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  1. Ed handles the loss and the subsequent interview very well. Today's wrestler could learn a thing or two from this video.
  2. Haven't been on here in quite some time and, lo and behold, DF's post is what I see...just stunning! :D
  3. Jason I am sorry to see you leave USA Wrestling. You definitely made wrestling and the promotion of it better here and throughout our nation. You will be missed. Big shoes to fill...:cry:
  4. I see McDonough at 133 next year. Oliver 141. Steiber 141 and possibly a great rematch between Oliver and Steiber. McDonough should rank high on Iowa's ALL-Time greats. After next year, ????
  5. You are an idiot. Koll has a resume that spanks yours. Get a job.
  6. Rob Koll knows significantly more than you and he put Dake at 149. He was right it appears.
  7. As obvious as it sounds Dake would be the favorite to win 4 at different weights. I think he will be at the same weight class for the last 2. No matter who is there Dake must be considered a favorite.
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