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  1. More career losses and less hodge trophies. I agree they’re comparable to a sense but Taylor’s is definitely favorable.
  2. 125: Leroy Vega (Portage, Ind.) - Second at Big Tens, Third at NCAAs 133: Brett Lawrence (Sandpoint, Idaho) - Fifth at Big Tens, Eighth at NCAAs 141: Chad Erickson (Apple Valley, Minn.) - Second at Big Tens, Eighth at NCAAs 149: Jared Lawrence (Sandpoint, Idaho) - First at Big Tens, Sixth at NCAAs 157: Luke Becker (Cambridge, Minn.) - Second at Big Tens, Fourth at NCAAs 165: Brad Pike (Brownsdale, Minn.) - Third at Big Tens, Fourth at NCAAs 174: Jacob Volkmann (Henning, Minn.) - Fourth at Big Tens, Fourth at NCAAs 184: Damion Hahn (Lakewood, N.J.) - Third at Big Tens, Fifth at NCAAs 197: Owen Elzen (Eyota, Minn.) - Third at Big Tens, Third at NCAAs 285: Garrett Lowney (Freedom, Wisc.) - First at Big Tens, Third at NCAAs This is the only time in history a team had 10 AAs.
  3. It will mean a lot if DeSanto is disqualified at Big Ten or NCAA because of it.
  4. I wouldn't count Taylor out in 2024, that's all I'm saying. And if JB were to retire this year, who's to say Taylor won't have similar accolades as JB in 4 years...
  5. That was not an inside trip, but man Snyder does not fight at all when on his back.
  6. I still don't follow how any of that has to do with retirement ages for the 2?
  7. Yeah, I just saw this also.
  8. Agreed, but that being said, Hall win win Big 10's and NCAA's comfortably.
  9. That wasn't his last time out.
  10. Last time out, JB got a Bronze, Taylor got a Gold. Is that not quantifiable?
  11. And age of retirement affects this how?
  12. I guess I do, please elaborate.
  13. What makes him clearly not JB? I mean, besides the fact that they are in fact, different humans.
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