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  1. Are you seriously trying to compare a really great looking to suit to having messed up cauliflower ear? One of them is disgusting and socially unacceptable everywhere except the immediate wrestling fraternity, the other looks just as good in a board meeting as it does on the floor of the NCAA tournament. Not to mention I can take my great looking suit off anytime I want, wheras IMAR is going to look like a goomba for his entire life. Never understood why people think cauliflower ear is something to be proud of. Anyway, thats a discussion for an off-season thread
  2. My god Imars ear is messed up
  3. Haters gonna hate. DT was looking fly
  4. Lets go Nofl. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes and has $50 on PSU
  5. Tariq??? I'm looking at NC States team photo and I'm pretty sure he is taller then Hayden Hidlay, who is about to wrestle in the finals at 157
  6. I don't think he was stalling, Zain wasn't looking to score after he got that lead. It was a very passive match for a guy looking to secure a team title
  7. Weak performance by Zain... 6-2 snoozefest over a borderline unranked guy? I don't think he took a shot in the 2nd or 3rd periods
  8. No challenge left per ESPN. And also it definitely wasn't 2, they showed a replay. He never got control of the other side of the body
  9. Zain not exactly lighting the world up with his offense here. That was very close to 2 by Perry but not
  10. Zain not exactly lighting the world up with his offense here
  11. Zain is tied with D Taylor for most falls at PSU. So if he pins here he can take sole possession of the record (and help PSUS team odds)
  12. He stayed aggressive, had a chance to score, Yianni just outwrestled him at the end. It was a Yianni shot that initiated things
  13. Great match, wow! Both guys gave it everything
  14. I picked Yianni but decided I'm rooting for Meredith here
  15. YIanni is almost impossible not to like. I personally love Bryce too, although I know others have mixed opinions
  16. Holy cow! Not disappointing us so far
  17. It's gotta be a bigger upset then that if Perry wins. Possibly the biggest upset of all time. Owings was a legit top guy, despite being dominated by Gable. I'm pretty sure he went on to win another title the next year Who the heck is Ron Perry?
  18. ISn't Miklus gone? Or does he have one more year
  19. I gotta take Yianni at 141, even though I love meredith.
  20. Sucks, I really think this is a winnable match for Micic. Gross can definitely be scored on. But not getting that TD and ending up 6-0 in the hole is just too much to come back from
  21. Just going to be too much of a hill to climb here, no way micic can score enough
  22. can I take my pick back? haha. I really do think that could have been called 2 for Micic on the first shot though
  23. Wow, that sure looked like two to me
  24. Give me micici with the upset
  25. I think Baldwin is great, great spokesman with a clear passion and knowledge for the sport. Not sure why he gets so much negativity I agree split screen would be nice, but keep in mind you can pull up any mats you want at any time online. So if you are missing the match you desperately want to watch because they are doing an interview, its really on you
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