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  1. Also have to factor in that Indiana is notorious for scheduling a lot of quads against vastly inferior opposition every year. I feel like only half their duals are against D1 schools
  2. What I want to know is what the hell is going on with his leg? Or maybe that isn't his leg...
  3. Like, there are some guys who win a weak weight class, or maybe have a flukey win or path to the finals as frosh (Stieber, Myles Martin). But Lee straight up dominated the two next best guys in the weight, including a former champ. Its really hard to see anyone touching him the next 3 years as long as he stays healthy Maybe Fix will have something to say about that though
  4. Lee is the complete package. Outclassing Suriano from every position, this guy is the real deal. Next 4xer?
  5. I think Suriano would have taken Lee had they met at Midlands, but Lee too diverse for Suriano now. Lee is strong for being so young Suriano can't outhorse him like he would be able to do to most frosh (See rivera match)
  6. Also Spencer Lee just came out to the pokemon theme, so yeah, pretty sure this guy is my hero
  7. Give me Lee to go all the way. That kind of experience I think is going to give him the character and moral fiber he needs to come out on top
  8. LOLLLLLL! Spencer Lee getting tapped out by his mom in the middle of practice has to be one of the best wrestling stories I've heard in a while
  9. Its not even mens basketball... Its like 2 mid-level women's teams.
  10. Are we going to miss 125 because of some womens basketball game???
  11. Here is a very possible scenario: Zain WBF Perry Nolf Dec Hidlay Imar Dec Joseph Zahid dec Hall Martin dec Nickal (Upset alert!) Snyder dec Coon I believe PSU and Ohio State would tie in this instance. Of the hypotheticals above I actually think all of the match results are very likely, except that I would favor Nickal to take the win at 184. That is the only result that would be an upset. Other permutations are possible as well
  12. Its possible bonus could come into play here. If Zain gets a pin in his final (very possible) and Snyder wins by decision, then TOSU has a 4 point lead exactly. If Martin pulls the upset, PSU could win one of their other 3 to tie.
  13. Any historians out here know the numbers on past tight races? I can't recall a team having 130 points and taking 2nd. Assuming PSU manages to go at least 1 for 5 both teams will eclipse the 130 points mark tonight. I don't think we'll see a new record for highest team score ever, but it seems exceedingly likely that we will break the record for "highest 2nd place points total." Does anyone know what the current record is?
  14. I think it comes down to Nickal vs Martin honestly. If Martin pulls the upset and Snyder beats Coon that might be enough
  15. Was this his senior year or does he have one left?
  16. So, Moore going down and Shakur getting the bonus narrows the gap to 7. Nevils winning will get them a cushion of a point in case some kind of pin happens in the finals The way I see it, PSU has to win 3/5 and one of those has to be Nickal for them to take it. Thats assuming Snyder beats coon again If Nickal goes down PSU can win if all 4 other guys of theirs repeat. Is a pin 2 points? If so in theory Zain/Nolf could change the math by pinning/teching in their bouts
  17. INJ Default by kutler is huge in the team race, now Ohio has more than an 8 point lead which means that if both Ohio State guys were to win in the finals hypothetically, PSU winning 4 of 5 wouldn't be enough if I'm doing my math right Of course there is still 197 and HVY consis as well as bonus that could change things. And if Nickal wins over Myles, which he is favored to do, that would give PSU an excellent shot. But it might actually come down to the 184 final to determine who wins
  18. I think this guy is the wrestler of the tournament, easily. Unseeded, almost beats the dominant #1 title favorite to make the finals, settles for absolutely dominating his way to 3rd
  19. That Wick cradle is absolutely nasty
  20. This dude came in unseeded, almost knocked off the undefeated #1 to make the finals, settled for dominating his way to 3rd place. What the heck man
  21. Great effort by Backpack, just came up short against one of the best wrestlers of this class
  22. Amine is the real freaking deal. He came out of nowhere last year and has just been really really good
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