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  1. It initially was posted, then was put back behind the password-protect.
  2. Because Matt Storniolo had Eric Yang's name put in the brackets instead of Morland...couldn't give you any further reasoning.
  3. Note: This is a dynamic list, and is likely to be added to. 174: Tyler Morland (Northwestern) will not be participating at Big Ten's, and the Big Ten's ninth bid will go to the at-large pool as a result.
  4. Kolat was also the person who brought Twitterverse's attention to it.
  5. Unless Zeke Jones really wanted to screw over his own conference, there is NO way he would've listed Austin Clayton for the last coaches' ranking if there was any way Zahid would be wrestling at Pac-12s. Sorry, but if Zahid wrestles this weekend at Maples, please hook me up to an AED on the spot.
  6. Still wonder who thought it was a good idea to let Britt Malinsky on that committee...the other three people on that committee aren't so bad though.
  7. Sources tell me that the #1 and 2 seeds will automatically receive quarterfinal byes.
  8. Yes, they have always wrestled the matches (believe only the ACC, Big Ten, and EIWA don't)...the Pac-12 just always cuts the stream before the matches. Edit to add: misread the question completely.
  9. Yes. Last year was the first year it was moved to the same weekend.
  10. Parent Company of TrackWrestling, and, more relevant to this discussion, xfinity. Also, a company that has yet to come to a deal with ESPN regarding carriage of the ACC Network.
  11. My Comcast comment was a reference to the ACC, who's network is not carried by Comcast at all.
  12. Penn State's all-sports conference was the Atlantic 10 prior to them joining the Big Ten in the summer of 1991.
  13. Just a note: The link at the top has been updated to add the cutlines at each weight class.
  14. Needs two of the following criteria: Top 33 CR post-conference Top 33 RPI post-conference .700 winning percentage post-conference one spot off qualifying (which is why you see the Big Ten having those seemingly-silly "9th-place matches" when there are only eight AQs a win over somebody who has finished in a qualifying spot
  15. Two coaches per conference per weight (this is new this year).
  16. They have no idea. Truth is, there are only 14 people who (collectively) know who will be seeded where at Big Ten's, and they probably aren't communicating much to each other about it, and the Big Ten has no seeding criteria to go by, other than whatever the coaches collectively feel like.
  17. https://wrestlingbypirate.wordpress.com/2020/02/27/qualifying-slots-and-who-earned-them/
  18. It most certainly would...needs six for automatic qualification. (the eight requirement is to be an all-sports conference, which, of course, the Ivy League has)
  19. I've long expected that the first outcome of an NCAA Dual Meet Championship would be the six Ivy teams breaking away from the EIWA.
  20. FBS College Football has never been an NCAA Championship. And FYI, NCAA Wrestling HAS a selection committee.
  21. Truth be told, if this happened in reality, there probably would be a one-dual "playoff", so to speak, for the EIWA regular season crown. Actually, most conferences would probably have a conference dual-meet tournament to determine their representative.
  22. What other NCAA Championship sport uses media rankings? Far more sports use coaches' rankings (albeit generally in an advisory role) than the zero that use media rankings.
  23. Iowa was unbeaten in 2011, but not in 2013. Minnesota was not unbeaten in either year it beat Penn State.
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