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  1. What time do we expect Snyder be Sadulaev? Is it really only 70 and 97 starting at noon? If so why does it show 3 hours for this segment?
  2. Thanks! Seems to me a win over Dake this worlds would have put him in some really elite company at that age…
  3. Obviously not competing this year hurts his chances but what about Sidakov? How old is he?
  4. We did though, David Taylor. Oh, you mean we didn’t take one of our gold medalists in Gable Steveson. Got ya.
  5. I will take Brooks all day every day.
  6. And then he did graduate right? I think the plan was for Bubba to go 149 but he didn’t want to.
  7. Because he was trying to grow into it while not cutting any weight. That’s where he fit best for the team. They had the Alton’s already at 141 and 149.
  8. Thanks. How many wins since without a loss besides the default? Anyone else in the world close to this? What is Sadulaev at?
  9. I wasn’t counting that one. Who was before that?
  10. Let’s not forget he was 135 lbs the season before. If he wanted to he could have easily wrestled 141 his true freshman year.
  11. I think Taylor would have been national champion at 141 as a true freshman. Beating another stud in the finals.
  12. I think currently David Taylor is the best US wrestler. When did he last lose and to who?
  13. Yeah like holy cow, is he really much further behind than Taylor was at this point? I’d say nearly identical. Don’t count Nolf out.
  14. How did Zain do in wrestlebacks?
  15. Didn’t go so well for him last time, but he certainly could.
  16. With injuries and covid craziness I definitely think at least two backups are necessary.
  17. That’s surprising a little bit to me. Score? What about Panteleo?
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