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  1. http://www.gophersports.com/sports/m-wrestl/sched/minn-m-wrestl-sched.html November 9: Hofstra November 10: Bison Open, Fargo, ND November 16: at Nebraska November 18: Boise State November 24: at North Dakota State and with Campbell, Eastern Michigan, and Stanford December 2: Oklahoma State December 8: Oregon State December 9: Northwestern January 1-2: Southern Scuffle, Chattanooga, TN January 11: at Ohio State January 13: at Indiana January 20: Illinois January 27: Iowa February 3: Michigan State February 10: at Wisconsin February 24: National Duals Finals Big Ten misses: Michigan, Penn State, Purdue
  2. In a word ... MONEY! Another word that comes to mind is LAWSUIT! (which really boils down to MONEY). Penn State generates a lot of revenue and exposure for the B1G and the issue of jurisdiction would open them to lawsuits. Also, punishing PSU because of what Sandusky did and because of poor handling of the problem by an administration that has since been replaced and/or is now dead does not fix the problem and would do more harm than good. PSU is in the process of implementing new procedures to avoid this type of thing from ever happening again and has held accountable all who were involved in the horrible coverup. Why punish student athletes from all sports, PSU fans, Big Ten fans and hurt B1G revenue when the answer requires changes that are already being implemented? Have to say I agree with skikayaker here. The Man is dead, his statue is gone and his legacy destroyed. There is a lot of work for the new staff to build this back up. President and AD both gone. Some punishment is due, but death penalty or being removed from Big Ten is hurting the wrong people. The athletes had nothing to do with this. I hope O'Briens Lions get started right away and everyone moves on. It's disgusting what happened to the many victims but there war goes on still in another way and I beleve they will all be well taken care of. That doesn't mean they will ever forget the horrible things sandusky did to them, but it should ease the pain as time goes on. The University will never let anything like this ever happen again. It should also be a reminder to all parents out there Never Ever trust anyone with your kids period. Teach them as soon as you can to keep an eye on the wicked ways of this world. There are too many Wolves in sheep's clothing. Just my two cents... Probably couldn't be better said. Skikayaker has pwn3d me on this topic...
  3. What's to stop the Big Ten from booting Penn State out, and replacing them with, say, West Virginia? You know West Virginia is going to want to leave the Big 12 as soon as they figure out that they are going to be spending most of their money flying their women's tennis team to Manhattan, Kansas every other year (and airfares to cities like Manhattan are NOT cheap!).
  4. The better question is did you watch wrestling for most of the season? If so, you'd know that St. John missed most of it due to a serious knee injury that he still wasn't over by NCAA's. The gap between Alton and a healthy St. John is a decent gap. A healthy St. John is the biggest threat to Dake. But he'll still probably lose. Wow, you are acting like I made some declaration of greatness. I used the qualifier "maybe, just maybe" in case you missed it. Besides that, are you really trying to tell me that Alton has no chance to beat St. John despite two close losses, including one in overtime at nationals where it was clear he had the better (only?) shots. You know he lost to Welch during the season and beat him at nationals, right? SHP, my opinion is based on the fact Alton did improve a lot during the season and maybe, just maybe, he has more upside then St. John. Not sure why you want to lump me in with people who project improvement for their wrestlers without any independant evidence. Because I read too much into what you said. I apologize.
  5. SHP, I must have missed it. Where did FT say anything remotely close to that? Nothing...I tried to read too much into what he said, and wound up with my foot squarely located in my keyboard. :oops:
  6. I'd say one thing that amazes me is how some fans think only their wrestlers improve, whereas nobody else does. Granted, I think it's well within the realm of possibility that Alton passes St. John, and I will admit to being a bit harsh to F-T, but to think that only your wrestlers improve (and this goes for any school, be it Penn State or Iowa, where there are a maximum number of full-time coaches, or a school like Sacred Heart, which has one part-time coach) is both delusional and setting yourself up for heartbreak when your wrestlers fail to meet expectations.
  7. Because Derek St. John isn't going to improve also?
  8. I don't know how you would consider Midlands the #2 tourny only behind NCAA's. #2 is clearly the Scuffle. Have you had a chance to look at the list of participating teams? Pretty outrageous for a midseason tournament. #3 would either be Midlands or Reno, I haven't looked at the teams in those yet, but it would seem that Midlands could actually be the #4 tournament of the year. Pretty sad since it used to be the toughest when all the grads would come back and compete. Reno isn't even the #1 tournament held in the state of Nevada. I seriously hope you're thinking of Cliff Keen Las Vegas. Midlands is almost certainly ahead of Reno, even without Iowa.
  9. Two points of divergence between Iowa's schedule this year and Oklahoma State's last year, one not-so-obvious, and one obvious, respectively: 1. Oklahoma State didn't wrestle on back-to-back days at all this past year prior to NCAA's, and the one opportunity a couple of their wrestlers would have had was quashed by the women's basketball coach being killed in a plane crash (one of the postponed duals was the day before the All-Star Classic, which Oliver and Parks both participated in). On the other hand, Iowa will have back-to-back regular season weigh-ins (and the second one is at the more difficult scratch-weight, rather than the scratch+1 present in multi-day tournaments), as the Buffalo dual is the day after the Grapple at the Garden. 2. Iowa wrestles in a conference with a multi-day tournament, whereas Oklahoma State did not (and does not). I suspect #1 is going to be more important, but unfortunately, there isn't a way to control for one without the other.
  10. http://www.hawkeyesports.com/sports/m-wrestl/sched/iowa-m-wrestl-sched.html
  11. Cornell/Minnesota was another fun dual, and another one with a result that came straight from left field.
  12. Let me go with something of a sleeper here...Iowa at Ohio State. When I looked at it on paper, I did see Ohio State had a shot, but when the results happened, the thought was still "where on earth did that come from..."
  13. If they send all of their wrestlers to the Hokie Open unattached, they'll have the free date for the Scuffle. Remember, when you're counting dates, National Duals is exempted, but for the Scuffle, they need two in this case, due to them having both Midlands and the Virginia Duals on their slate as their two two-day events.
  14. Was hoping you guys/gals, your families, and your houses were OK with the wildfires going on in the Colorado Springs area.
  15. Congratulations JB, and remember, it's never too early to start Lucy's training for the 2032 Olympic Games!
  16. Will Oregon State and Oklahoma be at Stabler or Leeman-Turner?
  17. I actually am going with the All-Star Classic match between Metcalf and Caldwell. It happened one year to the day after Caldwell hit Metcalf with the Spladle, and ironically, within the same state. Unlike other people, I thought both wrestlers were up for that match, but in the words of the man sitting to my left on the Takedown Radio call that night, then-Ohio State assistant and current Army head coach Joe Heskett, "one of them was busy reading the internet forums, while the other was busy eating trees".
  18. I may have to pull off the Body Bar-Keystone double...
  19. They only can fit eight mats inside McKenzie Arena (and it's a fairly tight fit), whereas the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center would lay down ten mats and had plenty of room to spare. That's the difference in terms of the number of teams. Not sure how many teams last year but it was more than 21. Most of the weight classes had more than 32 and the tournament went off without to many hitches. I especially liked the part of the score board that showed the next 4 (or maybe it was 5) matches that would be on each mat. 23 last year, to be exact.
  20. Missouri greatly underperformed the index at NCAA's. In fact, if I recall correctly, they had no AA's at NCAA. Appalachian State had their two best wrestlers perform quite well at NCAA's. As the Dual Component ranking is a dual-based system (albeit one that takes individual performances in tournaments into account), two wrestlers are not going to take an otherwise-mediocre team and flip much more than a couple of matches. It takes 4-7 matches to win a dual (the exact number depending on the circumstances).
  21. They only can fit eight mats inside McKenzie Arena (and it's a fairly tight fit), whereas the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center would lay down ten mats and had plenty of room to spare. That's the difference in terms of the number of teams.
  22. Well, yes, American most certainly is new, but not the headline-grabber I was referring to...
  23. Shame on me for not providing a link...please, Chattanooga Sports Information, don't shoot me! http://www.gomocs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=88664&SPID=10572&DB_LANG=C&ATCLID=205436736&DB_OEM_ID=17700
  24. Dates: January 1-2 (means I'll be spending my New Year's in Chattanooga again!) Teams (ranking is final NCAA Championships ranking, followed by Dual Impact Index Dual-Component final ranking): [font=]Penn State (1, 1) [font=]South Dakota State (0Q, 75) Cleveland State (0Q, 70)
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