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  1. Also, how many years ago was this?? I still take Taylor or Nickal to win this weight though.
  2. Lee is easily better, but Suriano is definitely better than Jenkins.
  3. I would say I’m neutral. I’m a PSU guy who doesn’t care much for Iowa, but I love Spencer Lee. Maybe that makes me not neutral idk. Anyway, I think Spencer Lee has definitely battled health issues the past 3 years. He also ended up on top of the podium and was runner up once in those 3 seasons. I would call Lee super tough, but can understand those that think maybe others are tougher.
  4. Oops you’re right. Guess Nevills just got up for a huge match at home and wrestled to win the dual for PSU, which he did. I don’t follow the NCAA performance deal though as Snyder always won while doing the international thing, but when he wrestled a full folk style season he was dominated several times during the season including being pinned in the national finals.
  5. So also not an easy tech as you claimed he did in the past. Just looks to me like Nevills was improving against him. Lose by 10, lose by 9 then lose by 5 at home.
  6. I will take Lee (Fix if Lee doesn't go) Pico (Oliver if Pico doesn't go) Dake Taylor Nickal Gwiz
  7. I don’t remember previous results but Snyder only beat Nevills by 5, in that dual meet. It was not a major.
  8. This is nonsense. Yianni is also a phenom, but to say Pico wasn't is crazy.
  9. Agreed, Pico is good enough to win 65 and 70 right now.
  10. I believe Pico would handle Zain with ease today, and if he comes back will be US Olympic Rep.
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