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  1. Scroll down...the first ten brackets are the normal ten, then the 11th one is the 9th-place bracket at 133.
  2. There was actually a ninth-place bracket, that Lamont won.
  3. Luffman is my next man in, followed by Doyle. Per my projections, McKiernan wasn't eligible.
  4. Nevills didn't have a single win against the field. That almost certainly sunk him.
  5. Not even sure I'd consider Jason Chamberlain the most likely person on the Fresno State staff to get the Oregon State job...
  6. Note that the link in the very first post of this thread is now final.
  7. Have not yet, but the full list of wrestlers needing at-large bids that earned AQs for the conference is linked in the very first post of the pinned topic.
  8. The 125 at-large pool is a hot mess...nine wrestlers that earned spots are in the pool for five slots. A bunch of people are not going to be happy when the at-large bids are released on Tuesday.
  9. Don't remember whether it was 12 or 13, but Gantry has the general idea right.
  10. There are between 4-6 at-large bids at each weight class. As for Young getting one and Nevills not getting one, Jeff Byers (the Penn State radio announcer) stated that Nevills would not accept an at-large bid due to his injury suffered yesterday. Young has no such known injury issues, and most likely will be receiving an at-large slot.
  11. Not even in the hole, but underneath it! That's bad! BTW, just to clarify, it's Alex Clemsen, not Clemson. We all wish that certain ACC school in South Carolina would restart wrestling, however!
  12. And who would you have hired if you were the AD at Maryland after Cael refused to even take your call regarding an interview?
  13. Just a note: The Big 12 has decided to do a ninth-place bracket (and then true-eighth) at 133 pounds to determine their last qualifier. This is reflected in the link on the first page.
  14. It's mostly done by a formula, that takes into account head-to-head wins, quality wins, coaches ranking, RPI, winning percentage, qualifier placement, and results against common opponents. Such an observation mentioned above would be completely ignored in the room.
  15. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6727567-2020-ncaa-tournament-automatic-qualifier-hub I've been tracking who earned an AQ for their conference, but still needs an at-large bid, at https://wrestlingbypirate.wordpress.com/2020/03/06/who-earned-automatic-bids-for-their-conference-but-needs-an-at-large/
  16. Cuomo survives, Womack does not. Nothing to worry about at 184, both Koser and Jakobsen are on the backside at 197, and Sullivan at 285.
  17. Somebody's bid is going to be stolen at 174, with Womack and the Harvey/Carey loser both on the same side of the consolation bracket...
  18. Yep...got both of those. Nothing to worry about now until 165 (both Jarrell/Stamm and Cuomo/Meyer).
  19. https://wrestlingbypirate.wordpress.com/2020/03/06/who-earned-automatic-bids-for-their-conference-but-needs-an-at-large/
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