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  1. You seemed to be very interested in Spencer Lee, can I ask who you are and what the connection is?  Serious question? 

    1. Mokoma


      Just a fan, he’s easily my favorite college wrestler currently.  What’s yours?

    2. mistydawn


      I'm a huge fan of him, but also several other guys that push the pace and score points.  I love to watch Nick Lee as well.  Yianni is another, but for his creativity....  My pet peeve has been so many and they are the same posters that constantly take shots at Spencer Lee on this forum.  It really is the same posters and they always tear down any post on the kid.  I've decided that I'm not going to sit back and read them any longer, but start responding and taking them on attacking conjecture with facts, myth or negative perceptions with reality.  

      I truly wish all of the posters that take negative swipes and often attack heart or character would list their real names.  They attack these wrestlers by their real names, yet they hide behind fake screen names, which I find to be cowardly and weak.  

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