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  1. Ed handles the loss and the subsequent interview very well. Today's wrestler could learn a thing or two from this video.
  2. Wy...Wins

    DF: longest troll presence in internet history?

    Haven't been on here in quite some time and, lo and behold, DF's post is what I see...just stunning! :D
  3. Wy...Wins

    Read on the forum of the evil other site

    Jason I am sorry to see you leave USA Wrestling. You definitely made wrestling and the promotion of it better here and throughout our nation. You will be missed. Big shoes to fill...:cry:
  4. Wy...Wins

    Iowa Fans - Where does McDonough Rank?

    I see McDonough at 133 next year. Oliver 141. Steiber 141 and possibly a great rematch between Oliver and Steiber. McDonough should rank high on Iowa's ALL-Time greats. After next year, ????
  5. Wy...Wins

    Can Dake win 4 titles at 4 weights?

    You are an idiot. Koll has a resume that spanks yours. Get a job.
  6. Wy...Wins

    Can Dake win 4 titles at 4 weights?

    Rob Koll knows significantly more than you and he put Dake at 149. He was right it appears.
  7. Wy...Wins

    Can Dake win 4 titles at 4 weights?

    As obvious as it sounds Dake would be the favorite to win 4 at different weights. I think he will be at the same weight class for the last 2. No matter who is there Dake must be considered a favorite.
  8. Wy...Wins

    Whos the more likely 4x champ?

    I agree with that...