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  1. Yes. They've also been wearing headgear with the tree crossed out.
  2. Lamer beat Crooks 4-2 at 149...the others are still ongoing. (also, whether you have the Pac-12 network or not is irrelevant...they aren't streaming, and never have)
  3. My understanding is yes, but I'm not 100% sure.
  4. The Pac-12 has never done either of those things, for some reason...
  5. True...and unfortunately, the Pac-12 has always been AWFUL at showing those true second matches.
  6. All of their out-of-conference gymnastics meets were virtual meets (ie. both teams competed in their home gyms against each other). In hockey, all of their non-conference games were home games against Arizona State, who otherwise was an independent who wouldn't have been able to compete at all this season. Pumpkin-pushing? You got us there...
  7. Reminder: Presbyterian is a second-year program at a college that is barely the size of a medium-to-large-sized high school in some places.
  8. Basically, CMU won every single match that would've been contested on Day 3 of NCAAs...
  9. That was the one who was being recruited by Mock starting when he was 15 seconds old.
  10. Like the year that Alex Dieringer required an at-large bid!
  11. Am reminded of during C.D. Mock's tenure at North Carolina, at one point there were three total kids from the state of North Carolina on the UNC roster, and one of the three was being recruited by Mock since he was about 15 seconds old (there's a loophole in there that allowed this, don't worry, gimp, both the UNC Compliance Department and the NCAA Committee on Infractions OKed it in this specific circumstance).
  12. I have no way of getting into the heads of the rest of the people on the committee, however, I can say that I tried my best to follow the criteria exactly.
  13. Just to clarify, the seeding criteria was, in order of importance: 1. Head-to-Head 2. Common Opponents 3. Quality wins (defined as wins over coaches-ranked opponents) 4. Coaches Ranking 5. NCAA All-American 6. EIWA Finalist 7. NCAA Qualifier 8. EIWA Placer And for those wondering, my ballot was as follows: 125: 1. Jaret Lane, Lehigh 2. Micah Roes, Binghamton 3. Logan Treaster, Navy 4. Dylan Ryder, Hofstra 5. Gage Curry, American 6. Brandon Seidman, Bucknell 7. Bryce Cockrell, Long Island 8. Ryan Chauvin, Army West Point 9. Kyle Waterman, Drexel 10. Cole Meyer, Sacred Heart 133: 1. Anthony Sobotker, Binghamton 2. Malyke Hines, Lehigh 3. Chandler Olson, Drexel 4. Garrett Lambert, Hofstra 5. Mark Montgomery, Army West Point 6. Darren Miller, Bucknell 7. Jacob Allen, Navy 8. Devin Matthews, Long Island 9. Kyle Randall, Sacred Heart 141: 1. Cody Trybus, Navy 2. Zack Trampe, Binghamton 3. Lane Peters, Army West Point 4. Vinny Vespa, Hofstra 5. Tyler Williams, Drexel 6. Drew Witham, Long Island 7. Kurt Phipps, Bucknell 8. Jordan Carlucci, Sacred Heart 9. Connor McGonagle, Lehigh 10. Patrick Ryan, American 149: 1. PJ Ogunsanya, Army West Point 2. Casey Cobb, Navy 3. Jimmy Hoffman, Lehigh 4. Luke Nichter, Drexel 5. Greg Gaxiola, Hofstra 6. Kizhan Clarke, American 7. Michael Zarif, Binghamton 8. Matthew Kolonia, Bucknell 9. Chris Gomez, Long Island 10. Seth Brown, Sacred Heart 157: 1. Holden Heller, Hofstra 2. Markus Hartman, Army West Point 3. Parker Kropman, Drexel 4. Andrew Cerniglia, Navy 5. Luca Frinzi, Lehigh 6. Nick Delp, Bucknell 7. Nick Palumbo, Sacred Heart 8. Rhise Royster, Long Island 9. Chris Barker, Binghamton 165: 1. Zach Hartman, Bucknell 2. Tanner Skidgel, Navy 3. Ricky Stamm, Hofstra 4. Brevin Casella, Binghamton 5. Evan Barczak, Drexel 6. Clayton Fielden, Army West Point 7. Will Schmidt, Sacred Heart 8. Brian Meyer, Lehigh 9. Ryan Ferro, Long Island 174: 1. Michael O'Malley, Drexel 2. Ross McFarland, Hofstra 3. Tim Fitzpatrick, American 4. Jacob Nolan, Binghamton 5. Ben Pasiuk, Army West Point 6. Vincent Andreano, Bucknell 7. Jake Logan, Lehigh 8. Dean Caravela, Navy 9. Thomas DiGennaro, Long Island 10. Pat O'Donnell, Sacred Heart 184: 1. Lou DePrez, Binghamton 2. David Key, Navy 3. Taylor Brown, Army West Point 4. Charles Small, Hofstra 5. Joe Accousti, Sacred Heart 6. Josh Stillings, Drexel 7. James Langan, Long Island 8. Frank Guida, Bucknell 9. Dylan Ammerman, Lehigh 197: 1. Jacob Koser, Navy 2. John Jakobsen, Lehigh 3. JT Brown, Army West Point 4. Bryan McLaughlin, Drexel 5. Trey Rogers, Hofstra 6. Robert Hetherman, Sacred Heart 7. Mason McCready, Bucknell 8. Sam DePrez, Binghamton 9. TJ Frandan, Long Island 285: 1. Jordan Wood, Lehigh 2. John Birchmeier, Navy 3. Robert Heald, Army West Point 4. Zachary Knighton-Ward, Hofstra 5. Joe Doyle, Binghamton 6. Dorian Crosby, Bucknell 7. Tim Nagosky, Long Island 8. Mark Blokh, Sacred Heart 9. Sean O'Malley, Drexel
  14. Don't think about Penn State... Don't think about Penn State... Don't think about Penn State... What are you thinking about?
  15. He actually wrestled a second match tonight...the second match lasted six whole seconds longer than the first one did.
  16. No...wrestlers have until March 7th to get their four matches in.
  17. For those wondering, it'll be Shane and Tim on the call of Penn State/Maryland, Ray and Jim on the call of Indiana/Purdue.
  18. I’m not familiar with any of this...then again, I’ll be 38 years old next week, and I’m currently in my first-ever relationship! (No, not kidding)
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