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  1. How does that work, exactly, if somebody decides they want to transfer on June 2nd?
  2. Cornell’s behavior during the pandemic has apparently been nothing short of treating the students like they are inmates at nearby Five Points Correctional Facility, rather than students at an Ivy League institution, and it’s not like they made much effort to hide it. https://covid.cornell.edu/testing/dashboard/#about-alerts
  3. Well, Cael wanted Bubba to wrestle 149...it was only when Bubba went 165 at the Mat Town Open, thus foreclosing 149 as an option (under the rules at the time, wrestlers could only move down one weight class over the course of a season), that Cael politely told him to go play in traffic.
  4. Wasn’t that technically Taylor over Bubba?
  5. No, Jamestown’s athletic teams are actually named the Jimmies!
  6. Right, but Field Hockey is considered a fall sport. (all fall sports were moved to the winter or spring due to the virus)
  7. Amazingly, pretty sure the only fall sport in this predicament is field hockey.
  8. They all matter to those that participate in them, sir!
  9. Hasn’t Oklahoma State had a couple of REALLY strong recruiting classes lately?
  10. Conference titles Nebraska has won since joining: Baseball: 2017 (regular season) Women's Basketball: 2014 (tournament) Women's Gymnastics: 2012 (championships), 2013 (championships), 2014 (regular season, co-champs), 2017 (regular season, co-champs) Women's Soccer: 2013 (regular season and tournament) Softball: 2014 (regular season, co-champs) Women's Tennis: 2013 (regular season, co-champs) Men's Indoor Track & Field: 2015, 2016, 2019 Women's Indoor Track & Field: 2012 Men's Outdoor Track & Field: 2013, 2016 Women's Volleyball: 2016
  11. His last name spelled backwards!
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/ASUWrestling/status/1385280540631179264 Possibly the best tweet ever seen regarding a transfer!
  13. Would expect them to go back to the normal process this coming season.
  14. Not all that unusual. For example (flame away), in the AAU basketball realm, the Nike, adidas, and Reebok sponsorship programs were all basically founded by the same person, Sonny Vaccaro.
  15. Would’ve liked to have seen him stay at Fresno, but, y’know, Terry Tumey...smh
  16. Not sure you can say that...similar academic profile, and he’ll have the full 9.9 to play with, as opposed to 5.5 or so at Stanford, and with an extremely supportive AD (Dr. and Col. Billy Walker wrestled at Air Force, and further, was the chairperson of the NCAA Division I Wrestling Committee for several years), am thinking the sky is the limit for Jason.
  17. Speaking of which, what is former UI assistant coach Carl Perry doing these days?
  18. I don’t believe J has a show-cause order against him, because I don’t believe he committed any NCAA violations. (Nobody is technically banned from coaching, the University just often has to negotiate a punishment for the coach, and “show cause” that he won’t commit further violations) That said, pretty sure an AD would have a difficult time hiring J, especially an intra-conference AD. The Gophers were trending downward late in his tenure, even before the incident, and Josh Whitman probably would shudder at hiring somebody who’s probably viewed as a PR nightmare for somebody who wouldn’t be much more than a stopgap anyway. (He turns 75 in June) I always loved dealing with J, but his coaching career is almost certainly over, retroactive to the date Gopher AD Mark Coyle fired him.
  19. Not to mention the AD wasn’t there when they started the program. I actually went out to Fresno for their first home dual meet, and one of my hopes was to actually get to talk to the AD...to discover he had resigned the previous week in scandal. Needless to say, Terry Tumey wasn’t in place yet. (I literally found out about 30 seconds before typing this edit that said AD, Jim Bartko, has since passed away)
  20. No, he didn’t. He’s been pretty vocal that Foley had an open door to return if he so desired.
  21. Isn’t that what the local obituary page and police blotter is for?
  22. Liked your attribution to the question about who would replace Jim Heffernan at Illinois!
  23. Josh Whitman is right when it comes to search firms...getting the right hire who’s going to be there for 30 years isn’t good for repeat business for a search firm!
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