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  1. At this point, I'm completely confused as to what Tony Ersland needs to do to get somebody wrestling on Saturday, and the only thing I can come up with is that he ought to switch religions. Otherwise, he's done absolutely everything right...between all of their losses in the bloodround and last year's tournament being wiped out due to COVID, I'm stumped.
  2. Wouldn’t agree with doing what was suggested, but would be OK if they did that after every session (other than the Thursday night session) on the backside
  3. The year they were forfeiting five matches a dual was Kolat’s first year, and that was because they were ineligible for the postseason due to being in APR purgatory (they needed a waiver for multiple consecutive years after that because his predecessor left the team in such trouble APR-wise). Truth is, had Kolat not redshirted many of his wrestlers, they would’ve likely hit the road for other pastures. There were problems in Buies Creek prior to Kolat’s arrival, but the forfeits were a symptom, not the root cause.
  4. I don't think Marinelli ever thought about not coming back to Iowa for another year. Look at the name of the Director of Wresting Operations, and know that that is NOT a coincidence!
  5. On the Missouri River? Cool! Or did you mean oceanfront?
  6. Believe it happened on his way from the mat to the media room.
  7. Keep in mind that that clock runs at 30 frames per second...so it's actually either 6.6 or 6.7 seconds.
  8. Happened a couple of years ago in both the D2 and D3 National Finals!
  9. Demetrius Romero: Meridian, Idaho, Mountain View HS Kaleb Romero: Mechanicsburg, Ohio, Mechanicsburg HS Can't help but think not related...
  10. Specifically recall CSU Bakersfield's wrestlers wearing identically-colored singlets (may have been the exact same singlets) after their administration announced they were dropping the program, including IN FRONT OF THE UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT! That said, the University President ended up overturning that decision, and kept the program.
  11. And if both win, they're wrestle each other tomorrow afternoon!
  12. If you brought a button-down shirt, the Missouri Athletic Club...just a couple of light rail stops from the Enterprise Center, has rooms available.
  13. Wouldn’t Busiello have to sit out a year, with this being his second transfer?
  14. No...the Big Ten Network, partly-owned by ESPN’s bitter rival Fox Sports, carried Big Tens. For what it’s worth, I did some digging on nationals TV programming...all sessions (and parts of sessions) will be televised: Thursday morning: ESPNU Thursday evening: ESPN2 Friday morning: ESPNU Friday evening: ESPN (the mothership) Saturday morning: ESPN2 Saturday evening: ESPN (again, the mothership)
  15. D-2 cut the number of qualifiers from 180 to 132, and the wildcards left only 11 wrestlers at 157 and 174, creating the “Magic bye” scenario.
  16. No, that's more appropriate to call Bernard Muir than Real Woods...
  17. https://mobile.twitter.com/wrestlingbypir8/status/1369111428599345155 (and the following three tweets as well)
  18. That's because, for the most part, nobody was a major national title threat to Grand View for the better part of the last decade. Grand View won by 72.5 points last year over Menlo (Life finished tenth), and skunked Life in the finals of National Duals 40-0. The year before, Grand View won by 134 points over Lindsey Wilson (Life finished third)! Jason tweeted that the last time there was a team race was 2013, but I'm not sure of the circumstances...he would be, of course...but the national title race the last few years has been anticlimactic, to put it mildly. To put it another way, last time Grand View did NOT win the NAIA Championship, Life did not yet have a wrestling team.
  19. Just a note: Grand View had two team points deducted earlier in the tournament (no idea what for, Jason might know), those team points are looming LLLAAARRRGGGEEE now.
  20. Basically, BTN is televising anything on the front side of the bracket.
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