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  1. Is there a source for this? Also for people saying he beats Clark and Gilman, is that based on live observation in practice? Not saying these things aren't true, but we have a tendency towards hearsay in the wrestling community.
  2. You got gipped! I had this exact thing happen to me last year after a labrum repair, and the total bill for everything was 67k. The point being that 100k might as well be nothing if the scenario is as serious as being described. If Perry does have Brain Surgery and requires ongoing care afterwards the medical bills will be closer to the GDP of a small country then they will be to the cap on USAW insurance. Wishing the best to him and his family in this time of trial.
  3. I don't care what any of you say, Cletus is the best troll this board has ever had. His stuff is actually well written and witty
  4. Was Zaddick coaching with Dresser at Virginia Tech before Dresser took the ISU job? If so for how long?
  5. Are match videos available anywhere for those of us who didn't catch the stream?
  6. I thought this was some kind of Skyrim joke when I first saw the thread title.
  7. I would so much rather swirl a mocha latte than get up at 3 AM and go run around in the mud. Just a personal preference though :)
  8. Looks like I got back from the gym just in time! Don't even know who I'm rooting for here, but I'm excited to see it. My heart kind of wants Zahid, but on the same time I want to see Dake finally get his due and make a team
  9. My god flo, stop cutting to the audience in the middle of the action
  10. God Gilman sucks, I hate that guy
  11. There is danger in using past results to justify future returns, but other than 61, 79, and 86, we have a medalist returning at every weight. And I think most would agree that Dake/Taylor have been world class for several years but stuck behind Burroughs/Cox.
  12. Garden is huge, he could barely make 197 his final year of college. I don't think we'll ever see him down at 92Kg
  13. Do we really think college wrestling is going to attract enough money to make some kind of corruption scheme worthwhile for anyone??? I would be way more worried about sports people actually pay attention to, like Football and Basketball
  14. I think it's a great change personally - it takes away the massive advantage of the WTT Ahaving to wrestle a full tournament before they wrestle the returning medalist
  15. Awesome comeback story, glad he has managed to turn things around! Congratulations to Chance
  16. Get this joker Joe out of here. That's all I have to say on this thread
  17. I looked it up, he was 11-14 as frosh starter. Crazy that he was able to make it to the finals Congrats to pop and his team
  18. Joseph wasn't the favorite over IMAR. Yianni wasn't the favorite over Meredith. Technically Nolf wasn't seeded to win (although we all know he was the true favorite)
  19. I'm just glad Snyder FINALLY broke the curse of the 3x heavyweight champ
  20. Cael actually got pumped after Nickal won, I don't think I've ever seen him excited before
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