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  1. Let’s not forget he was 135 lbs the season before. If he wanted to he could have easily wrestled 141 his true freshman year.
  2. I think Taylor would have been national champion at 141 as a true freshman. Beating another stud in the finals.
  3. I think currently David Taylor is the best US wrestler. When did he last lose and to who?
  4. Yeah like holy cow, is he really much further behind than Taylor was at this point? I’d say nearly identical. Don’t count Nolf out.
  5. How did Zain do in wrestlebacks?
  6. Didn’t go so well for him last time, but he certainly could.
  7. With injuries and covid craziness I definitely think at least two backups are necessary.
  8. That’s surprising a little bit to me. Score? What about Panteleo?
  9. You clearly hate PSU. There is less than 1% chance they have zero champs this year.
  10. And there was also a good number of people commenting on Nickal’s lack of effort during the finals match. Again, not saying he wins, he wish he would have tried more. It felt like he was told he wasn’t allowed to win, and just don’t get DT hurt.
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