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  1. I will say, the live in-arena interview while the finals at 197 were going on was a little awkward. Not Baldwins fault but thats a production fail Its one thing to bring in DT or someone to talk about the finals competitors while they are wrestling, its another to be interviewing someone over the loudspeakers on a completely different topic
  2. It wasn't just the tournament, Heil didn't look great all year. But then again, he didn't look good the two years before that either but managed to win every match. So I dunno
  3. Alright, in looking at the bracket more closely, I'm going with Lee, wrestlingnerd makes some good points. I think Nickal is #2
  4. Dude was 11-14 as a frosh, I don't even know if he was ranked in the top 100 coming into college
  5. Its gotta be Bo. He just clinched the team title by getting a pin after being taken to his back
  6. Yeah, I'm going to go with boconnel on this one. If you just win a match like that you can say what you want
  7. I seriously had flashbacks of their finals match frosh year where Bo got caught on his back there. He was about to give up backpoints before he somehow hit that flip
  8. No reaction time but you are allowed continuation of motion. Hall was in the process of throwing Zahid off him. Its the same thing with a go behind -- you can't post your hand down, but you could touch your hand as part of a granby roll and if you got away no TD would be given
  9. Lee has a pretty good argument imo, he dominated a very tough bracket as a true frosh. Yianni as well If Martin wins he'll be in the conversation, and likewise with Coon
  10. I don't think its fair to say Zahid is halls equal athletically -- Zahid is on another planet in terms of athleticism. Hall really isn't particularly fast/powerful, he wins because he has some of the best technique and "feel" of anyone I've ever seen.
  11. So, it comes down to 184. If Nickal wins, PSU gets it. If Martin pulls the upset, Snyder can give tOSU the title
  12. wowzers!!!! That was a scramble
  13. So, if Valencia wins, it comes down to Nickal to close it out. If hall and Nickal both lose, Snyder can close the title out by beating Coon
  14. I think he was referring to Joseph dragging his toe to stay in-bounds on the throw
  15. Always looks super vulnerable, never seems to have that killer instinct but scores when he needs to. Doesn't get picked to win NCAAs and wins the title everytime. I'm pretty confident at this point that I'll pick against him the next two years and he'll end up being a 4 time champ
  16. IMAR a better wrestler but Joseph has won both times when it really counted
  17. Wowzers.... this is just going downhill fast
  18. Holy cow, Joseph going to do it isn't he
  19. I wear stuff like that all the time and get compliments everywhere I go. You have to have the confidence to rock it though. For some people Navy Blue is as crazy as they want to get, and that's fine
  20. Imar wins the walkout music battle easily. I've seen Kaleo live twice and they rock it I'm kind of Torn. I want Imar to win and I'm picking him to win, but I also need PSU to win the team title
  21. I get that we are a bunch of former wrestlers, and people here are cool with it. I guarantee you once you get outside of the wrestling brotherhood having messed up ears is not going to get you anything but funny looks
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