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  1. The ones who say Bill Russell.
  2. Struggled? He lost to Dean. Then sophomore Nickal beat senior Dean. Give me Bo over Ed all day long.
  3. Arrington with 0.5 over the next 3 years? Give me the over.
  4. Okay okay sorry don’t have a lot of time but let’s start with Brooks. He was not number 1 seed in covid year he was 3rd. I honestly forget what else but Alton was not round of 12 as a true freshman. Dylan was 3rd as true freshman while Andrew redshirted then was round of 12 that year. I’m sure there was more. Maybe I will look it over again later.
  5. This is terribly inaccurate. Jeesh I don’t even know where to start.
  6. He already lost to Jackson at 86, he certainly isn’t beating him at 92.
  7. Ashnault did not have a better college career that’s crazy.
  8. Do you mean Max Dean?
  9. Kind of disappointed for a few years? His worst finish at NCAA was 2nd in 3 tries. 2 time champ with his one loss to Spencer Lee. When was he disappointing?
  10. How many number 1’s has Cael had? I bet it’s less than 10.
  11. When has Cael been on his back?
  12. I have no idea that’s why I’m asking. It seems to not have nearly as many of the big names as all the other weights.
  13. I think it was either 3rd or 4th place they would have been.
  14. Where would Nick Lee and Gable Steveson fit in?
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