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  1. Is it worth mentioning? How many bronze does JB have? Would he have less?
  2. Not at all. And wait I thought he was still working out morning of to make weight? It’s not like he showed up at 8:30 on weight and not having a clue he missed weigh ins.
  3. Well he didn’t make it so...
  4. Because I feel that if he can’t make 97 anymore he would probably struggle to make 92 and perform against one of the best in the world?
  5. Considering he just missed at 97 kg, yes I think Nickal takes him this time. Either is a good chance at world gold though.
  6. I think Nickal wins 92 if he decides to compete.
  7. I’ve never heard anyone predict that.
  8. Seems a little strange. Cruz is pretty small for Zain.
  9. I think Dake has a legit case. He’s certainly only behind Sadulaev at this point right? Who’s lost more recently?
  10. I thought Metcalf beat him once? Pico would definitely win.
  11. So I guess Burroughs beat Dake too right?
  12. That’s a bad example. Oliver drew Metcalf (who made the final) first and lost 1-0, 0-1, 1-0, then had Adam Hall (who got 5th) and lost 1-0, 1-1. Oliver was right there. Interestingly, there were 15 guys in that bracket, including Cary Kolat, who also went 0-2.
  13. Yes, exactly. Oliver handles Lee easily and then squeaks by Yianni. I’m not saying Lee can’t beat them both again but we just need to pump the brakes a little on those 2 results in the wrestle backs. The 8-3 loss to Oliver is more telling to me.
  14. Come on TBar, I love me some Nick Lee but let’s not act like beating Zain and Yianni in the wrestle backs is the same as on the front side.
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