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  1. Why would it be 13.5 minutes for 2 matches?
  2. Gabe wrestled well, but Bo blew that match.
  3. My conclusion is I need to start betting you more often, easy money!
  4. Guess you still have a chance that Snyder techs Gabe quickly.
  5. I think even 13.5. But yeah, assuming Gabe goes the distance you need a Snyder tech in under 1.5 mins against Boykin.
  6. You'd need some easy money after the loss tonight!
  7. Yeah me too, paid at like 7:25, and get nothing. My brother said he got it to work on the app in his phone but that isn’t working for me either.
  8. Okay. I will take the over for that one also.
  9. So you expect Amine to leg lace and tech him again in under a minute?
  10. Which do you think is more accurate for Jackson’s potential? I’m not saying he wins but that Amine result looks to be the outlier to me, not the Cox match.
  11. I will take the over. Jackson gave Cox fits.
  12. Awesome! I’m glad to know that is the case.
  13. Is Nolf out for 2/23 now or is Dake wrestling them both??
  14. Welcome to the conversation. Haven’t you read the previous replies where I’ve been beat up over mentioning those 3?
  15. We haven’t, potentially because Spencer Lee is there. That is what people are suggesting, is all I’m saying. But he could be there if he wanted to.
  16. What weight does Fix wrestle internationally? That’s why my post says were at or could have been at 125. Since he competes at 126, I think it’s not unreasonable to think he could wrestle at 125 collegiately if he wanted to.
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