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  1. Hahaha, Tom Ryan struggling to give an interview while watching his guy wrestle
  2. Haught looks like he could walk through a brick wall
  3. Chad Red should never be allowed to wear green anklebands
  4. I believe other than Bo Jordan Ohio State has lost every match so far this round. 1-6 so far with 2 to go
  5. Wtf are these bottom side semifinals at 149
  6. You're just jealous of his beautiful hair
  7. This weight class is awesome and so was that semifinal
  8. In one of the deepest weight classes no less
  9. Yianni proving that triceps are optional to become an NCAA finalist
  10. Ohio state not having the semis they were hoping for
  11. Was the scoreboard wrong? I thought Wilson won it in regulation. I think he did too based on his reaction
  12. What did I miss there? 8-8 Gross with RT, Tariq takes him down, somehow it goes to SV 10-10?
  13. Maybe this just happened to be one of the times he WAS paying attention :P
  14. I think the $50 I put on pnn state is not going to pay dividends here...
  15. How the hell did Nevils not finish that?????? He literally just had to reach his hand out and grab the second leg
  16. Getting into that position when you have a stall call is bad, but once you are there typically you have no choice but to let the count happen and take the stall. Your only other option would be to completely let go of the guy and put your hands over your head or something so the ref stops the count, at which point the other guy is going to jump all over you
  17. Really glad to see Dom get over the hump. He's been a top 10 guy pretty much his entire career and hasn't made it to the podium, glad he finally got it done
  18. What are you supposed to do that that point? Let go of the leg and give up a reversal?
  19. I have mixed feelings about the new challenge era. I think its nice to have bad calls overturned, but it really does take a lot away from the flow of the match
  20. Have Nickal and Nolf scored a bonus point this tournament so far? THey dont seem like they are having much fun
  21. Super confused, Bo had backpoints and then for some reason they got taken away and dean got a point? What was cornell challenging and how did they win?
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