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  1. Just counting everyone who has won in 2016 or later, the year of the last Olympics.
  2. Stieber, JB, Dake, Taylor, Cox, Snyder
  3. I have no particular inside knowledge (at least recent) but Spencer will cruise by Gilman IMO.
  4. Not to mention neither Zain nor Reece wrestled in the RTC cup....
  5. It was actually 3-2 as Kerk got a push out at the end. Totally agree that he was definitely not big brothered in that match. Kerk wins easily next time they meet.
  6. When the Grinch walked in he looked to be about 150 lbs or less. Varner dwarfed him.
  7. Yes cable still exists. I literally have a cable that connects to my tv.
  8. At the same time does it give JO a tougher first round opponent or is it about the same?
  9. That’s my point, he went from no chance against Oliver to a good shot at reaching the semi’s.
  10. What a lucky break for Ashnault. Does he have a good shot at beating Henderson?
  11. Hmm that’s interesting. Wonder why?
  12. This feels like a better bracket than the 195 lb.
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