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  1. Gilman has said that “If you want to be humbled. Grab Spencer Lee because that guy will humble you real quick.”

    Is there a source for this? Also for people saying he beats Clark and Gilman, is that based on live observation in practice? Not saying these things aren't true, but we have a tendency towards hearsay in the wrestling community.

  2. I was in the ICU 3 days last year for a pulmonary embolism and the bill was $90k.


    His medical bills are going to be extravagant


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    You got gipped! I had this exact thing happen to me last year after a labrum repair, and the total bill for everything was 67k.


    The point being that 100k might as well be nothing if the scenario is as serious as being described. If Perry does have Brain Surgery and requires ongoing care afterwards the medical bills will be closer to the GDP of a small country then they will be to the cap on USAW insurance.


    Wishing the best to him and his family in this time of trial.

  3. Micic looks SKINNY down at 57. Who was cornering him for the tournament?


    I wish he would have stayed at NU, but happy for everything he's accomplishing at UM.


    As to other recent Americans who wrestled for other countries, don't forget that Alex Dolly (UNI) wrestled for Ireland and Larry Langowski (Northwestern) wrestled for Mexico. Didn't one of the Cornell guys wrestle at PanAms for another nation?

    I want to say Dylan Palacio did

  4. To me, it was anti-climatic. The finals last night were all a little anti-climactic. The favorite won every weight except possibly 197, which was a toss up weight class all year. Watching Lee all tournament, you knew he’d beat Suriano. Meredith, though he was the #1, had lost to Yianni previously. Snyder scores on a chance throw by. Definitely not as nuts as last year or the previous year.


    Probably the most exciting moments were Yianni’s cradle and Hall and Valencia’s second period scramble sequence.

    Joseph wasn't the favorite over IMAR.  Yianni wasn't the favorite over Meredith.  Technically Nolf wasn't seeded to win (although we all know he was the true favorite)

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