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  1. You just watched DT put up 13 points in 36 seconds and you’re not sure who would win a match between the 2? That’s an odd statement.
  2. While I agree that technically Frank’s result is more impressive to the avid fan, when they both walk into a bar and Logan gets to say he was World Champion, he’s going to be more impressive to the general population.
  3. Nolf was up 6-0 on Kennedy then seemed to have a brain fart. That being said I think JO gets an early lead then neither winning would surprise me. They’re two of my favorite college wrestlers the past 10 years, but I guess I lean JO if I have to choose.
  4. Yes Zain beat Green 9-2 after Green took a 2-0 lead.
  5. How many times has Zain beaten JO?
  6. It’s crazy how many of you have Nickal #5. All 5 are great and certainly interchangeable to an extent based on preference. That being said he’s #1 for me for several reasons. Honestly, he probably has the best and most good wins. He was absolutely untouched as a junior and senior (where the others all had close ones or losses). He also won a U23 World title right after college. His senior year he pinned all other opponents ranked in the top 5. For me, looking at college career and highest level reached while in college I’d go: #1 Nickal #2 Nolf #3 Taylor #4 Ruth #5 Retherford
  7. Well you did state it was justifiable, so I was just wondering how?
  8. Seemed to be in doubt when he was getting decked by Bubba.
  9. Please explain how. 1 guy is 134-3 with 2 titles (2 Hodge trophies), 2 runner ups and 4X big ten champion with 2 of his 3 losses to 4X champ Dake by 1 point the other guy is 99-9 with 2 titles (no Hodge trophies), 1 runner up and 1 DNC, no big ten titles and losses to Keaton Subjeck, Isaac Jordan and 3 losses to Alex Marinelli none of whom are even a national champion. Sorry it’s not even close. I didn’t even consider bonus points which would widen the gap. Of the Sanderson era, there is no way Taylor is worse than 5th if college only. He’s easily number 1, if including international.
  10. If the matches are good, they might be good? How insightful....
  11. Lol Joseph over Taylor? Do tell why please?
  12. Wouldn’t Gabe Dean be better in accomplishments? Or do you mean at the time of. He beat Hamlin in finals also that’s a quality guy.
  13. DSJ seems like a solid quality win. Maybe not the same as Stieber (Retherford), Imar (Nolf), Dean (Nickal), but it isn’t far behind. I’m blanking on Ruth’s best win?
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