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  1. Hahn going to be the head coach of the brand-new Hawai'i program? That's exotic!
  2. They had a coaching change fairly recently...when Rocky Bonomo left in favor of Robbie Waller.
  3. Emphatically not, emphatically yes, and probably not, but if there's a way, Mike Rogers will find it.
  4. With respect to Cleveland State, yes, they need a change, but it's from higher up than the coach. If Duke is the single toughest job in the country, Cleveland State isn't far behind, and Ben Stehura has made baby steps towards making that program at least competitive with the rest of Division I. They had as more dual wins this year against full-fledged Division I schools (and in fact, as many on one day, January 14th) than they had had in the four previous years combined (Jack Effner's last year, and the first three of Ben Stehura's tenure)! All of this without very much support from the Cleveland State athletic department. They may be making mere baby steps forward, but they are, in fact, steps forward.
  5. Just to be clear, those comments were from the posters, and most certainly did not come from me. I didn't make any comment suggesting this.
  6. Tyler Clark is a senior this year. If he starts anywhere next year, it'll be at his next job! Whoops! Just realized you meant Cory Clark! Mouth, meet foot...gee, seems like a popular residence for my foot!
  7. Really? So Derek Reber being at Bucknell was a figment of my imagination?
  8. I believe what Iowa did over the past weekend (at Ohio State and especially at Penn State) would probably be best described as "Morningstyle"
  9. I saw no fire out of much of the Iowa lineup this past weekend, having been to both of their matches. Friday, they were wrestling looking ahead, and Sunday, they were wrestling not to lose. Yes, resultswise, Sunday went as expected, but the way they looked was disappointing. As I said a good many times, and I'm going to get no argument here, I hope the trainer had adult-sized Advils for all of the flies on the wall in the Iowa wrestling room this week!
  10. Yeah...I sent an e-mail to Hammer...that's being straightened out.
  11. Did either of these teams kick the wrestler off their team and cancel the wrestlers scholarship? This makes it much worse to then follow this up by not giving a release to select conferences and places. It also makes it worse after what Iowa State did for Sanderson and his family, to not return any reward. I am not in favour of the other situations either, but I think it is clear that what Sanderson is doing is much worse. Spates did that, not with Kemerer. He did it with Joey Fio instead. That said, I have no idea if Spates denied Fio a release, although it was rumored that he was going to.
  12. Ironically, I highly doubt that he'd have been attending a Big Ten school anyway. Bubba would be restricted from taking so much as a dime from any other school in the Big Ten (ask the Rella family about his situation) regardless of whether or not he was released, and one gets the feeling that the Jenkins' family doesn't have the monetary resources that, say, the Trump family does.
  13. Pinnum-Reminds me of the football coach at Miami who, if I'm not mistaken, would not release one of his players (who was from Tampa) who wanted to transfer closer to home (I think his mother was diagnosed with cancer or something like that), to any of the following schools: 1. Any school in the Atlantic Coast Conference 2. Any school in the Southeastern Conference 3. Any school in the state of Florida
  14. If I'm reading that correctly, the final decision came from Mr. Curley, and not Mr. Sanderson. In other words, he's already heard and denied the appeal.
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