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  1. This year, yes, absolutely. What was great is that you got a full seven minutes of wrestling from almost every wrestler. Very little standing around or trying to coast on a lead. Kudos to both teams and both coaches. Looking forward to some rematches at BIG10s and Nationals.
  2. I don't see a thread for this so thought I'd start one in anticipation of tonight's match. Rumor is that Minnesota will be forfeiting to Zain.
  3. I think some of the lamenting about fewer multiple sport athletes is misplaced -- it is not simply that crazy parents ("hockey dads") are making their kids specialize to earn a scholarship (although we have all met these people), it is that sports themselves have changed, and the seasons are much longer and therefore overlap, making it harder to be on multiple teams. Back in the old days the fall season (football, and maybe cross country) ended a week or so before the winter season (wrestling, and that sport for tall boys with the ball), and that ended a week or so before spring's baseball and track. This just isn't the case anymore. In PA a few years ago they chose to officially cut the first week out of all winter sports (wrestling and both boys and girls basketball, and volleyball) because the football playoffs had been extended into so many rounds that it washed deep into the start of the winter season. The smallest schools complained that their boys couldn't play basketball because they were still in the football playoffs. Also, wrestling differs from some other sports in that about half of the boys (the lighter half) are too small to play on their team's football or basketball team, and probably too light for hockey. It is a lot easier for a big kid to play multiple sports since being big is rarely a handicap, except maybe gymnastics.
  4. I don't think it flips the match, it is not like the 2x Jr World Champion is bad on his feet. And if opponents start to be afraid to take bottom, then they are basically conceding him a point, because he'll take bottom and get the escape. I think this 'don't choose bottom' is just wishful thinking on the part of Nato fans -- hey, your guy got beat, but it was a great match. The re-match should also be great.
  5. Exactly. Both Lee and Kemerer (both products of Franklin Regional HS outside of Pittsburgh) put on riding clinics against tOSU. (Admittedly Kemerer did try to coast out the third period, but it was still a win.)
  6. Pitt 19 Oklahoma 18 Pitt, after forfeiting 125, gets a major from Forys and a fall in the last match from Solomon at heavy to win the dual. Shown live on the ACC network on ESPN3. Recording should also be available soon.
  7. They must have the early puberty genes then. Kid is strong.
  8. Well, I wouldn't say he had zero to prove. Had he won that match he would have been an undefeated 4 time AAA state champ, which is a club with very few members. And he very nearly pulled out a victory, despite the serious injury. Today, on the other hand, he was wrestling unattached in a redshirt year. Very different decision, IMO.
  9. 126 final was easily the best match of the night. Teasdale did all the work, but Bartlett defended beautifully, and is both strong and flexible. Teasdale took injury time for what looked like a back problem, but kept wrestling; hope it is not serious. He was in a very funky position immediately prior to the ITO. Tough first ever loss, but at least he avoids the pressure his buddy Spencer Lee faced last year of having to do the Dan Gable number at the state championship. Silva match was terrible, and it was the first match of the finals. Don't know if that is always how he wrestles, or if that was some special game plan the coaches put in against Manville, but Manville kept his cool and was the only one doing actual wrestling at the end. Impressive kid, especially since as a freshman he was unseeded. Gissendanner hit a very slick duckunder in the first period, and then just defended the rest of the way. Kemerer hit about five single legs, all stalemated out when Gissendanner went over the top and hung on the ankles. It was a winning strategy, but not much fun to watch. One of the Penfield NY parents/coaches won about 3,500$ in the 50/50 drawing, so all in all it was a good trip to Pittsburgh from New York for Penfield. Humphries was impressive. Match started as if it was going to be close, and then he just exerted his will. Starocci held on to a lead, and Hartmann couldn't answer. Not one of my favorite matches of the night. 182 Hidlay wrestled like he did as a PA state champ as a junior - very fast for a big man. He'll be fun to follow for the rest of his career. === You didn't mention the lightweight matches. 106 was two long skinny sophomores: "spiders". Phipps prevailed over a very competitive Guida. Good match, despite the low score. Also 120 paired off two seniors, Newell, who is going to Pitt, and home gym favorite Macri. No TD in the first, Macri escapes in the second, and very nearly rides out Newell in the third. Macri wins in SV off a poor Newell shot - I think Newell spent a lot of physical and mental energy getting out from bottom in the third and was not ready for SV.
  10. I hope not. I was there tonight and if he's an eighth grader he's an eighth grader who is driving himself to junior high school. Apparently all the redshirts who used to go to Brandon now go to this Florida prep school.
  11. Why 'hopefully'? He didn't get any of their guys to AA this year, despite having a top-8 seed. And Campbell up and left the team after the tournament. And then you had the whole road trip screw-up. Where was Kocher's value-add?
  12. I was going to post this morning but I have nothing to add to wrestlingnerd's list, even down to #10 with Hall stalling, and I'm a homer. Great, great finals action. Given all the posts about the betting odds at each weight, I wonder what the odds would have been for a PSU "quintfecta", or whatever you call picking five winners out of five? Especially when Joseph and Hall had to be underdogs, and Nickal a push. Unbelievable.
  13. Uh, no, it's an actual book. A non-fiction memoir by perhaps the most famous fiction writer who is an ex-wrestler. Wrestling also shows up in some of his fiction, e.g. the 158 pound marriage.
  14. One response, hopefully still on topic, is that as a ref sometimes the problem is a contact lens. And what most guys will do is that if the kid wants to hand off a loose contact to his coach, that's free (no I.T.). But if he wants to put it back in, that starts the clock. So, when a kid backs off holding his eye you don't immediately know if it is an eye poke or a contact lens deal.
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