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  1. Mokoma

    Some guys have something "special".

    What in the serious F are you even talking about.
  2. Mokoma

    Rea Defeats Teasedale

    Betz never placed in college.
  3. Mokoma

    From a Buckeye Perspective

    Yep. Some other weights not so good. Did have Nickal over Dean of course though. Believe I had Heil losing first round! Lol
  4. Mokoma

    From a Buckeye Perspective

    Actually I did have Cruz over Lizak in my bracket.
  5. I feel like we go over this every year. Although this bracket looking back has some awesome names, it's mostly full of underclassmen who had yet to prove much.
  6. Mokoma

    2017 Zain Retherford vs 2008 Brent Metcalf

    Wow, I completely missed that he would take 33 loss Palmer over an all time great in Oliver. That is just asinine. Does Oliver have 33 career losses if you count elementary through international wrestling?
  7. Mokoma

    2017 Zain Retherford vs 2008 Brent Metcalf

    Wow. You would take the Sophomore Molinaro ( The one who took 26 losses in college up to that point.... ) over National runner ups Chamberlain / Ness and future Champion in Houdashelt. That is just non-sense MSU158.
  8. Mokoma

    Best NCAA Wrestlers who Never won an NCAA title

    I would vote for Chris Fleeger. 2nd, 3rd and 2nd in 3 years competing.
  9. I've seen this a few times but when did Hall wrestle Brooks??
  10. Mokoma

    Top 5 Matches of November

    Well who the heck has Bo number 5??
  11. Why does WIN have PSU 7th??? http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Rankings/College-Rankings/D1/Team/2016/September/8/WIN-Div-I-TPI-rankings-September-8-2016
  12. Mokoma

    Pico vs. Zain (Folkstyle)

    They were both 3 time National finalists. Owings has a win over Gable in the finals. I take him.
  13. Does anyone know why the ASU coaches were called to the head table?
  14. Anyone know why the ASU coaches are called to the head table?