,921 deaths, 1,233,146 cases equates to a 5.8% mortality rate. If I'm off by an order of magnitude on the mortality rate, the issue in this case is that the number of actual cases is 10x higher, not my calculations being off.
  6. No, that's not the threshold before the deaths are important, but the threshold we recently (in the last week) hit with COVID-19. As for me, somebody I work with tested positive for the disease (don't worry, he's back healthy). We're looking at, as of right now, about a 5% mortality rate for COVID-19, which is at least an order of magnitude higher than the flu most years (in most years, it's about .1 to .2%), which is why we're doing all of this social distancing, something we haven't done in my lifetime, or (most likely) anybody's lifetime on this message board (was anybody on this board around during World War I?)
  7. Sorry man...but I'm not about to lie to make us happy. I just don't see a 2020-21 wrestling season barring a vaccine.
  8. What was the virus in 2017 that killed more people than the entirety of the Vietnam War?
  9. I'll be blunt...there isn't likely to be a wrestling season until there's a vaccine. Most likely, there won't be any sports until there's a vaccine, but if things are opened up on a sport-by-sport basis, wrestling is probably going to be the very last sport to be allowed, due to the nature of it and the relative lack of protective equipment.
  10. Seriously hoping that by some strange miracle Mr. Selig decides to retire tomorrow, and Jason Bryant replaces him as AD.
  11. That assistant actually ran the event... I bet Kim Record (the AD that dropped wrestling) was next door at the basketball game when they got pasted by Duke though...WHILE THE SCUFFLE WAS IN PROGRESS!
  12. Clearly the UNC Greensboro AD never went to the Southern Scuffle...oh, wait.
  13. Note: My reaction to Mr. Bryant was a reference to Mr. Selig, not to him.
  14. So would you prefer to watch tournaments that matter or dual meets that matter? (for that matter, would you rather watch tournaments that don't matter or dual meets that don't matter?)
  15. This would be a great way to kill off interest in the sport...
  16. Wouldn't it have been JB3, after all, pretty sure Jeff Breese would've been JB2.
  17. Just a note...Virginia's FOIA law requires the requestor to be a Virginia resident, or member of a broadcaster, magazine, or newspaper with carriage or circulation in Virginia. Websites do not apply.
  18. Believe it was @MatScoutWillie...
  19. https://wrestlingbypirate.wordpress.com/2020/04/01/final-post-conference-dual-impact-index/
  20. Working. Even if my state were to be "locked down", my job would be considered essential, and I'd have to continue to show up for work.
  21. https://wrestlingbypirate.wordpress.com/2020/03/24/mark-hall-penn-state-wins-2020-abacus-award/
  22. Remember it quite well...I was there, after all. One thing that's pretty remarkable (and believe this is a good fit for a different thread, but it's relevant here as well)...don't think there was a single wrestler in the country with such a drastic dichotomy in terms of their dual performance versus tournament performance as Quentin Wright. In a ho-hum November dual, he was more than capable of losing a 6-1 match to Kevin Steinhaus, but that match was certainly going the other way in any match in a basketball arena the first weekend of March (or the weeks around Christmas and New Year's), or in a hockey venue the third weekend of March.
  23. Even had Deitchler gotten decked by Dylan Alton, Minnesota still would've won the dual. (that was the first year of criteria, and Minnesota would've had Penn State 6-4 in match wins...Molinaro, Taylor, and Ruth were the only winners for the Nittany Lions on Earth One).
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